Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001: The Origin Of The Pantheon

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The legend of the great ape in the outside world, but in the Pantheon it is a fact spread among the high-rises.

Where did the Pantheon come from? It was because the ancient gods who joined forces with the Great Ape King were founded together!

It can be said that the Great Ape King is the biggest enemy of the Pantheon, and the successor of the Great Ape King is the existence that the Pantheon must be beheaded.

At this moment the long-browed old man's eyes finally revealed an irresistible killing opportunity!

This kind of killing is like real substance. Zhao Yuande felt it instantly. He instinctively felt that this matter was inappropriate. The old man with long eyebrows must not stay in front of him!

After receiving this amazing news, the old man with long eyebrows no longer dared to take care of him. His figure backed like a ghost, and a black big seal was thrown by him to resist Zhao Yuande's terrible attack.

Da Yin swayed in the void, instantly turning into hundreds of square meters, covering the terrible attack of Zhao Yuande, and at the same time releasing a black mist, quietly swept towards Zhao Yuande.

"Humph! Get away with me!"

Zhao Yuande always opened his eyes during the battle. How could such a thing conceal his eyes? An invisible air wave rolled inside to blow away all the black mist.


It was also at this time that Zhao Yuande's killing stick had hit **** the **** seal.


There was a crisp sound, and the entire Dayin was instantly broken into powder, and a black shadow flew away from the Dayin towards the long-browed old man.

"Want to go? Leave me!"

The white tiger's claw grabbed the black shadow directly, then squeezed hard.

A wailing wailing came, and the black shadow in the white tiger's claw suddenly turned into a powder.

"Damn! Damn!"

The old man with long eyebrows saw that his treasure was destroyed, the seven qi of his breath suddenly made smoke, and his distressed face twitched!

This used to be his carry-on thing. With him for thousands of years, he is now strong enough to use this big seal for avatars, but he did not expect to be destroyed here.

"Boy! You are the heir to the Great Ape King, which is equal to the enemy of our Pantheon. You are definitely dead!" The old eyebrow of the long-browed old man stared at Zhao Yuande, who was really shocked by Zhao Yuande's powerful attack just now. Too.

A teenager who has realized the power of creation, not only the power of time, but also the heir to the great ape king, must die!

After he died, everything belonged to himself... the inheritance of the Great Ape King... the comprehension of the forging power...

The old man with long eyebrows almost shuddered with excitement.

"Really? Don't scare me with the Pantheon, everyone in the Pantheon will die here today, even your avatar will stay!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, his body has been mobilized, and he can join hands to replace this old The guy killed.

"Good! I have seen arrogance and I have not seen you so arrogant. I will take you down to see if you will be arrogant again!" The old man with long eyebrows also grinned repeatedly, with a bright silver long in his hand Whip, pulled a whip towards Zhao Yuande.

"Don't be drawn by a long whip!" A voice came from Zhao Yuande's sea of consciousness, and there was a trace of nervousness in this voice.

Hearing the reminder from Yun, Zhao Yuande did not dare to be overstretched, his body backed up again and again, and the killing stick in his hand greeted him.

The battle between the two broke out again.

The old man with long eyebrows attacked Zhao Yuande several times in a row. He felt that the stick in the opponent's hand was getting stronger and stronger. The silver long whip in his hand was almost shaken off and flew away several times.

"There are six more tricks! You can die for me!"

Zhao Yuande seized an opportunity and slammed it out with all his strength. Suddenly, a **** seal flew out in his hand, and suddenly he became the size of a mountain, and he suppressed the past toward the old man with long eyebrows.

"Humph! Carving insects, give me..."

Just when the old man with long eyebrows scorned his face, the golden seal that had been suppressed in the sky suddenly burst into a golden awn. The endless and terrible power on the large seal erupted, and nine real dragons were flying in the sky. , The sky full of horror Longwei cracked down instantly.

The old man with long eyebrows only felt a force of irresistible terror that was suppressed from above his head, even as strong as he felt a urge to bow down on his knees.

"This is the breath of a real dragon..."

The old man with long eyebrows only feels that he is going crazy. This kid is too sacred, and the means are endless. Even the treasures are more horrible!

At this time his heart was endlessly jealous.

"What if it's a real dragon! The real dragon also died in the hands of our pantheon, leave me away!" The old man with long eyebrows was hysterical at this time, and unconsciously revealed a big secret.

Zhao Yuande's face suddenly changed, but he soon let go of this kind of thought and tried his best to suppress the other party.

The long silver whip in the hands of the old man with long eyebrows, violently soared, turned into a ray of bright silver horses, constantly cutting the mountain peaks transformed by the chaotic sky.

"Go to die!"

Zhao Yuande took this opportunity to kill the **** stick and rushed out an ancient Suzaku in the sky.

Suzaku croaked, swooping towards the old man with long eyebrows.

Ran Tianyin and Suzaku's blow, as long as the old man with long eyebrows is hit, the victory or defeat has been basically divided.

The old man with long eyebrows was in danger, but became more sober. He was not in trouble, his mouth opened and closed slightly, and he even spit out a strange syllable.

Hearing this weird syllable, Zhao Yuande suddenly had a creepy feeling, as if this syllable contained the heaven and earth avenue, and contained the origin of the universe.

At the same time as this syllable sounded, a little bit of cold light rushed out of the forehead of the long-browed old man, and a very ancient and obscure ancient scripture appeared between his foreheads.

Although Zhao Yuande saw the word cumbersome and almost a hundred strokes, but a word appeared in his mind, that is, "ice", he had a feeling that the incomparable character in front of him was born in the ancient world. One of the one hundred characters in the world!

With a move in his heart, he imprinted the character stroke by stroke into his mind.

At this moment, a huge ice barrier appeared out of thin air in front of the old man with long eyebrows, and the mysterious runes on the barrier were circulating, constantly drawing the endless aura between this world.


The figure of Suzaku and Chao Tianyin bombarded the ice barrier at the same time, and the three of them exploded into a dull loud noise.

Chao Tianyin flew high and was trembling, and among them the made a wail, and suddenly returned to the hands of Zhao Yuande, and the figure of Suzaku turned into a flame bursting into pieces.

The ice barrier, under the impact of two terrible forces, also shattered into a large merger scattered on the ground.