Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Shadow

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Zhao Yuande was very fast, and left the street in a flash.

At this moment, his heart was very excited, although he knew that he was strong physically, comparable to the strongest of the blood-sea **** fetal realm. But after this test, I was still pleasantly surprised.

The Chaos Eucharist really deserves to be a celestial physique, but it can fight across borders, which makes him feel like an arrow. He wants to know what kind of promotion brute force Wang Xuan can bring him.

Zhao Yuande got enough potions and materials to make three "brute force king soups", bought an ordinary Ding in the shop, and hurried to the north of the city.

The north of the city is a stretch of giant mountains. The giant mountains have been hollowed out, an underground fire vein is connected, and countless large and small underground caves are separated by people.

This large underground cave is another property of the city, Xuan Tianzong's property.

Xuan Tianzong, like Zhenyang Sect, also belongs to the first-class sect, and also has huge power behind Xuan Tianzong.

Skyfire City has a wealth of fire veins underground, so the room rent here is very cheap, even Zhao Yuande can afford it.

Randomly selected a cheaper alchemy room, paid the rent, and walked in under the guard's weird eyes.

The key point is that the big Ding behind him is so conspicuous, which makes him a bit worried. The price of the storage artifact is too high. Not to mention him, even if the Zhao family can't afford it, it is really inconvenient.

Entering the alchemy room, he used the soul to connect the ground fire with a trace, set up the big tripod, and began the cooking of the "brute force king soup".

After three hours, Zhao Yuande looked at Dingzhong's amber soup with sweat on his face, his nose flicked and sucked vigorously, and he felt refreshed.

Whether he was hot or not, he picked up Ding and poured the soup into his mouth.

Soup came down, he only felt a burst of heat burst out of his stomach, and turned it into a stream of pure energy to transport it to all parts of the body, and began to strengthen his muscles and bones, internal organs and even bone marrow.

His bones gradually became crystal-like, and the bone marrow was madly busy, and a large amount of fresh blood was output from it.

Not only that, even the five internal organs and six organs were added to the huge blood-making project, and the blood essences that were crystal-clear like jade formed and began to be merged into Dantian in an orderly manner...

Zhao Yuande only felt his body was hot. He danced his fist and punched him towards the ground!


The entire alchemy room was shaken violently,

"Haha! It's so cool!" Zhao Yuande laughed with his hands, "My strength has increased by a thousand pounds, and the realm has really improved a small realm. At this time, my cultivation has entered the late stage of Qihai Coagulation. You can enter the sea of qi and blood at any time, and my strength may have reached 35,000 kilograms at this time. I am afraid that you can easily kill Captain Silver Armor!"

"However, my skin is getting whiter and more gleaming like jade, making me want to bite myself!" Zhao Yuande touched his forehead in distress. His skin is now fairer than a woman's.

When Zhao Yuande excitedly began to cook the second soup, several guards were indeed standing anxiously outside the alchemy.

The loud noise from the room just a moment ago made them anxious. I dont know what potion is being refined by the person inside. Is it the fryer?

However, they are all mortal and dare not rush into, they can only wait at the door in anxiety.

For a long period of time, there was no abnormality in the alchemy room. They just let them down and left.

After a few more hours, Zhao Yuande finally walked out of the alchemy room with Dading satisfied.

After leaving the north of the city, the sunset has gradually fallen, and it is not long before the fair.

He recognized the direction and ran towards the main palace.

"Huh! No, someone behind me seems to be following me!" Zhao Yuande's spirit was so powerful that he felt a black shadow always hang behind him, not far behind him.

It's not far from the main palace. You can see that the door of the main palace is brightly lit, and there are no fewer people on the street. He slowed down and wanted to see who was behind him.

Unexpectedly, he is slow and the shadow is slow, he is fast and the shadow is fast, as if a ghost hangs behind him to maintain a certain distance, people always feel a little weird.

After a stalemate, the city's main palace was right in front of him. The dark figure didn't seem to want to leave, but it was firmly behind him.

He squeezed his fingertips and moved towards the shadow a little. At such a long distance, he didn't know whether it could be effective.

But the next message made him stunned.

"?????" A series of question marks appeared in front of him again.

Does this person actually surpass the yin and yang unity?

But at that moment, the shadow seemed to be frightened, screamed, and turned away, blinked and disappeared at the end of the street.

In front of the city's main palace, the silver armor captain Zhang Kai was waiting anxiously at the door.

Seeing Zhao Yuande appear, Zhang Kai showed a surprise on his face and hurried forward.

"Master, you are here!"

"What about Li Rushuang?" Zhao Yuande saw the other party only sending a small silver armor captain to greet him.

"My young lady is accompanying the master of the city to entertain a distinguished guest, so send a small one to welcome the master! You also hope that the master will not blame!" Zhang Kai replied cautiously, fearing that she might leave a bad impression on the other party.

"Lead the way ahead!"

Zhao Yuande nodded recklessly, followed by Captain Silver Armor into the city's main palace.

At this time, there was a rapid sound of horseshoes on the street. A magnificent carriage whipped up, and a big word of "king" flashed with golden light on the carriage.

The guard at the door saw the carriage and hurried forward to meet it.

Two luxurious young men came out of the carriage.

One of them is white and fluttering, and the equipment is extraordinary, and the cultivation is strong, but it is the cultivation practice of the early **** sea.

The other one is much worse, and the cultivation is in the early stage of the Qihai Condensation Realm. However, looking at his flattering smile, he knows that this person is a dog leg who has taken the position by taking a shot.

"Prince Wang, Prince Zhao!" The guards seemed to be very familiar with these two men, and smiled quickly.

"Well!" Prince Wang waved his hands casually, showing grace. He threw some gold coins at hand. "This is a reward for you. Remember to guard well, but there will be big people coming tonight!"

Several guards took the gold coins with gratitude, and there was an excited expression on their faces.

Entering the gate of the city's main palace, Zhao Yuankui asked curiously: "Brother Wang, don't know what kind of people will appear tonight?"

"It is said that Master Shui of Tianshui City will come. I would like to ask his old man to help me refining a true Yuandan. I don't know if his old man would appreciate his face!" Wang Gongzi's face showed hope.

The true Yuandan on the market is too expensive. Although their royal family is big, they can still afford it, but the materials are much cheaper. If you can find someone to refine it, at least two thirds will be left. cost.

"I think under the name of the Wang family, Master Shui will definitely give this face to the son." Zhao Yuankui patted the Wang family's horse fart, but he was not optimistic about the other side.

"We are difficult to speculate about the mindset of these masters, but there may be immortal medicines sold at the fair. I have to seize this opportunity!"


The two chatted while walking, unimpeded along the way.

Zhao Yuande followed the silver armor into the city's main palace