Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Dancing Boy

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Li Tian looked at the three with some envy. For so many days, although he became friends with the three, there was still a big gap between them. Standing with the three, he always had the illusion of being isolated. .

This is not the intentional action of the three Zhao Yuande, but an expression from the heart. He has never been fully integrated into this collective.

Of course, he also knows that he may never get involved in his life, because his goal is to become the supreme ruler of the Dali dynasty. This goal restricts himself and prevents him from letting go of everything!

The four entered the Taste of the World, Zhao Yuande first soaked the Sansheng wine. This wine must be soaked for three days and three nights, plus special fermentation technology to make it, so for a while, everyone will not have this oral.

Soaked with three holy wine, he began to make Jianyu Pomei soup!

This is a new recipe he discovered today. It is made of a strange fish'Zhenyu' living under the extreme cold abyss, plus three hundred years of Lingmei plum, and several ordinary The elixir brewed for three hours.

Zhenyu is a fifth-order beast. In addition to being delicious, it is of no special use to ordinary cultivators, so he can wrap up seven lengths of Zhenyu at once, so that the four people can eat well. !

The boiled fish soup has a hint of plum in the golden color and a slight sour taste in the mellow flavor. Just smelling the smell makes people feel appetite!

There are three effects of this recipe, one of which is clear-cut and clear-sighted, which makes people's eyes look farther. The second is to make the soul stable and let the strong man who first entered the yin and yang unity adapt to the soul as soon as possible. This is the main reason why he made this recipe. Third, there is a chance to understand the scales and half claws of the water way. This is the most illusory, and the probability is too few to be considered.

After the Zhenyu Paomei soup came out of the pot, Zhao Yuande took out the monkey wine, filled the four people with a glass, and then carefully took it back.

He now knows the treasure of this wine, as long as he takes out a small bottle, it is worth millions of middle-grade spirit jade, but he does not intend to sell it.

Four people talk while eating.

"You say how many guests our store receives the best each day?" Zhao Yuande doesn't have much talent for doing business, so everyone asks questions to brainstorm.

"Receive as many people as you can!" Heifeng took a bite of fish and a fascinated look on his face. "We can earn more if we do more, and we can eat more! Hey!"

He accidentally said his heart!

"Black wind also makes sense, we have to open the market as soon as possible, earn Lingyu as soon as possible, and only then can we become stronger and stronger!" Master Yijie is also late for sweetness, and it is rare that there is no tit-for-tat against Black Wind.

"No! I think it's enough to receive only one person a day!" Li Tian had different opinions. "Let all later people wait in line, so that it seems to be rare and expensive, and it is best to be able to launch unique recipes. , At least its the medicine that wont achieve that effect! In this way, it will maximize the true meaning of the worlds first food, so that the name of this store can be quickly transmitted to the entire world, so that all the powerful people are admired. Come!"

"Reasonable! Or Brother Li has business acumen." Zhao Yuande listened more and more vigorously, could not help but exclaim, "Brother Li even if not a prince, I am afraid that going out to do business will soon become rich!"

"Brother Zhao is awesome!" Li Tian packed his hands, but he was still a little proud.

"Okay! According to what Brother Li said, only one table a day is accepted for booking!" Zhao Yuande made a decision, "And if there is a minimum consumption, order a 200,000 middle-grade spirit jade!"

After drinking enough food, the four people meditated and meditated separately, each of them got a lot of benefits, and no one had the good luck to realize the way of water!

Early in the morning, the practitioners discovered this special shop.

"'The best food in the world'! Ho, who's such a big tone!" Someone stopped to watch and couldn't help but shocked the courage of this shop.

"Look! Look! There are store rules!" Someone spotted a sign outside the store for the first time, "Wow, good cow rules! Only one table a day, and the minimum consumption is not less than two One hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade!"

"This is even more outrageous. Other people have to queue up to make an appointment, and no appointment will be refused!"

"This is really bullish, if I have money to go in and see if it's dragon liver or gall bladder!"


There was a strange shop here that spread quickly throughout the whole city of Shenxu, and many powerful people came to watch, but in less than half an hour, the water surrounded by the crowd could not be leaked.

"Uncle Zhang, you see there are so many people there. Let's go and see!" A clear girl dressed as a man looked at the crowd and couldn't help but wonder.

The girl was very cute, looking like she was only fifteen or sixteen years old, but her **** were bulging high, with a majestic grandeur that was not commensurate with her age.

"Miss, don't worry, let the old slave give you a way first!" A low-browed white-haired old man who followed closely behind the girl came to the girl in front of him, and he waved a strong and unmatched hand. The momentum is directly separated from the crowd of people watching from the middle.

Everyone felt the power of the old man, knowing that he was a strong man of magic power, so he did not dare to say much, but just retreated silently.

"Thank you, Uncle Zhang!" The girl happily ran in. When she discovered the name and rules of the shop, she suddenly showed a curious expression on her face, "What a weird shop, so weird regulations, this son will go in to see See, what food dare to claim to be the best in the world!"

"The store came out to receive!" the girl yelled softly and pushed the door in. The old man with white hair followed closely behind the girl, fearing that she might miss.

The girl walked into the house and found that there was only one table and four chairs in the room. A bald monk sat on the ground cross-legged, as if chanting sutras lightly. A black man was dozing off in the corner boredly. The smiling handsome young man is nodding slightly at himself.

As soon as the white-haired old man entered the house, he was a little surprised. He didn't expect that in this small place, there were two strong people in the yin and yang integration, and he couldn't help but have a trace of it. interest of.

"This little sister, congratulations on being the first and only guest today!" Li Tian nodded at the girl and said these words.

The girl was a little puzzled, and she felt that the atmosphere here was not quite right, especially the handsome young man on the opposite side, which gave her a feeling of richness and pressure. In front of others, she seemed to have no sense of superiority.

But the girl was also a stubborn master, her small eyebrows raised, and she rolled her eyes at Li Tian.

"This uncle, don't talk nonsense, people are veritable handsome sons, but not little sisters!" That tone, that expression, as long as a person who is not stupid can see that this is a cute girl.