Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Book Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301: Heavenly Book

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"Go! Master, go sit in my Xindong Fu!" Zhao Yuande looked at the master.


After chatting with the master for a while, the master was worried about the medicine in his red furnace and hurried away.

What makes Zhao Yuande a little ridiculous is that Li Mei'er in Tianyi Zong really has some talent for alchemy. Now he has taken his place and has become a master's alchemist boy.

"Little guy! You go back and practice well! Come and find me again when you have time..." Zhao Yuande stroked the little guy's head and whispered to it.


There was a hint of reluctance in the little guy's voice.

Today, it escaped and came looking for Zhao Yuande.

"There are opportunities in the future. When you are strong, we can go out together to experience and fight together!"



No matter how unwilling the little guy is, he finally left!

"Hey! Now it's time to go to the Rift Valley!" Zhao Yuande stayed in the cave house for a while, then stepped into the teleportation array and went to the Rift Valley.

"Your kid is here again!" Jin Yuanzi still appeared lazily in front of him. When his eyes fell on Zhao Yuande, Jin Yuanzi's eyes lighted up, "Hey! Your kid's cultivation speed is fast enough. , Now it is already late in the world!"

"Hey! Seniors see it!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "I want to come to understand various laws this time. Seniors will not welcome me!"

"Hey! Just give Xianyu, you can do whatever you want!" Jin Yuanzi waved his hand, "but now there are still a few people in the valley, you can't go in casually, I advise you to go first to understand the five elements, then to understand the other, and it is best to understand After one, rest for two or three days, otherwise your soul may not be able to bear it!"

"Well! I know!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

The other party was right, he now is only equivalent to the Emperor Realm, much worse than the previous Emperor Realm!

The understanding of various laws requires a lot of power of the soul. If this time, like the last time, several rules are continuously understood, I am afraid that it will be directly exhausted.

Zhao Yuande believes that three days comprehend a kind of just right.

"I will understand the law of gold first!" Zhao Yuande throws out a storage ring.

Jin Yuanzi took a look, his face suddenly showed a shocked look, of which there were 30 million!

Did this kid **** the Zongmen treasure house? Where are there so many top-grade fairy jade?

Is it borrowed from the Sun family? No, Sun Yangs kid doesnt have so much control over fairy jade!

"I have these fairy jade in advance here!" Zhao Yuande dropped a sentence and strode into the valley of secret realm.

"Hi! You boy, will I be greedy for your fairy jade when you are an old man?" Jin Yuanzi followed behind Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande came to the gate of the Golden Rule of Law and saw that there seemed to be no one in it, and strode in directly.

As soon as he entered the door, Zhao Yuande felt the endless golden sword light swarming towards him, and the terrible breath swept the whole space...

After 139 breaths, Zhao Yuande stepped out of the door!

All of his clothes at the moment are all small holes, and his skin is bloody, but his face is showing joy.

"Fine! One hundred and thirty-nine interest, deduct 6.95 million!" Jin Yuanzi's voice sounded in the ear of Zhao Yuande at the right time.

Zhao Yuande's heart was bleeding, and just a common golden rule cost him 6.95 million. What about the rest?

I'm afraid that my previous budget of 50 million is not enough! And it's too far away!

He now has total assets of 67 million and now costs 6.95 million!

There are 60 million left, I don't know if I can enlighten several more laws!

You have to know that 60 million yuan can already buy a 6th grade Xianbao, so you have to waste it on understanding the rules!

Of course, although Liupin Xianbao is worth 50 million yuan, it is too few, and no one will be free to sell their own Liupin Xianbao.

So if you want to spend 60 million yuan to buy a six-pin Xianbao, you simply can't buy it.

Otherwise, there are so many fairy monarchs, that is not worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are not a six-level fairy treasure.

"Senior, I'm gone! Come back in three days!" Zhao Yuande felt that he had to earn immortal jade as soon as possible, otherwise he would have earned a few days of immortal jade, and his practice would be delayed.

Looking at Zhao Yuande's distant figure, Jin Yuanzi's face showed a shocked look.

"This kid is a demon! The 139th breath will comprehend the law of Jin. If you let others know, you can't help yourself!" Jin Yuanzi's face was both gratifying and somewhat shocked.

You know, he also entered the gate of the law of gold. When he came out, he almost broke down. He used 383 breaths at that time, and he was considered a peerless genius by the elder Zongmen!

Now compared with this kid, he was almost shocked and could not lift his head.

Zhao Yuande returned to Dongfu and rested for a day before embarking on the teleportation circle and once again came to Xuanji Zongfang City.

The first sentence when I saw Sun Yang was: "Brother Sun, immediately arrange the remaining six places for me. I want to earn fairy jade, a lot of fairy jade!"

"What! Brother Zhao, you have at least 60-70 million top-grade immortal jade on your body, all spent?" Sun Yang was almost scared to death by Zhao Yuande, this one is too capable!

"Not yet, but soon! I went to the Rift Valley, and the law of enlightenment alone cost me seven million yuan!" Xuan Jizong's Rift Valley is not a secret, and it's natural to say nothing.

"What! You went to Rift Valley...Okay!" Sun Yang was speechless.

"What's wrong with Secret Valley? Isn't it just people who come to understand?" Zhao Yuande pouted.

"That's a magic circle for burning immortal jade! My Sun's family also has that thing, but even my uncle is reluctant to use it, that thing is consuming too much immortal jade! You are more luxurious than my uncle!" Sun Yang couldn't help but Compared with Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! There is no way, it is also impossible to quickly upgrade to Xiu!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, "You don't know that my heart is also a pain!"

"Okay! Only you, the chef, are eligible to splurge like this." Sun Yang said enviously.

"Go quickly! Those big figures live in your Wanxiang Building, you are not afraid to fight!" Zhao Yuande ridiculed.

Soon Zhao Yuande was sitting in the inner hall of the food court, and Sun Yang hurriedly brought a young man with a crown of jade.

The young man's eyes flickered, and a book in his hand shook gently, as if he had refined meaning in the reading book.

"Master Chef Shen, this is the owner of No. 5 Jade Fu, Master Shushu!" Sun Yang gave Zhao Yuande a slight introduction, then turned and went out.