Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004: Oasis

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Zhao Yuande summoned three avatars directly so that there was no trace of accident.

Unsurprisingly, the **** man was beheaded and killed in an instant, but Zhao Yuande left a black man's life and brought it to Ye Buyu and the three girls.

"Speak! Why kill her?" Zhao Yuande looked at the man in black and pointed to Ye Xiaoyu.

"I won't say it. You killed me!" The man in black gritted his teeth and knew that even if he said it, he could not escape.

"I told you to let you die directly, not to say that I took your soul out and put it on the real fire, letting you die from torture!" Zhao Yuande didn't intend to talk to him.

"He is a bright body and restrains the demon clan skills!" The man in black immediately succumbed.

Zhao Yuande gave him a happy heart as promised.


Zhao Yuande glanced at Ye Xiaoyu with interest.

"Ye Xiaoyu, Yejia family, triple world, bright body, celestial body..."

"Good! Good! It turned out to be two rare physiques!" Zhao Yuande looked at Ye Xiaoyu and Ye Yeyu doubtfully, "Brother Ye, don't you Ye family know Lingmei's special physique?"

"Hey! I know it, but I dare not say anything, and I didn't find a suitable exercise..." Ye Buyu sighed.

"Her physique is special, waiting for the Zulong Star Territory, I will recommend her to the power of the fairy world, it is best to protect her and don't let her have an accident, your Ye family's ups and downs are all on her!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!"

"Thank you Brother Zhao for saving your life!" Ye Xiaoyu was no longer naughty, but thanked Zhao Yuande in a hurry. She knew that if there was no other party's shot this time, she would die!

If you have the ability in the future, you must return to the other party!

"Brother Zhao, you killed so many people in the Pantheon, there will be no problem!" Ye Buyu was worried.

"It's okay, all the people you see are already dead, and you certainly won't betray me, so the other party doesn't even know that I shot and killed, as long as you are careful, there will be no problem!" Zhao Yuande waved at the four Say nothing.

"Brother Zhao, what should this person do? Do you want to kill them together?" Ye Wuyu pulled Shi Gaofei, who had a dead dog, to Zhao Yuande.

"This person..." Zhao Yuande pondered for a while, and suddenly his mind flashed, and he smiled, "Leave it to me! I may have a place to use this person!"

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande scrapped Shi Gaofei to practice and threw it into the body world

"Everyone, let's move on! We should be close to our destination!"

They walked continuously in the desert for another day and night, and finally saw a touch of emerald green in the distant sky.

The five people were so happy that they immediately knew it was an oasis called Bawang Cactus.

As the so-called Wangshan ran dead horse, the oasis in front of them took almost half a day to arrive.

As we approached the oasis, we immediately saw many practitioners coming from all directions.

Among them, there are naturally the disciples of Xianban that they are familiar with, but the most are the strangers with seven breaths. They can clearly distinguish them. Among them are disciples of the Pantheon and disciples of the Demon Realm, but there are no disciples of the Immortal Realm!

Although they did not know what this meant, they did not have a very uncomfortable feeling in their hearts. To ask these cultivators in the lower realm to confront the demon world and the disciples of the Pantheon, this is simply the life of Cao Suan. Ye Buyu probably didn't come here.

Zhao Yuande looked east and west and wanted to find Dong Guofu and several of them, but he hadn't seen their shadow for a long time, and there was a trace of anxiety in his heart. These people would not meet the strong men of the two realms!

Never mind! Its useless to worry. Without the strong will trained from life and death, it is impossible to cope with the more brutal practice in the future. Let them experience it for themselves!

"Let's go in!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and took four people into the oasis.

This huge oasis seems to be a vast continent.

The vegetation is lush, all kinds of huge cacti are everywhere, tall towering giant trees are rushing to the sky, and the endless chemical sea has a refreshing fragrance.

They also saw many strange and aboriginal aborigines with orcs, elves, and ordinary humans.

Their dwellings were rudimentary, but Zhao Yuande asked in these dilapidated dwellings for a burst of strange aromas, which turned out to be elixir.

"I didn't expect that there are so many aborigines in this real dragon palace. The aura is very abundant here, but why don't they diligently practice?" Ye Buyu looked at these aborigines strangely, although their bodies were very tall. However, the cultivation practice is not very good, and the highest is nothing but Lingtai pregnant divine realm.

"Five immortals, come and see me here! I have a lot of elixir here, as long as you pay a small amount of elixir and unneeded magic weapons, you can take it away." The five people walked to a wooden house and were taken by a The aborigines of Tauren stopped them and motioned them to enter their house.

The eyes of the four people looked at Zhao Yuande at the same time, waiting for his decision.

"Okay! Go in and see!" Zhao Yuande took the lead and followed the tauren into the humble house.

As soon as he entered the room, Zhao Yuande immediately smelled a fragrant fragrance. He saw a large number of elixir piled in the corner of the room, all of which were of various grades.

He even saw a fiery red grass among them. This grass was randomly thrown among all the elixir. It had three leaves, and each leaf was blooming a small bean-sized flower, a small flower The fragrance is pungent and smells refreshing.

"Three-leaf flame grass!" Zhao Yuande stepped to the grass next to it, and there was a trace of surprise on his face.

Although this is just a holy medicine, it is very rare in the outside world, and its price is even more precious than ordinary magic medicine.

The imperial blood grasses that Zhao Yuande got last time wanted to make the corresponding delicacies, except for this three-leaf flame grass.

As long as he gets this three-leaf flame grass, his food can understand a group of people at the same time.

If the peak of the world can be directly promoted to the emperor, if the emperor can have an extra avenue.

To know that at least six roads must be comprehended in order to try to advance to the Divine Emperor Realm, and if there is one more road, there will be one sixth of hope.

"I have all these elixirs. Let's make a price!" Zhao Yuande did not give this tauren any opportunity to consider, and asked the price directly.

"I want an innate spirit treasure!" Tauren immediately gnashed his teeth when he heard Zhao Yuande's words. It was his desire to own a innate spirit treasure, although he knew that these elixir was not worth the price.