Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012: Retreat

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But at this time, he did not have time to figure out how powerful Tu Tuxue's palm was.

The violent collision has caused his blood to boil, causing the war in his body to burn, and the eyes connecting him to the other party have become extremely hot.

"Let's come again!"

Zhao Yuande shouted and turned into a flash of light towards the other party.

Shen Tuxue felt Zhao Yuande's fighting intent, and he couldn't help being aroused by an unyielding will.


Shen Tuxue whispered softly.


The two collided together, flesh and blood, and the fists and feet hit a dull loud noise.

The two are more and more excited and more fierce!

Pieces of snowflakes splashed out of the two people, and their countless impacts were all blood and flesh under countless impacts!

But they still don't mean to stop their hands now!

At this time, the eyes of all the people in the stands around the world were wide open, and some people slobbered with excitement.

"Good! Good! Good! This is the real battle!"

"The flesh of these two men is so incredible that it's hard to separate!"

"According to legend, Shen Tuxue is the descendant of the ancient **** of ice and snow, and has the heritage of the ancient **** of ice and snow. The most unhealthy of inheritance is a set of ice **** quenching body tactics. Although this female body can not be said to be the first and most young generation of Baihezhou, At least in the top three, who is her opponent?"

"I don't know! This person is very strange, but his boxing skills are very seems to be open sky boxing!"

"Kaitian boxing? This kind of boxing is very widespread. Many people practice this kind of boxing in order to understand the power of creation. This kind of exercise alone can't see his identity!"

"You said who will win?"

"Hard to say"


The shock in Shen Tuxue's heart was beyond description at this time, and the strength of the young man opposite had exceeded her imagination.

She couldn't believe that the other party was able to contend with her own body for such a long time!

"Isn't... is he one of the four major eucharists?" Suddenly the opposite flowed into her mind.

At this time, Shen Tuxue was shocked to find another problem!

The place where the skin of the opponent's fist opened up was recovering at an incredible speed, and the speed of this recovery was directly proportional to the speed of one impact.

In other words, after each impact is damaged, it can be recovered before this impact!

What kind of recovery speed is this!

immortal! Must be immortal!

Shen Tuxue feels more and more incredible. Does the other party have to be against the sky?

Suspected of the four holy bodies, suspected of having an undead body, how can this battle continue.

And Zhao Yuande has already been immersed in the extreme excitement of the battle at this time. Since he began to practice, he has never encountered such a comparable opponent, which gives him a heartfelt and incisive feeling.

As time passed, Zhao Yuande became more and more excited, and looking back at Shen Tuxue and being forced back by Zhao Yuande's powerful attacks, her forehead was covered with sweat beads. The opponent's crazy fighting intention made him feel more and more difficult to resist. If you continue, you will definitely lose!

She suddenly lifted a sigh of relief and slammed toward Zhao Yuande, but she took this opportunity to jump backwards and relieved Zhao Yuande's attack range.

"I have seen your physical body, and now I am going to use a weapon!" Shen Tuxue's palm jumped at the moment when he jumped back, and a strange-shaped sword with a silver light was already held in his hand.

"Zheng!" A sharp knife sounded.

Zhao Yuande only saw a sharp blade of light that cut through the void at once, and slanted toward his head!

In the sword light, there seemed to be a horrible howl, countless powerful and ferocious breath was passed from the knife light, and Zhao Yuande seemed to be in the asura hell, surrounded by thousands of injustice ghosts.

"Okay! Well done!"

Zhao Yuande is in a state of extreme excitement. He feels that instead of feeling scared, a rush of blood rushes to his head.

He made a move, killing the **** stick and pressing it in his hand, the backhand was that a stick greeted the knife towards the light.

The knife collided with the stick and made a loud, deafening loud noise. Zhao Yuande felt the blood rushing to his head calmed down. He thought of where this was. In the face of the three parties, especially the disciples of the Pantheon, Never use the four spirit sticks!

At the moment of his thinking, he suddenly felt that the other side's knife contained a trace of powerful divine soul power, but it was blocked by the trait of the killing **** stick.

"This is... a weapon made of eternal gold!" Shen Tuxue, who was opposite at this time, instantly recognized the material of the stick in Zhao Yuande's hands.

"Yes, save your soul power! Let's fight with my real sword!" Zhao Yuande yelled, the stick method changed, he did not dare to use the Four Spirit Stick, then use the Aion Tower That set of halberds!

"Ding Ding Dang Dang!"

There was a sound of knives and sticks.

Zhao Yuande's hands are getting more and more fierce, and only the shadows of the sticks are seen waving, whining, as if a terrifying biteful beast is roaring wildly.

The terrible weight of the killing **** stick, combined with Zhao Yuande's invincible physical strength, the tuberculosis of the two is simply perfect, can break apart, and can break the stars!

In just a moment's time, Zhao Yuande had already seized the opportunity, and the horrifying god-killing rod beat the Shen Tuxue's knife again and again.

Originally Shen Tuxue was not as powerful as Zhao Yuande, and the odd-shaped knife in his hand was not a heavy thing.

The conditions in the book add up, and the knife in her hand gradually can't follow the rhythm of the killing stick, and she can't help but start to retreat!

Zhao Yuande's black hair is flying all over the sky. His battle has entered a crazy state. A stick is stronger than a stick. Shen Tuxue is forced to retreat and then retreat, pushing it to the edge of the ring.

"Eating me a stick!"

Zhao Yuande's hands turned into a dark tower, and he suppressed it directly towards Shen Tuxue.

Shen Tuxue felt the terrifying power contained in this dark tower, and if she resisted it as before, she might be hit hard by the dark tower.

But at the next moment, Shen Tuxue suddenly felt that her body seemed to have fallen into the vortex of time. Her body could not move, her spirit could not rotate, and even her mind was frozen.

"The law of time and the law of space will soon be transformed into the way of the void!" Shen Tuxue had only this idea in mind at this time.