Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005: Underground Teleport Altar

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"Yes!" Zhao Yuande, regardless of whether the transaction was a loss or a profit, directly threw an innate spirit treasure sword, and then collected all the piles of elixir.

This is what he just discovered in the black man, and the quality is not good, but it is definitely more than enough to exchange these elixir.

"Thank you! Thank you!" The Tauren touched the sword with a smile, his face full of joy.

"There is nothing good here, let's go!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the sky and found nothing good, and took the people away with a wave of his hand.

They shuttled between these humble houses, and soon exchanged a few things for each other. Zhao Yuande got a lot of rare elixir outside.

As they walked, they suddenly heard a few people talking in front of them.

"The stuff here is very good, but I heard rumors from these indigenous people that the holy city in the holy lake will be opened today. The holy city may be the only way to the true dragon palace, but I heard that I entered the holy city. Some qualifications are required!"

"What qualifications? We are disciples of the Third Vice-President of the Pantheon, are we not qualified yet?

"I heard that you need to defeat your opponent in the oasis arena, as long as you can achieve a hundred people will be eligible!"

"There are no fewer than 5,000 strong players from the three parties that entered the oasis this time, especially the fairyland only sent some garbage from the lower realm. If luck is good, it will not be difficult for a hundred people to cut!"

"I have also heard that this time, the disciples of the twelve demons of the Demon Realm, Morotian, the disciples of the ninth demons, Hao Yueling, the pantheon, the fourth, sixth, and nine disciples, all of the disciples came. There are many others. The mysterious existence has already rushed to the arena, and it is a matter of course for them to qualify for their combat power, and we had better take advantage of these people before they challenge, otherwise we will meet them..."

"Hurry up..."

The figures were getting faster and faster, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

But Zhao Yuande's soul followed them, and soon saw a huge lake of smoke.

"It's getting weird here and there. Why are there big lakes in the desert? Don't the fairy world want this chance? Why don't the people of the fairy world appear?" Zhao Yuande's thoughts were surging.

"Brother Zhao, what shall we do? Go or not?" Ye Buyu's face became more and more serious.

He saw so many disciples in the Demon Realm and the Pantheon. Although these disciples are comparable to their cultivation, the cultivation skills are obviously much stronger than them, and the combat effectiveness is even higher than them. They are basically in these people. The middle is just the middle and lower reaches, even the lower reaches!

"Go! Definitely go!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "The road to cultivation is to go retrograde, to break through difficulties and crises again and again, but if you go blindly and smoothly, you will lose the challenge!"

"Good! Brother Zhao's words are very true! The practice itself is to retreat against the current and not retreat. I must go on!" Ye Buyu was much more determined by Zhao Yuande's words.

They walked all the way to the big lake, and when they were about to walk to the lake, they suddenly felt the message from the body, Yufu.

Everyone felt the fluctuation of Yufu and couldn't help but take it out and watch it together.

"All the disciples of Xianban went to the 3,000 mile east of the oasis to gather, and some people have discovered the ancient teleportation array! If not, the identity of the disciples of Xianban will be abolished!"

The five looked at each other, and finally Zhao Yuande sighed softly: "No way, let's go and see!"

Many disciples of the Xianban in the oasis received this order, and all gave up going to the Holy Lake to participate in the competition of a hundred people and went in the direction of three thousand miles east of the oasis.

Three thousand miles is just a dozen breathing times for them as practitioners.

Soon they came to a damaged building almost buried by sand dunes.

Zhao Yuande's five people saw from afar that thousands of people had arrived here, and they all gathered to steal private discussions.

After waiting half an hour here, Zhao Yuandeou did not see the figures of Dong Guofu and them.

However, Zhao Yuande believed that they wouldn't have any trouble. With Dong Guofu's flesh, as long as the strong under the mid-term of the Divine Emperor could not help him, could they deny the order?

At this moment, there was a snapping sound under the earth, and a huge black gate emerged from under the sand dunes.

Several figures came up from the black gate.

"Dong Guofu!" Zhao Yuande saw this guy at a glance, and this guy was a little bit angry at this moment.

"Brother, did you go there? We haven't found you for a long time!" Dong Guofu naturally saw Zhao Yuande, and the wind rushed over.

"Several of us discovered the teleportation array, but found the teleportation array is equal to our task is completed, the next benefit will be obtained by the gang of tortoise grandchildren in the fairy world." Dong Guofu sent a voice to Zhao Yuande.

"Is this teleportation array able to lead to the outside world?" Zhao Yuande seemed to think of something at once. Did the teleportation array in his body lead here?

"Yes, in order to introduce the loss, the gangster grandsons of Xianjie let us fools come to explore the path, find the teleportation array and then we can get out!" Dong Guofu's teeth tickled.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande felt that Immortal Realm could not give up this opportunity to explore the True Dragon Palace.

"Relax! I have a way to get here! We just go back and talk!" Zhao Yuande didn't say much.

"Huh?" Dong Guofu's eyes lit up, suddenly showing an excited look, but he didn't say anything.

Ye Buyu saw Zhao Yuande found his friend and couldn't help but talk.

At last he sighed softly and didn't speak.

The other three women were slightly disappointed.

Zhao Yuande's reunion with several friends at this moment also left Ye Buyu and others for a time.

"That's right! I also met a few friends this time. Let's get to know each other!" Zhao Yuande finally remembered four people, and brought Dong Guofu and Jian Piaoling, Feng Wujiang and others.

Under Zhao Yuande's introduction, the people re-recognized that although they had met before, it was impossible for all the more than 1,000 disciples in Xianban to remember.

Now that they have all become friends, they can't help but warm up.

After waiting for a long time, no one came back, and Yufu showed another order to let them enter the underground and take the teleportation array to leave.

The faces of all Xianban disciples are not good-looking, they are treated as a waystone, and no one will be happy.

The underground space is very large, and the blue brilliance on the huge transmission altar is constantly flashing.

At first glance, Zhao Yuande saw that the teleporting altar was exactly the same as the teleporting altar that he got.

All the Xianban disciples stepped on the teleportation array one by one, and finally disappeared into the blue brilliance.