Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015: Seek Revenge

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"What a terrible treasure!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be shocked in his heart, but he had never encountered such a situation, and the keen feeling of this person was the only one in his life.

Morotian's face obscured by the black mist suddenly emitted a black light and glanced towards Zhao Yuande.

So powerful! The Morotian who opened his eyes seemed to be a awakening peerless madman, making Zhao Yuande feel a deep sense of powerlessness, as if the other party could pinch himself to death!

Although Zhao Yuande knew that this was only an illusion, there was still a feeling of terror in his heart.

"What a terrible look!"

When Zhao Yuande came into contact with this gaze, he suddenly felt a terrible breath pierce his mind, making him feel a trembling from the soul.

He couldn't help but shudder, and he felt that these eyes were filled with endless killing and madness, and he subconsciously looked away.

Morotian glanced at Zhao Yuande, and he couldn't help but stunned!

A lower-level cultivator who can't be a triple player of the world, can even be slashed by hundreds of people, and defeats many strong forces of the three forces. He must have some unknown secrets in his body, and even he is sure that the other party must have a very powerful spiritual treasure. .

There was a trace of greed in the depths of his eyes, but this greed passed away, and he closed his eyes again, indifferent to everything around him.

"How? This person is terrible!" Shen Tu Yinghao's voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's knowledge of the sea.

"This person is too powerful! I am not an opponent!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Well! Brother Tianxing Dao reminded us long ago that this person must not be provoked! His words must be justified!" Shen Tu Yinghao nodded.

While the two were chatting, the light flashed from the stands, and a bald monk wearing a dark monk's robe appeared in front of everyone.

As soon as the bald monk appeared, he walked to the place of Demon Realm, stooped down and gave a salute to Morotian, and then set his sights on the direction of Immortal World and Zhao Yuande.

This black monk looks fierce, especially a pair of eyes full of flames of hatred!

"You killed my younger brother!" The black monk looked at Zhao Yuande, screaming loudly in his mouth.

"Who is your younger brother?" Zhao Yuande felt very unhappy as soon as he saw the black monk's gaze.

"It's the white monk!" the black monk gritted his teeth. "Today I will let you pay for your blood!"

Zhao Yuande glanced at the other party and found that the black monk was not an ordinary strong man. His cultivation behavior even reached the middle of the Divine Emperor, and there seemed to be a terrible power hidden in his body, and his fighting power was definitely no less than Shen Tuxue.

"Humph! There are a lot of dangers in the battle, and whoever dares to show mercy to their opponents will die if they die! If you have the ability, come and fight with me. If you don't have the ability, don't scare people!" Zhao Yuande is not a person who likes to bow his head. He will never be afraid of this kind of provocation.

"Black monk, what are you going to do!" Shen Tu Yinghao stood beside Zhao Yuande at this time, and slammed at the black monk.

"Humph!" When the black monk saw Shen Tu Yinghao standing up, his heart sank.

The practice of Shen Tuyinghao is the same as him. If he thrusts in one hand, he may not be able to resist the two of them.

"Humph! Boy, I have the ability to fight alone! Relying on other people's skills!" The black monk saw Shen Tu Yinghao and Zhao Yuande standing together, obviously somewhat weak.

"Haha! Pay attention to fighting alone with the people of your Demon Realm, you think our brains have problems!" Shen Tu Yinghao sneered, "If the Immortal Demon and the Two Realms are incompatible, if you want to go to war, just come, our Immortal Realm borrows!"

Shen Tu Yinghao is not a fool. In one sentence, the battle was upgraded to the height of the two realms of the fairy and the demon, and the other five powerful players of the fairy world were also drawn into their own warships.

As soon as Shen Tu Yinghao's words fell, the uncle Jianfeng of the fairy side, Yuan Zhen and even the flying fairy all turned their heads together.

Seeing several eyes in the fairy world falling on him, the black monk only felt a shock in the body, and he felt a sudden death lock him.

The skin of one's eyebrows with a fierce cold thorn is a tingling pain!

He turned his gaze to the uncle Jianfeng who held the sword in his hand, and his eyes showed deep fear.

"Brother Moro!" The monk in black can only turn his attention to Morotian at this time. Now if he wants this person to come forward, he can turn into danger.

"Humph! Coward, didn't you just say you want to kill me?" Zhao Yuande suddenly showed disdain to the black monk. Although this person is very strong, he has no guts and will not be a big deal in the future.

"You can go for it! I dare not do it with them! If they dare to join forces to kill you, I will shoot!" Moruotian opened his eyes and swept the people. Although the tone was flat, but the words were not allowed The doubt is to make you strong in the fairy world, and tremble in your heart.

Zhao Yuande clearly saw the few people who had just appeared, and his body shook slightly. Obviously these people were afraid of this Morotian.

"Don't do it, you guys, see me slashing this bald head!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands to everyone, with a smile on his face.

"Jingguang Dao Brother..." Shen Tuyinghao looked at Zhao Yuande and tried to persuade him, but he soon thought of his sister's defeat in his hands. Although the opponent's cultivation base was very low, but the fighting power was unparalleled, Even if the black monk could not be beheaded, he would not suffer.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and smiled at Shen Tu Yinghao slightly: "Did Brother Shen Tu have no confidence in my strength?"

"Okay! We don't intervene! But I hope that Demon Realm will not intervene!" Shen Tuyinghao turned his attention to Morotian.

Morotian frowned slightly, but he quickly spread out.

"I won't intervene in this matter!"

"Okay! Since your kid wants to die, it's no wonder I!" The black monk looked at Zhao Yuande, a grin appeared on his face, and he walked towards Zhao Yuande step by step.

"Bo Ruo's big handprint!" The black monk's palms turned into a dark sky, and countless black textures appeared in the sky. A terrible force was mixed with the power of the strange town seal to suppress Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt the other party's attack and could not help but look slightly dignified, these people really were extraordinary.

However, Zhao Yuande turned around at this time, his fingers continually swiping in the void, and a terrible force cut across the void, breaking the original black textured sky.

At the moment when the black textured sky shattered, a terrible spiritual will suddenly fell, suddenly covering Zhao Yuande's figure.