Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013: Achievement

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She was suddenly desperate. She found that she had underestimated the power of Zhao Yuande in her previous battles. Originally, she had many cards but had not thought about it. She originally planned to defeat her opponent with real strength.

But now it is a little late. I am imprisoned by the two laws of time and space. I can't break away in a short time. Those cards can't be played at all. Now I can only wait for the treasure to automatically protect the master!

I hope not to get too injured this time!

Thinking this way, Shen Tuxue closed her eyes helplessly.

But the whistling in her ears suddenly stopped, and the horrible breath quietly disappeared, and the warning signs in her heart were gone at this time.

She opened her eyes in confusion, only to see that Zhao Yuande was smiling at herself with the stick in hand.

She couldn't help but froze.

"Okay! Your opponent is hard to find. If I kill you, who can make me fight so hard in the future!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at Shen Tuxue.

In fact, Zhao Yuande almost couldn't hold his hand just now. If it wasn't for the terrible breath that suddenly came from the other person's body, he might have really fallen.

In fact, he didn't seem to want to live with this woman forever, just because the battle entered a state of extreme excitement, and he couldn't stop it at once.

"Thank you!" Shen Tuxue froze for a moment, but quickly smiled to Zhao Yuande, "I look forward to the next battle with Brother Zhao!"

"Good! I look forward to it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

This battle should be said that every opponent will meet Liangcai, if not the last time law and space law, they may still fight!

And this girl is definitely the strongest opponent he has encountered since her debut, even Dong Guofu will not be her opponent!

Even more frightening is that this woman has a very terrifying body magic weapon. Just now he felt a crisis of life and death. If he really hit it with a stick, it might be a result of losing both sides.

This kind of cultivation practice is only the top ten in Baihe Chau in the fairy world, and even the top five!

How powerful are the top five? How powerful is the first?

This is only the ranking of Bai Hezhou. If this ranking is placed in the entire fairyland, I am afraid that 100 will not necessarily enter, because the central fairyland among the five continents of fairyland has gathered almost 90% of the geniuses of fairyland. Shen Tuxue may be a match. It's all!

And if this ranking is put into the fairy demon, what will the pantheon look like?

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt his pressure!

In fact, the most important thing is that the state is too low. The age of Shen Tuxue will certainly not exceed 30 years old and reach the middle of the Divine Emperor. This probably represents the cultivation of the younger generation of geniuses.

If you now reach the Divine Emperor Realm, you will naturally not be afraid of those so-called geniuses, but now you have not even reached the Emperor Realm, this situation is a bit embarrassing.

The most urgent task now is how to quickly improve and cultivate, and quickly integrate the law of time and the law of space into the path of the void!

Only by comprehending the way of the void, one can directly enter the realm of the emperor, and then the comprehension of various attribute avenues!

"I admit defeat!" Just when Zhao Yuande was thinking about it, Shen Tuxue opposite shouted outside the ban.

A ray of light swept across her body and disappeared into the ring instantly.

"Zhao Yuande! I remember you! We will meet again soon!" Shen Tuxue's voice echoed gently in his ear.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, and there was a trace of expectation on his face.

"The No. 9 ring on the 3rd, 1988, achieved a hundred people cut, get qualified to enter the holy city!" At this time a voice sounded above the arena.

At the same time, a white light swept Zhao Yuande, and the next moment he had appeared on a high stand.

Above this stand, a dozen people were sitting, and these people were clearly divided into three camps.

The camp with the largest number has a total of six people, four men and two women, each of them is extraordinary, and one of the slightly bloated young Taoists is at the top of the crowd. This person has a fat face, but his face is There is awe-inspiring majesty.

Both women are unparalleled in beauty, one seems to be Xiaojia Jasper, looks gentle and kind, always smiles on the corners of the mouth, and the other is one who looks warm and fiery, especially her slender figure, convex and concave, so that all around The man's eyes were all attracted to her.

One of the other three men is similar to Shen Tuxue, but he is tall and furry, and Zhao Yuande guessed her brother Shen Tu Yinghao, but he was not as cold as Shen Tuxue. It seems to be very enthusiastic.

The other two men were about twenty-seven or eight years old, and one of them seemed to be a swordsman with a long sword in his mouth. The remaining one has a hairy monkey face, it seems to be a demon!

Although demon cultivation is rare in the practice world, it has a great influence in the fairy world, especially a few smarter demon races, such as ape race, fox race, tiger race, Xuanwu race...

The fur-faced monkey in front of me is definitely the demon repair of the apes.

After seeing this group of immortal powerhouses, he looked at the side of the Pantheon. There are now four people in the Pantheon. Three of them can feel that they are disciples of the Pantheon when they look at the breath on them, and the rest One person's breath is almost the same as that of the nether cultivator.

The disciples of Immortal Realm usually have a very strong spirit spirit, while the disciples of Demon Realm possess the magical qi. The space where the Pantheon is located is adjacent to the two realms of Immortal Demon. This space has a special aura called Xuanqi. Therefore, the breath of them is also very special, and the rest is the spiritual energy of the nether cultivator.

The three people in the Pantheon seemed to be disobedient. Although the three of them sat together, they looked very divorced. One person was a weak figure, as if there was only one layer of human skin directly draped on the skeleton shelf. His eyes were sunken, and he looked as if from The corpse coming out of hell. A man looks heroic, and his sharp breath can't be concealed at all. A series of golden lights and shadows swirl around him non-stop, as if he were a god. The last person is a teenager, with red lips and white teeth and clear eyes, and looks very cute.

And the figure who is like a cultivator in the lower realm seems to be a middle-aged person who is relatively old. He is somewhat like an honest countryman. At this time, he is talking to a god-like man, and the god-like man is obvious at this time. There is a feeling of lowering this person's head.