Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: Eat Me A Stick Finally One Thousand

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Zhao Yuande's hands slammed toward the long-browed old man.

A huge real dragon roared up in the sky and bit down directly at the old man with long eyebrows. The disciples of the Pantheon watching around him suddenly felt an irresistible pressure of terror and fell to their knees. Several heads were even pressed directly into the ground, like a frightened ostrich.

"Oh! Your stick is good!"

The old man with long eyebrows felt a powerful force, and his complexion changed slightly, but his complexion instantly changed.

Now that his cultivation is to stabilize and restrain the other party, he simply does not believe that this kid can contend with his strength.

With his five fingers spread out, the phantom of a big world formed in his palm, and in a constant rotation, a terrifying force that was so terrifying was overwhelmingly suppressed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly. He did not expect that the old man with long eyebrows in front of him even knew how to make fist, but the opponent controlled only the power of nine rules of golden wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, yin and yang. .

But he immediately understood that since an ordinary strong man in the glorious world can get the open fist, the Pantheon would not take too much effort to get nature, but the opponent did not understand the power of fortune, this set of fist is incomplete , No matter how skilled he is, he will not be more powerful than his own.

Seeing the other party use this trick, Zhao Yuande's hands were killed, and the ghost of the real dragon disappeared into the sky instantly.

"Why? Boy, do you want to admit defeat?" The old man with long eyebrows was slightly surprised, but soon he grinned, "Useless, even if you admit defeat, you will die today. I will take you with you. The soul of God returns to the Pantheon!"

"Is it? Isn't it too early for you to say this?" Zhao Yuande slaughtered the **** stick in his hand and made no light at all toward the big world phantom that suppressed the long-browed old man.


The crowd only heard a slight cracking sound, and the ghost image of the big world in the hands of the old man with long eyebrows exploded in an instant.

The old man with long eyebrows immediately felt that the nine laws in his body were momentarily disturbed. "Bang bang..." A burst of nine bursts of sound broke out from his body. The old man with long eyebrows staggered, and the figure was already faint for a moment.

"Hum! Is this your strength? It doesn't seem to be very good!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a mocking smile.

" do you know the flaws of open sky boxing? Is that how you do this?" The old man with long eyebrows was shocked first, but the next moment showed a grim expression, "Ignorant arrogant young man , What you have done today will bring you a genocide. I will take your family and all your related people to death after I take you!"

The old man with long eyebrows is furious. He is a strong man at the pinnacle of the creation world. He can enter the eternal realm within one step, but he did not expect that he did not win a lower realm kid by one move, and he was ridiculed by the other party. Got such humiliation.

"Huh! Old stuff, you are just a separate avatar. I will crush you to death within ten strokes, and directly crush your disciples in the Pantheon, including your granddaughter!" Zhao Yuande heard each other's words, Even more angry.

Zhao Yuande's parents, family, friends and relatives are all his scales. If anyone dares to move these people, Zhao Yuande will inevitably work hard with him!

"Good! It's useless to say more! Give me a catch!"

The old man with long eyebrows was broken by Zhao Yuande just now, and he no longer dared to use it, but he could crush Zhao Yuande with simple power, so he no longer engaged in fancy moves.

The palm of his hand scratched toward Zhao Yuande, and a powerful force of spinning and pulling came from his palm.

Suddenly the gravel was flying around, and the countless gravel in the desert was pulled into a huge golden vortex by suction, and everything on the ground was pulled by this terrible suction and flew across.

After the vortex, I dont know where to go, so I can hold so much gravel.

At this time, everyone on the scene was involuntarily attracted by this terrible force, and all flew towards the world in the palm of the old man with long eyebrows.

"no, do not want!"

The nearest disciple of the Pantheon, such as Xia Yan, was first affected by this suction, and they screamed in horror.

Ye Buyu and the four of them took Shi Gaofei, who was taken prisoner, as early as the two of them had fought far away, so they didn't receive this kind of power.

"It doesn't matter, come to the world in my palm to ensure you are safe and sound! After the battle, I will change your free body!" The old man with a long eyebrow said softly, but this explanation made everyone feel confident and never struggled to resist .

The terrible suction sucked the gravel within a few hundred feet, exposing a dark brown rocky ground under the desert.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande, who was just opposite, stood on the spot like a rock. No matter how he was pulled by me, he simply stood still.

His body is extremely powerful. After countless times of hardening, his bone density and muscle density have reached an incredible level. Even a drop of his blood is heavier than a catty, let alone the weight of the entire body!

Although it is not as good as Dong Guofu's ability to crush a little star, it is comparable to a great Yue.

If it were not for him to control his own weight, even if he took the usual step, he would shake the mountain. It would not be the same as the ordinary trainer, because there was no stool or even the building could be kept intact under this weight.

What's more, at this time, he was still holding the killing **** stick. After being integrated into the blood of the great ape king, this killing stick has a very wonderful function. That is to only adjust the weight freely. Now Zhao Yuande adjusts the killing stick to The most important thing is that even he wants to swing flexibly.

So under the combined weight of the two, let alone the suction power of the old man with white eyebrows, even if the suction power is doubled, there will be no shaking at all.

"Humph! This force wants to shake me, it's a fool's dream! Old things, eat me a stick!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, a stick swept out the wind and roared, a huge white tiger appeared, and the horrible claws were torn. Void, photographed towards the old man with white eyebrows,

At the same time, the white tiger roared up in the sky, the clouds were billowing in the sky, and a thick black hurricane appeared, as if echoing the white tiger's screaming power, roaring toward the long-browed old man.

The old man with long eyebrows sensed a crisis that had never been before, and his face suddenly changed!

"This is... this is... the great spirit of the great ape king... how can you do it!" The old man with long eyebrows could not be more shocked.