Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Book Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Fragments Of The Book Of Time

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"Then you can stop your hand first, the little old man has been hurt by your cuts," the old man pleaded.

"Okay, you're quick!" Zhao Yuande had already got two or three hundred mirage beads at this time. Fortunately, he stopped.

"In fact, this time-secret cave was originally a projection of time, and was put into this void space and time by a supreme strongman for disciples to cultivate their mind." The little old man began to tell, "Later, after a long time, this film The projection gradually changed from virtual to real, transformed by a very powerful treasure, into a place tending between reality and illusion."

"The thirty-three spaces you see now actually exist in all big worlds, but now they coexist with the Time Secret Cave. The opportunity you encounter in the Time Secret Cave may still exist in a real place. , This is two in one!"

"What is this mess, how can there be two identical spaces?" Zhao Yuande puzzled, "You won't be fooling me! I want to stun you and let you go."

"No! No! Little old man doesn't dare, that's the fact. There is actually this little old man in the real world. My death has no effect on it, and he will die with him!" The old man hurriedly waved his hand and continued to explain.

"What kind of treasure actually has this incredible function?" Zhao Yuande is most concerned about this.

"That's the golden paper, which seems to be a page of the book of time, which contains the secrets of time, and it is a super treasure in itself!"

"One page of the Book of Time!" Zhao Yuande was a little stunned, but only one page can turn the projection of the 33-piece world into the real world. If it is a book, I don't know how far it can go against the sky. Can it be reversed? Time, back in the past?

Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Zhou!

The supreme existence of this innate **** and demon controls the time and space. I dont know what he has to do with the book of time?

"Where is this book of time? Don't tell me you don't know, otherwise how would you simulate it and confuse me!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man, and he was a little excited in his heart, if he could get golden paper, I'm afraid There are great benefits!

The power of time is the most mysterious and powerful one. If you can control it, it will definitely have great benefits for your own domain.

"This... little old man can't say it!" The old man looked embarrassed. "If you get the broken pages of the book of time, I'm afraid these thirty-three pieces will soon become the real world and they will be re-imagined again. Laoer, I will just disappear, I dont want to die!"

"Okay! Then I will take some effort to grind you into powder!" Zhao Yuande took out the mirror sword again and continued to dig those golden mirage beads.

"Something is easy to discuss, good to discuss!" The little old man is crying, this big devil is to kill himself!

"No negotiation, or you tell me where the pages of the book of time are, or I will grab you back and slowly grind it!" Zhao Yuande set two paths for him.

"Hey! It's a pity that if you are a strong man in the world, you can take the little old man out of here, and the little old man won't worry about it disappearing." The old man's face is bitter, he is dead anyway, he doesn't Knowing whether to choose to die immediately or later.

"This is simple, I have a big world, as long as you tell me, I will take you away!" Zhao Yuande heard this and was suddenly happy.

"Is that what you said is true?" The little old man also shined.

"Do not believe it!" Zhao Yuande showed the world on the other shore to the old man to watch.

"This is really a big world!" The little old man's face showed ecstasy, "I promise you! The broken pages of that book of time are at the bottom of the original world, protected by an earth dragon, as long as you can kill it. Tou Dilong, the remaining pages of the Book of Time are yours!"

"Good! Good! Since you are so interesting, I won't hurt you!" Zhao Yuande put away the mirror sword and left.

"Master! Didn't you promise to take me away?" The little old man froze. He had the urge to cry, and this kid actually played with himself.

"It's not impossible for me to take you away, but you have to promise me a few conditions!" Zhao Yuande felt that it was time to negotiate, and how to suppress the last drop of oil from you old fellow.

"Son! You've planned it for a long time!" The old man looked ugly.

"What? You don't agree?"

"Promise, you say it! I promise you everything!" The old man felt that he had fallen into the trap of Zhao Yuande and could only let others open the conditions.

In the end, Zhao Yuande put forward three conditions. First, after entering the other side of the world, he must first be safe and protect himself, and he is not allowed to perform illusions on the residents. Under this condition, the old man agreed without hesitation.

The second condition is that when you need it to help fight, you need to do your best. This condition is also reasonable. Where you live, it is not too much to help fight.

The third condition, when he needs his contribution, must not be two words, for example, these gold mirage beads have been classified as his personal property by Zhao Yuande, and not taking it now does not mean not taking it in the future!

The little old man couldn't help it, and he still agreed in pain. Although these golden mirage beads were his essence, it was not fatal if lost, and it was still within the tolerance range.

After the little old man made the oath of heaven, Zhao Yuande happily sent this guy into the other side of the world.

Back on the sea, he continued to walk towards the world of ice and snow.

He can't now pick up the remaining pages of the Book of Time, otherwise Zhai Linxuan might happen to them unexpectedly, and after finding them, he will finally look for the remaining pages.

In the snow world, Zhao Yuande took out the piece of jade again and continued to try, but the result was still no news!

"Hey! Did you go there anyway?" Zhao Yuande sighed. If this is a space search, at least it will take a few days. During this time, Zhai Linxuan will not be in danger!


Suddenly, there was a tremendous loud noise on the snow peak in front of him. He looked up and found that two fear behemoths were fighting at the top of the peak, and they were fighting for a snow-white lotus.

"Ice Emperor Lotus! There are so many babies here!" Zhao Yuande saw the lotus flower clearly in his eyes, and suddenly there was a surprise on his face.

"Forget it, although there are many treasures, but it will delay a lot of time!" Zhao Yuande left with a little hesitation, he didn't want to delay Zhai Linxuan's life because of a little treasure, he decided not to be greedy for time from now on. There are treasures in the secret cave, everything will wait for them to find Zhai Linxuan first!