Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 100

Chapter 100: The World's Best Food

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Everyone here is hard to say that Lingdan is most in demand right now. In places like Shenxu City, as long as the Xuan-level Lingdan appears, it will inevitably be robbed by others.

Buxue Yuandan is said to be one hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade. In fact, it is fried to 130,000 or 400,000 a lot of time. It is a good thing to get a pie in the sky!

The remaining two also left here in a hurry. They thought the same as Yang Zhenzong thought. Unless they have no money, this place must not be leaked!

As soon as the three left, Zhao Yuande took out three thousand Lingyu and threw it to Helian Qingyang.

"Look, it's so easy. Three thousand middle-grade spirit jade is not a small number!" Li Tian quipped, "Brother Helian is rich!"

"From time to time thanks to His Royal Highness the Three Princes!" Helian Qingyang put away Lingyu, and the corner of her mouth blossomed.

The three of them chatted a few words, and Helian Qingyang hurriedly left, leaving a reward, and his enthusiasm was mobilized.

"Go, let's go out for a big purchase!" Zhao Yuande shouted into the back room, and after a long time two gray-faced guys came out from inside.

Needless to say, these two goods must have been a quiet fight just now.

"You... are all in a state of yin and yang! One achieves Luo Han Guo Wei, one is humane, why do you love pinching so much?" Zhao Yuande hurried into the back hall and found that it was not as messy as expected. Only finally let go of a heart.

"Hey! The two of us are now free to control the power of the whole body, and we will never make that kind of earth-shaking movement again!" Heifeng licked his face and laughed at Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao, don't be angry!" Master Yijie was even more like a man, his hands were folded together, and he chanted the Buddha's whisper. "No hair, brother Zhao, the Buddha said not to be angry.

"Pooh! Master Yijie, did that Buddha say such a thing?" Li Tian on the side couldn't help but laughed aloud.

"Oh! This..." Yi Jie touched his smooth head, his eyes suddenly lighted up, "Buddha in my heart!"

"Leave! Two masters!" Zhao Yuande waved weakly and led everyone out of the store.

With more than a hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade on his body, Zhao Yuande also let go of his hands and feet, as long as he looked at the available elixir and spirit materials, he was all in his pocket.

In just half a day, Zhao Yuande spent all his spirit jade.

He made a rough calculation, and he could make seven recipes with the materials he had in hand.

One of the recipes is comparable to the Holy-grade Elixir, and the others are comparable to the Xuan-grade Elixir, and two of them are powerful, and he believes that he can make a fortune.

One of them is'Three Holy Wine', which is a kind of spirit wine made from three fifth-order spirit materials. Its efficacy is even comparable to that of monkey wine. Although the effect is greatly reduced after three times, it still has an increase in the speed of cultivation. The magical effect.

Although the materials needed for this kind of wine are all fifth-order, they are not very rare. As long as there is Lingyu, you can get it!

The other is called Ghost Spirit, and the most important function of this recipe is to smell it. Although it can be eaten at the end, the taste is not good.

The effect of this kind of incense is very powerful, which can make a strong person in the Lingtai pregnancy realm feel the existence of the soul in advance.

Some people say, just feel what it can do?

In fact, why is it that Lingtai's pregnant and powerful people want to promote the combination of yin and yang, and it is not always possible for one of the thousands to succeed.

The first is because the combination of the divine womb and the spirit is too dangerous, and the second is because the thing of the **** soul is too vague, and it is difficult for people without real feelings to succeed on their own.

This kind of ghost whirling incense is what people can feel in advance, at least 50% of the grasp of the impact of Yin and Yang.

As long as this kind of anti-celestial thing is taken out, I am afraid that someone will be ruined and have to experience it!

The recipe that is comparable to the Saint-level Elixir is called Tianfeng. It is cooked by a bee called the Heavenly Bee and has the same powerful effects as the Saint-level Spirit Pill.

This kind of magical pill can increase one's comprehension of the way of the wind, and if the strong man of the yin and yang unites a little bit of the fur to comprehend the way of the wind, it is possible to advance to the realm of the realm of the wind and achieve the realm of the realm of the wind!

This kind of panacea can be encountered but not sought. Zhao Yuande estimates that there is no more than 100,000 top-grade spirit jade, and there is no need to consider it at all.

Everyone went back to the store and it was already dark.

"Brother Zhao, your shop has no name yet, so it's not suitable for publicity!" Li Tian looked at the blank door and always felt that something was missing.

"Brother Li, your previous name is good!" Zhao Yuande said indifferently, "Just call it'the best food in the world'! This name is arrogant and domineering!"

"This... is really domineering!" Li Tian's mouth trembling, this guy dare to claim the world's first, the trouble will not be less in the future!

"It doesn't matter, it's just a name!" Zhao Yuande shook his hand, took off the blank plaque, and his fingers forced a trace of fire, and wrote these smoky characters on the plaque!

"Hi! This name, but it's really bullish!" Heifeng praised somewhat flatteringly, "This word is also good, very good!"

"Xiong blind, do you know a fart! Do you understand words?" Yi Jie ridiculed the black wind lukewarmly, and the tone made the black wind's liver burst into the forehead.

"Bald! Real men and you are endless today!" The black wind shook his face with anger, and slapped his backhand to catch the unexpected surprise.

"Xiong Blind Man, I haven't practiced with you for a while, and then you're tickled!"


The powerful impact blows the practitioners back and forth on the road, and suddenly a mess on the street!

Everyone saw two powerful yin and yang combined in a powerful war, suddenly frightened buttocks and urine, afraid of being affected by the aftermath of the battle, and lost their lives.

"The supper tonight is cancelled!" Zhao Yuande was really helpless and could only do his trick!

"No hair!" Master Yijie immediately took his hand away, and returned to Zhao Yuande with a decent voice, proclaiming an indecent Buddha, "Brother Zhao, we're just kidding, we shouldn't be so angry!" "

"Hey! That's right, the real person has a good relationship with the bald man Yijie. How could a fight hurt both feelings and the body, hurt some innocent people, and even guess flowers! We are just kidding, kidding "Black Bear also licked his face and returned to Zhao Yuande. Put your hands behind your back and pretend to be a cautious look.

"Let's not take an example!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two living treasures with tears, what else could he say.