Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: You Damn

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It is a pity to look up again, Zhao Yuande is almost going to collapse!

The female facial features are concentrated, but the mouth is very large, the lips are everted, and two large sausages are hanging freely.

In particular, she still wears a lot of makeup, and a pair of soybean-sized eyeballs keeps throwing a wink at Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a tumble in his belly and almost vomited.

But at this moment, a sharp knife flashed, spurting toward Zhao Yuande's brow!

This trick is very timely, ruthless, fast and accurate!

This woman paralyzes the enemy with a disgusting appearance, and then kills the killer, which is extremely malicious.

However, this woman obviously underestimated Zhao Yuande's strength. Zhao Yuande felt that the other party's speed could not be avoided at all, and simply did not hide.

At the moment when the woman's knife-mand was about to pierce Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, the bright light in Zhao Yuande's eyebrows shot out, and a thick thunder destroyed the knife-mands at once, penetrating the chest of the opposite woman directly without obstruction.

Although this blow did not kill the woman, the woman concentrated by Thunder only felt the numbness of her body for a while, and instantly lost her ability to move.


Zhao Yuande fell with a palm and slapped it towards the woman's head.

The woman suddenly panicked and wanted to call out the words "I admit defeat", but she couldn't make a little voice at all.


The woman's head was like a rotten watermelon, which was directly smashed by Zhao Yuande. The blood mixed with brain splatters all over the floor.

Zhao Yuande withdrew his palms, and for the fairy demon, the people of the three parties in the Pantheon had more fear in their hearts.

These people do everything they can to achieve victory. The woman was very beautiful just now, but she had to dress up as such a disgusting character in order to kill her opponent. It really made a chill in her heart.

"The donor! Your murderous heart is too heavy! I think you have a destiny with my Buddha, why not follow me to practice?" Just as Zhao Yuande sighed, a voice rang in front of him.

A young monk in white clothes, white shoes and white socks and a white monk's clothes appeared on the scene.

The white monk closed his eyes, folded his hands together, and nodded slightly to Zhao Yuande.

"Master, I don't kill people, people kill me, why do you say my killing heart is heavy!" Zhao Yuande looked up and down at this monk, and suddenly felt a quiet and peaceful breath coming from the other person's body, making people's hearts produce A trace of tranquility.

"Because only the donor is standing in front of me, and the donor is deeply guilty. Only the daily chanting with me can eliminate the killing. Go with me!" The monk's voice was very light, but the words entered Zhao Yuande's heart. Make him feel his heart tremble.

It seems that the white monk in front of him is the world, the **** he wants to follow and believe in...

If it were not for his two lives, he had experienced too many storms and had a tough character, maybe he would actually kneel down on the ground and pay homage to worship.

"Bold!" Zhao Yuande roared, the sound was like thunder and vibration, which contained the three words of Piao Mi in the six-character mantra of Buddhism.

This scream shattered the surroundings that seemed to shake the enchantment, and the entire ninth ring shook.

All the spectators in the stands around here only felt that there was constant thunder in their heads, and their ears were buzzing. Some people who were low-cultivated even spouted a blood arrow directly, and their faces suddenly languished.

Zhao Yuande stopped drinking, and the white monk with his eyes closed was feeling like a giant mountain bombarded above his head. He even spit out a few big mouths of blood, and his eyes opened and looked at Zhao Yuan. Resentment and grudge!

"Die to me!" The white-robed monk blood-stained the white robe, and suddenly shot two blood-red gods in his eyes, sweeping Zhao Yuande.

The whole piece of heaven and earth was suddenly reflected in blood, and the white monk in front of him suddenly became a demon returning from hell, and a strong **** breath rushed into his nose and mouth.

Only at this moment, Zhao Yuande felt his soul seemed to be fixed by the other party at once, his body could not move at all!

The monk in white photographed Zhao Yuande's heavenly spirit with a palm. Even the terrible power of Zhao Yuande felt a little frightened.

However, although he was not disturbed, once the idea changed, the Eternal Tower was directly transformed into a suit and draped over the soul, and the spirit was suddenly freed from the other party's control.

"Give me death!"

The nine rays of light in Zhao Yuande's palm are spinning rapidly, and the ghost of a large world slowly suppresses it, smashing the white monk to the ground.

"Hey! What a pity, am I still going to show the last one?" The eyes of the white monk suddenly changed from blood red to gold.

A strange wave of ripples appeared in the eyes, and the ripples were constantly rippling around!

After touching these blog posts, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt as if he had been drawn into a golden world.

In the middle of this world, a big Buddha stands, and the golden light on the big Buddha shines on the whole world. Everyone is equal in the world, and there is no difference between cultivators and mortals.

Everyone is affable, everyone is polite, and people can't help but endless longing for this world.

Suddenly he saw a group of people coming towards him in the distance, father, mother, such as Frost, Zhu Luan...and even a lot of his own friends.

With a smile on their faces, they kept waving to him!

He felt the sounds and smiles of his loved ones, and looking at his beautiful faces, he had a feeling of not wanting to leave and live in this world forever.

But at the next moment, his heart suddenly gave warning signs, and a terrible crisis came.

"How dare you spy on the secrets in my heart, and even take advantage of the loved ones in my heart, you know the secrets you shouldn't know, so you **** it!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes dreamily. 'S power erupted instantly.

At this time, the white monk's hand had reached Zhao Yuande's heavenly spirit within a distance of less than three feet, and he was about to take a heavy shot, but at this moment he was shocked by Zhao Yuande's secret!

He never thought that Zhao Yuande's identity turned out to be...

At this moment, he felt that his body had lost his autonomy, as if he had fallen into the eternal and static time and space, even the soul of the spirit had lost autonomy.


At this moment, Zhao Yuande exerted his full strength, urged the power of time and space, and once again touched the edge of the Void Avenue.

Before closing his eyes, the monk saw that a big hand had fallen on top of his head.