Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007: Unlucky Dirt Cloud

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At this time, I was walking with a few immortal young men, headed by a calm, mighty man, at his feet, the earth wriggled slightly, carrying him a thousand feet away.

A few people behind this man were racing at full speed, but even then they couldn't keep up with the footsteps of the young man in front of them, but they were tired and panting.

"This man is the earth-traveling cloud, one of the nine proselytized disciples of the second palace of the Immortal Emperor's Palace. It is said that he was born to drink lightly with the earth. When he came out of the Dong Mansion, he was already a powerful player in the Emperor Realm. He is now twenty-one years old and is said to have reached the peak of the Emperor. He can only enter the realm of the Divine Emperor within half a step. Character."

"What! It's this person! I have heard his legend. I stepped into the dark sky and killed ninety-nine giant mosquitoes equivalent to the peak of the Divine Emperor! Although I didn't go deep into the dark sky, he was all over. Retreat, only a few people in history can do it!"

"I heard that he was reckless, and even his master, Immortal Emperor Palace Second Palace Master, sometimes didn't listen to it, and he clashed with people. Didn't know the indigenous people here can suppress him?"

"Huh! He is only the peak of the emperor, no matter how strong he is, just know the aborigine who just shot..." This man said otherwise he would not say anything, because Tu Xingyun took a few of his young people right by.

When Tu Xingyun heard his words, although he didn't stop immediately to find this person, he was all murderous in his eyes.

"Humph!" Tu Xingyun snorted coldly, "If you let me meet you in the arena, you will be dead!"

The man was trembling, but he immediately suffocated and said, "You can do it if you have the ability, and hurry up without it!"

"Okay! Very good! You die to me!" Tu Haoyun's proud man, even the master dare to fight, although this man is an important disciple of the Pantheon, but he is not his opponent, he is not at all Without scruples, he slaps towards this person.

The power contained in this slap is terrible. Everyone only feels that a dark sky is pressing down, as if the whole world collapsed at this moment.

"You dare to do it manually!" Someone beside him suddenly screamed in excitement.

"Any ants like ants, let me die!" Tu Xingyun's face showed a terrible color.

"Don't stop when you have the ability!" The man who spoke just now didn't feel the pressure at all. He held his head up like that, motionless, but looked at Tu Xingyun with a mocking face.

Although Tu Xingyun is arrogant, he is not a fool. He feels that he is counted!

At this moment, a small figure suddenly rushed out of the void, hitting Tu Xingyun with a punch.

Tu Xingyunxiu is powerful, but he finds it impossible to avoid this punch. Just when the punch hit just now, he was just like being imprisoned in this void, and the time was at that moment. It seemed to have solidified, he could only let that fist hit his face.

Tu Xingyun cried out, his eyes filled with fierce eyes, and at the same time the rhythm of the earth beneath him, countless sharp stone thorns protruded from the earth and spurred towards the small figure .

When did he suffer such humiliation, at this time, the face on one side was swollen high, and blood was constantly spilling out of his mouth.

In the team patting the dragon, countless people can't help but show a mocking smile on their faces.

The disciple of the Pantheon just now couldn't help but laughed loudly.

"Tu Xingyun! Are you arrogant? You are so arrogant!" Although this person is very afraid of Tu Xingyun, but since this Tu Xingyun started to work on his own, he knew that this time Xinglong Palace of Tu Xingyun The exploration operation is over!

After leaving the Dragon Palace and returning to their respective spheres of influence, he was not afraid of each other.

"You, your name is Cheng Kun!" You are dead!" Tu Xingyun's eyes stared at this Pantheon disciple. If his eyes could kill people, Cheng Kun had already died 10,000 times.

"All right! Shut up! Let's wait until you can survive!" Cheng Kun smiled sarcastically, pointing his finger behind Tu Xingyun.

Everyone only heard the sound of "Bang".

The short figure, the body suddenly rose, slapped **** the ground.

The sharp thorns protruding from the earth softened like instant noodles, and a terrible rumble suddenly sounded from the depths of the earth.

The earth trembles violently, and the ground waves undulate, as if something terrible is about to rush out from below.

Tu Xingyun felt the tremor under the earth, and his complexion suddenly changed. He quickly backed away and wanted to escape.

"Hey! It's too late!"


After a loud noise, the undulating ground suddenly split, a bottomless abyss appeared in front of everyone, and a roar of fright was heard in the dark abyss.

Tu Xingyun's body had just withdrawn to a distance of one hundred feet, and a slender tentacle suddenly protruded from the bottom of the abyss, and he instantly tired one of Tu Xingyun's legs.

"no, do not want!"

The top of the tentacle suddenly opened a big mouth of blood basin, and the fangs were sensuous, and the disgusting dark green mucus dripped down the ground along the teeth.


There was a burst of green smoke on the earth, and only a drop of it eroded a large black pit that was a few feet in size.

The thick smoke billowed in the pit, and the stench struck.


Tu Xingyun's leg was bitten down alive.

The tentacles swept back into the abyss, and the earth closed again, with only a small figure with a furry head standing in place.

"Dare not to follow the rules again next time, die!" This is an old-looking monkey, but a pair of eyes are ruthless, glancing at everyone seems very hated and disgusted.

His figure disappeared into the void in a flash.

"The fighting power of this monkey has reached the late Emperor Shen Dynasty, it is very powerful! It seems that it is still necessary to follow the rules!" Zhao Yuande sent a voice to Dong Guofu, his face dignified.

It seems that the indigenous people here are not as he imagined, and they also have the strongest.

"This old monkey has mastered a trace of the origin of the void, and is definitely a very powerful opponent!" Dong Guofu's eyes are also venomous, and he analyzed the strength of the other party just by the few moments when the old monkey appeared.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but glance at Dong Guofu and felt that this guy had not been completely in the gentle township in recent months, and also learned a lot in the fairy class.