Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003: I Am Not Willing

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"Are you just urging now? Is it a little late?"

At this time, Zhao Yuande finally recovered his ability to move. His palms spread out, and a small well was exposed in front of the old man with long eyebrows.

In the well, gurgling blisters, a silver light gently rippling in the water.

"This is...Jing Zhongyue!"

The old man with long eyebrows opened his eyes wide and looked at the well in Zhao Yuande's palm with incredible face. His body was trembling, and his whole body seemed to have lost all his strength at once.

"Yes! It's Jingzhongyue, you die for me!"

The spiritual power in Zhao Yuande's body poured into the Zhongzhong Moon, and the silver light in the well became extremely bright.

A silver moonlight flew out of the wellhead at once, and flicked at the mouth of the glazed bottle that covered the void!

"Do not"

The old man with long eyebrows screamed in tears.


As if the hot knife cut into the butter, the glass bottle was directly cut into two halves by this silver moonlight, the whole sky was restored to light at once, the fragments of the two half-sized palm glass bottles fell to the ground, and a wailing wailing sounded from Here comes the fragment of the glass bottle.

The spirit in the bottle was also directly killed by this knife of moonlight.

Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with long eyebrows standing in the sand, with a disdainful sneer in the corner of his mouth. The three avatars had surrounded him in the middle, and he could not escape the talent of being a big man.

"Zhao Yuande! There is something to say, as long as you don't kill me, I will give you everything you want!" The old man with long eyebrows looked terrified. Although it was only an avatar, there was him in the avatar's inner world. The granddaughter and many disciples of the Pantheon, one dead granddaughter and those disciples will definitely die in a vicious fight.

"Humph! What I want most is your life at this moment!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, and Zhong Zhongyue rose again in the hand.


The old man with long eyebrows was also cut in half from the heart of the eyebrow!

A god's soul flew out of the eyebrow of the old man with long eyebrows, but under the eyes of Zhao Yuande's eyebrows thunder, he instantly disappeared.

At the moment when the old man with long eyebrows died, his inner world shattered, and dozens of disciples of the Pantheon, the famine, Xia Yan all rolled out.


Zhao Yuande's three avatars shot at the same time, killing these dozen disciples in the Pantheon who were not yet confused.

"I don't want to!"

A frightened expression appeared on the face of the battle, but in the face of such a powerful opponent, he had no room to fight back at all, and he would die if he didn't want to.

Just when the long-browed old man's avatar perished.

Above a distant nine days, in a huge space.

There are palaces standing in the void, and countless powerful characters are flying around in these palaces.

In a palace, in a huge mountain of ice sculptures that does not change all year round, an old man with long eyebrows sat cross-legged.

The old man opened his eyes violently, and two cold eyes pierced the void, throwing himself into the Zulong star field.

Two huge eyeballs instantly appeared above the Zulong Star Field.

At this time, in the void of hundreds of millions of miles in the Zulong star field, as long as there are living creatures feeling a horrible coercion originating from the soul, their backs are cold, and they stand tremblingly on the spot, even breathing stops At this moment, even many powerful emperors felt cold in their hearts.

"It turned out to be the Zulong Star Territory! Was Yan'er entered the Real Dragon Palace to explore and was killed? What kind of person is so powerful that even my avatar is invincible, even the chaotic spirit treasure such as the glass bottle is destroyed? Now! Is it that the people in the fairy world entered the fairyland without saying the rules?"

"No matter who it is, there is a price to pay! I will kill you personally to avenge Yan'er and my avatar!"

As soon as the sound fell, the huge ice burst instantly, and the old man with long eyebrows walked out of it.

"My old man with long eyebrows has not appeared for hundreds of years. You probably forgot my name!"

The long-browed old man's body gradually became faint, and the void in front of him seemed to push open the door of nothingness, and the old-browed old man stepped into it one step at a time.

At the next moment, Zulong star field, a void portal in Zulong's mouth slowly emerged, and the old man with long eyebrow stepped out!


Zhao Yuande slashed the long-browed old man's avatar with a single blow, and then took a long breath.

A few folds returned to the body in an instant, and he changed to Zhao Shishi's body again.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a huge roar from a distance, and he couldn't help looking in that direction.

He only saw that Ye Buyu was being flown by boxing. A dark knife light was now less than three feet away from Ye Xiaoyu, and the other two women were blocked by one person and could not be rescued.

The opponent's goal is obviously to kill Ye Xiaoyu.


Although Zhao Yuande did not understand the other party's purpose, he could not help but shoot.

"Stop me!"

But he knew that if he flew by now, it must be too late, and now it is so...

His palm was shot against the void, and the void suddenly shattered. His palm dived into the void, and the power of time erupted at the same time, and poured into his palm...

"Chick! You die for me!"

The **** man grinned awkwardly, but he calculated for a long time, only when Zhao Yuande beheaded his opponent, these people were excited and inexplicably completely lost their defense, they could kill in one blow.

Kill the future scourge of this bright body under his sword.

But despair flashed in the eyes of the lovely girl across from him. The man who had Tsutento screamed wildly, and his magic knife was about to split the other person's head.

The man in black only felt a vacillation in the void above his head, and a large hand protruded from the void and shot directly at the head of the black man.

The black man instantly felt a crisis of life. If he still insisted on beheading the girl, he would surely die under this big hand.

Weighing the pros and cons instantly, the black man draws his knife, and his figure flashes sharply, allowing the big hand to slap.


The big man saw a figure flying away in the distance, and suddenly knew that it was Zhao Yuande who beheaded the old man with long eyebrows and found their attempt.

Although the big man thinks highly of himself, he still dare not confront Zhao Yuande.

He just saw the battle between Zhao Yuande and the old man with long eyebrows, and even though he was not an opponent of the other ten, he wanted to escape and pass on the news that Zhao Yuande appeared here, so that the demon world would know about it.

However, although Dahan estimated Zhao Yuande's strength, he miscalculated Zhao Yuande's speed.

Zhao Yuande has just learned from the successful combination of the power of time and space, the way to move the void.

He saw that the black man and three companions wanted to escape. He smiled at the corner of his mouth and stepped into the void in one step. The next moment he stepped out of the void and appeared in front of the three.