Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009: I Surrender

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"Rule without rules! Fifth thousand eight hundred and seventy-two games, three hundred and eighty-eighth challenge the No. 9 champion..."

Zhao Yuande was stunned, but then nodded to Dong Guofu and said, "Let's go, I hope the two of us won't meet together!"

"Hey! Hope! Otherwise I can only admit defeat!" Dong Guofu is not a person who can't think about it. He then smiled, "It's enough to re-engage in the challenge!"

Just after Zhao Yuande finished speaking, he felt that he was swept by a beam of light, and left his seat in an instant. He fell in a huge arena next moment.

The arena was almost stained with blood at this time, and a dwarfed middle-aged man with a shaved face was staring at him coldly.

This small middle-aged man had a fierce look, and a dark, **** breath radiated all over his body, especially his hands were still dripping with blood at this time, which made people feel cold in his heart.

At first glance, this person is a cultivator of the demon world.

"Hey! Boy and grandpa, I'm in a group and you're out of luck! You admit defeat! If you admit defeat, grandpa will only interrupt your limbs and leave a life!" The little middle-aged man looked at Zhao Yuande and found that he was too angry He is a cultivator of the world's triple dominance. His face suddenly shows contempt, and his mouth is naturally polite.

"Really? Then I also showed mercy, interrupted your limbs, and left you a life!" Zhao Yuande showed a mocking smile.

His palm turned over, and a large horror hand covering the sky was directly turned into the other side.

"Death!" The little middle-aged man's face suddenly froze.

But at the next moment, the little middle-aged man suddenly changed his face.

"Stop! I..."

Before this guy finished his words, he felt as if the sky dome collapsed, and a sky slammed down to suppress him.


He only felt the crisp sound of his bones and hair, and the whole person was directly shot into the hard ground by the terrible force.

The blood of the middle-aged and short-lived population was spurting blood. He only felt that his bones were all broken, especially the bones of his limbs, and he would have to spend a lot of energy to recover!

Zhao Yuande took a step forward and pulled the small middle-aged man out of the ground, took away all the storage space on his body, and then directly dropped it on the ground.

"The harvest is not bad!" Zhao Yuande grinned.

"Three thousand nine hundred and eighty-eighth became the ninth ring lord, inheriting the original ring lord's eleven cuts...the next game will take place after thirty breaths!"

At this time, the little middle-aged man like a dead dog was swept by a light and disappeared directly!

After thirty breaths, another figure came in.

A gorgeous, enchanting and beautiful woman appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

This beautiful woman glanced at Zhao Yuande and suddenly made the same mistake as the short middle-aged man, thinking that Zhao Yuande's cultivation level was too low and would not be her opponent anyway.

"Little brother! Give up earlier! The elder sister will not have the heart to hurt you!" The glamorous woman's waist twisted like a snake, with a charming smile on her face, and the lotus step towards Zhao Yuande Coming.

A burst of fragrant wind hit Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a sudden palpitations.

His eyes opened, and he suddenly saw countless blue poison needles thinner than the ox hairs, and came to him silently with the fragrance.

He had originally seen this woman but the emperor's cultivation practice in the later period, thinking that she could not see any waves, and did not care too much!

I thought that as long as I showed a little strength, the other party would be able to admit defeat.

But he did not expect that the other party was so vicious, even attacking himself with a poison needle as soon as he came up!

Even if he feels the crisis in these poisonous needles, even if he feels a crisis, I am afraid that even if he is stabbed, even if he cannot die, it is quite troublesome for you.

"It seems that I am too kind! You are dead today!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly. It really is so unrecognizable. Since then, Zhao Yuande will never despise anyone.

"Giggle! Little brother, you..." How could the beautiful woman believe Zhao Yuande's words only when he was mad by his own heartlessness.

But I didn't expect to feel the glory of the nine colors in front of me, and the next moment I saw a magnificent world appearing in the palm of the other party, and hit myself suddenly.

Countless poison needles were directly shaken into fly ash by the big world, but the beautiful woman only felt that she was imprisoned by a terrible force and could not move at all. She was suppressed by the big world in the next moment, and she was instantly pressed into A pool of blood and mud lay on the ground.

The ground grabbed a pool of flesh and blood, and the people who came on the court suddenly became more careful.

In the next seven or eight battles, most people did not have the vicious heart of the glamorous woman, so Zhao Yuande also left them alive. Only two demon cultivators who wanted to kill Zhao Yuande were ruthlessly killed by Zhao Yuande. On the ground.

The light flashed and another figure appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

This is a twenty-three to four-year-old young man with a pair of small eyes and a thief, and it does not look like a good thing at first glance.

When he saw Zhao Yuande's first glance, he found that Zhao Yuande's cultivation was not triple in the world, and his face showed a relaxed look.

"Boy! You still concede yourself!" Xiaoyan Youth's makeup acted like a wrist, making a crackling joint, he continued, "Do not hide from you, I am very cruel, when someone does not I will kill him without hesitation when I know what to do!"

"Confess?" Zhao Yuande was curious. He really didn't know there were such rules.

"Your kid is the first time!" In fact, it is very simple. As long as you feel unable to defeat the other party, you can yell me three words and the natives will send you out. "Small-eyed youth feels that the other party is not their own opponent, but it would be better if they could get rid of the other party without doing it.

"Oh? Is that still possible?" Zhao Yuande said in a confused way. "You loudly, I didn't hear clearly just now."

"Hey! Look at you! It's the three words "I admit defeat"!" Xiaoyan Youth had to say it again subconsciously.

But he just screamed out, and suddenly found it wrong!

He only felt that his body was involuntarily drawn by a force, and the whole person disappeared in front of Zhao Yuande in the next moment.

"You... you dare to play with me!" Xiaoyan Youth's voice echoed in the space, almost turning Zhao Yuande to laugh.

"Little brother! What are you laughing at!" A frivolous woman's voice came, and a woman with a voluptuous figure appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. The woman's chest was bulging, and her waist was almost squeezed, but her body size was absolute Let the index finger move.