Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: Fairyland Projection

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"Morrow Sky! I will take two moves with you!"

Not far away, the real person of Tianxing stood up with dignified dignity, and a huge Daozun phantom did not know when to appear behind him. This Daozun phantom exuded a terrible heavenly Dao breath. The colorful roulette wheel circulates continuously on the head of this Dao Zun.

"This is... twelve kinds of avenues! He even realized the twelve kinds of avenues, God!" Seeing the twelve-color roulette, the teenager on the side of the Pantheon exclaimed, not knowing that he was sincere Still pretending, I dont know if it was intentional or unintentional, the words of Morotian on the opposite side could not help but look dignified.

"Twelve kinds of avenues, how powerful would it be to achieve the position of God Emperor!"

"I don't know. Anyway, I know that as long as they become a fairyland, the strongmen who have twelve kinds of roads have the hope of becoming a fairy emperor!"

"This guy is hidden!"


Although he felt the breath of twelve kinds of avenues, Moruo Tianyi was not afraid. His goal was no longer Zhao Yuande, but turned to the Tianxing Taoist.


The momentum of the two immediately struck together, the space of the entire grandstand oscillated violently, and the invisible shock wave suddenly cut open the barrier above the grandstand and soared into the sky.

At the next moment, the entire grandstand lost its protection and was cut in two by a downward impact, revealing the dark space below.

A horrible beast with a height of more than ten feet tall and covered with spikes was bound under the small chain by countless chains. At this time, the eye of this horrible beast was looking at the dozen powerful men above, with a terrible big mouth. Smelly mucus left.

"The ancient fierce beast!" Everyone saw this horrible beast and could not help but feel the warning sign in his heart. The strength of this ancient fierce beast has far surpassed the fairyland. If they are not bound by countless chains, these people may not have one People can escape.

"What the **** happened! Even the enchantment of the grandstand was broken!" On the highest high platform, a fox girl looked at the grandstand in amazement, and there were two figures facing each other at this time.

"It is the Morotian of the Devil Realm and the Starry Daoist of the Immortal Realm. If the two of them fight, I am afraid that the whole arena will be destroyed! What should we do? Ape boss? The powerful existence of a lion head looks at white Great ape.

"Reinforce the ban in the arena and let them continue to make trouble. It is best that all of these Xie families are dead! Otherwise, the Dragon Palace will be opened by them sooner or later!" The white giant ape's face showed indignation and continued, "Although we can't Dare to kill them, but they cant blame us if they want to kill them. Even if the strong men of the Three Realms know, they cant do what we do!"


"It's nothing! If there were no dragons to help us, then we died in that war!" White Giant Ape said, "Several of our races have been guarding the true dragon palace for so many years. The true dragon palace is the dragon race. If there are descendants of the Dragon tribe who came to accept us and surrender it, but the strong men of these three realms threatened us and made us have to submit, but we are still the guardians of the true Dragon Palace! It is now and always will be!"

"Yes! Boss Ape is right, these people are all dead!" The fox girl's face showed hatred.

"Haha! Moruotian, eat me a punch!" The Tianxing Taoist strode forward and burst out with a punch.

A brilliant twelve-color light wheel rushed out of the fist of the star Taoist, the whole space became extremely bright under this fist, the infinite power came down from the void, and the fist constantly changed in the void In the end, it turned into a vast expanse of immortals, and directly suppressed toward the other party.

The vast land in this fairyland, the immortal immortal palace, and a powerful phantom appearing and disappearing from time to time seem to be the projection of a real fairyland.

"Good! Good! Good! What a fairy projection!" Morotian seemed to be stirred up by the fist of the Star Daoist. He even said three good words, squeezing the fist print, toward the piece. The grand fairy land welcomes.

This punch came out, and the world changed color. Everyone saw only a large, dark, black hand protruding from the depths of the void, and grabbing toward the immense fairyland.

This **** hand is like infinity, and five fingers are like five pillars of heaven. The terrible power makes everyone on the face look very changed.

Everyone felt the power of this palm, and suddenly felt like a weak ants saw the dragon flying above the nine days!

"What a terrible blow! This palm is probably one of the three magical treasures of the demon world, the ghost image of the devil's claw!" Shen Tu Yinghao beside Zhao Yuande's face became extremely dignified at this time, and the voice was even more banded There was a tremor of tremor.

At this time, even the white giant ape showed a dignified color on his face. His palm lightly pressed towards the stands under his feet, and the majestic terror power was instantly injected into the arena of the arena.

The enchantment of the arena was instantly restored to its peak, almost all the damage was repaired one by one, and even the huge cracks under their feet gradually healed, and the horrible ancient fierce beast no longer could not be seen below!


The dark hands were directly caught on the phantom of the fairyland.

The powerful sound of impact, after which it seemed to release a large equivalent of nuclear bombs, the layer of prohibition around the stands was torn into pieces by the impact force, a large amount of high earth and gravel flying around, the whole arena at this moment Start shaking violently.

At this moment, half of the arena of the arena was destroyed by impact. Fortunately, when the two were confrontation, the two big spectators quickly evacuated from the stand, otherwise the casualties will be at least tens of thousands!

The powerful impact force naturally also affected the nearest three realm strongmen. At first, everyone who looked at the liveliness at this time also had a dignified complexion, fully resisting the terrible force of the impact.

How people's cultivation practices have been revealed at this moment.

On the side of the fairy world, Uncle Jianfeng and Yuan Zhen, the masked woman Hao Yueling on the side of the magic world, Shi Kui and Jin Wanhua in the Pantheon, Zhong Chaotian in the lower realm, swaying in shape, so close to the center of the shock wave, there is no step back .

The rest of the others have backed off again and again, and those who have backed up by seven or eight steps have also stepped back one or two steps.

Zhao Yuande and the nearby Shen Tu Yinghao both stepped back three consecutive times before they stabilized their bodies. This shows that their overall strength can only be regarded as a midstream level.

The moment the two confronted each other, the world changed, just like a meteorite hitting the earth, and the world seemed to collapse at this moment.

The endless fairy phantom in the sky exploded into a group of terrible clouds and spread around. As soon as anything was blocked in the sky, an earth-shattering explosion would occur instantly.