Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011: Shen Tuxue

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He wanted to say something, but he couldn't even move his mouth. He could only fill his eyes with endless remorse and watched the big hand fall.


Zhao Yuande's palm used all his strength to directly shoot this monk into the powder, and he couldn't find a trace of flesh and blood.

Zhao Yuande's fierce power finally shocked everyone, and the eyes of countless people were all concentrated on the No. 9 ring.

"Who is this person? Why is it so terrible? Even the white monks in Moyin Mountain have beheaded!"

"I have never seen this person, this person has never appeared in the two realms of immortals."

"Not in our pantheon!"

"Although this person's cultivation is not high, but the fighting power is against the sky, it is simply invulnerable. It seems that a hundred people are about to appear!"

"It shouldn't be wrong..."


After Zhao Yuande's fierce reputation spread, many opponents quickly confessed their defeat as soon as they came to power.

Zhao Yuande didn't want to embarrass these people.

Since the other party was polite, he naturally didn't want to offend this person, but they are all future immortals and powerful men of the three forces of the Pantheon. In the future, if they meet, they may still be useful.

The next battle is to be harmonious, and when it is over, Zhao Yuande will be in the 99th game!

The last one to play was a woman with a fiery red body armor.

Although this woman has a beautiful appearance, her face is as cold as frost, and she stands there to give a calm and calm appearance that Taishan collapsed in front of her.

This kind of temperament appeared on a woman, making Zhao Yuande feel very strange.

"Shen Tuxue, the seventeen daughters of the Shentu family of the Baihezhou Shenxian Realm, the middle of the Divine Emperor Realm, the **** of ice and snow...

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel shocked that there was such a big beginning!

He felt that the woman was very powerful, and her breath was condensed, but not like a real dragon that dived into the abyss, only when she soared into the sky, she showed its huge power.

It is even several times more powerful than Dong Guofu. It seems that today he has met his opponent and can have a great battle.

"You are strong!" The woman on the opposite side was also looking at Zhao Yuande at this time. She opened her mouth. Although her voice was a little cold, it was extremely beautiful.

"You are also very strong!" Zhao Yuande concentrated, his face showing a faint smile.

And at this time, many practitioners of the three major forces saw the woman opposite Zhao Yuande, and suddenly everyone came to the spirit.

"Wow! It turned out to be her!"

"Shen Tuxue of Baihezhou Shentu Family! Why did this girl appear?"

"You don't know, the last time she met her brother Shen Tu Yinghao, so she voluntarily confessed and gave the quota to Shen Tu Yinghao!"

"I said! She is one of the top ten youngsters of Baihezhou's younger generation, and she and her brother also claimed that Shen Tushuangjue, how could it not be possible to achieve a hundred people!"

"This guy's ninety-nine winning streak is going to be given to Shen Tuxue, and he has a busy life."

"Not necessarily! This person is also very powerful. Maybe a miracle can happen!"


"Bai Hezhou, Shen Tujia, Shen Tuxue, please advise!" Shen Tuxue's voice is very beautiful, but with a trace of coldness, let people hear a kind of beautiful snow and ice world in his ears.

"What! Shen Tuxue even reported herself! It seems that she takes this kid very seriously!"

"It seems that this is a dragon fight!"

"What is this person called, I have never seen him."

"I will soon know..."

"Freely repair Zhao Yuande!" The first four words of Zhao Yuande are spoken, and the name is transmitted through the transmission of the soul.

Shen Tuxue gave Zhao Yuande a strange look, but her indifferent temperament was strange, but she did not ask anything.

"Please also ask the girl not to say my name!" Zhao Yuande looked at the woman, and inexplicably had a feeling of trust.

Shen Tuxue nodded gently.

The battle erupted in an instant!

Shen Tuxue danced wildly with long hair, but did not use any weapons, but raised his palm and hit!

A palm with a horrifying mood of ice and snow chopped fiercely towards Zhao Yuande. This was with the palm as a knife. The void around the cut exploded with a buzzing sound, and the whole world shivered under this palm.

And Zhao Yuande felt at this moment that it seemed that a blade of ice and snow was slicing from the sky. The long blade of the sword instantly illuminated the entire sky. The blade of the sword was not a strong and domineering atmosphere, but it was the first to face it.

Countless onlookers around, this time have already clenched their fists in excitement, this terrifying breath forced them to breathe a little fast!

"Come well!"

Zhao Yuande greeted with fists, the powerful physical strength, and the nine dazzling gods constantly rotating in his palms without sending them, making his fists seem to rise slowly from the void at this time. , Shining the earth.

The sharp and domineering breath was washed away by this theory and suddenly dissipated most of it.


The fist collided with the palm, and a loud and loud noise erupted.

The whole piece of void is fragmented, and the banned around the ring has just been repaired, all under this collision.

The shock wave generated by the impact alone will completely destroy the ban on the ring, which has far exceeded the estimation of this battle by many powerful people, and the powerful indigenous people on the high platform can not help but look slightly.

After Shen Tuxue's palm was on the fist of Zhao Yuande, he was suddenly bounced high, and her palms were even red and swollen!

Her entire arm was tingling for a while, and her body was shocked by the strong resilience. Pedaling and Pedaling went back a dozen steps in a row, and her face suddenly showed a shocked expression.

You must know that she is a strong middle-aged divine emperor. She is also the reincarnation of the ancient **** of ice and snow, possessing the luck and power of the **** of ice and snow.

Especially the body refining technique of the **** of ice and snow is the most anti-sky and the most domineering among the ancient gods! Even more of the endless resource cultivation of the Shen Tu family, now she can already kill the mid-level strong of the God Emperor, and the physical body is her biggest support!

But he did not expect to suffer a small loss under the first blow.

On the other hand, Zhao Yuande didn't take a lot of money at this time. He took seven or eight steps back in succession. The place where his fist and palm hit was actually painful, as if he was really severely cut with a knife!

He also looked at the woman opposite with great shock, with an incredible light in his eyes.

You have to know that his physical body is already comparable to the innate treasure. The power of a pair of fists plus the attack of the combination of nine fists in the chemical industry, even if it is really on the innate treasure, maybe it can also be broken with one punch!

But I did not expect that the other party's palms were only slightly red and swollen. Does this mean that the other party's palms have surpassed the firmness of innate treasures!