Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: End

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And at that moment, the dark, big hand was even struck by the shadow of the fairy field, and slammed into the blazing sun in the sky.

In the cloudless sky, that round of scorching sun burst into pieces instantly, and countless huge fireballs fell from the sky, just like the end of the world.

However, when countless fireballs fell and the ground was burning, another round of hot sun was quietly formed above the sky. This monster scene made people feel strange.

However, if you think about it carefully, you will understand that this space is just a simulated world, and the blazing sun in the sky is just a simulation of the world itself. Destroying a nature will immediately produce one, otherwise the world cycle will be messed up.

The endless earth instantly turned into a sea of fire, and a small part of it fell into the oasis. I dont know how many indigenous people howled and howled under the disaster. Even the powerful beings sitting on the high platform looked very much changed.

"I'll check it out!" The fox girl's body flickered and disappeared into the arena. The next moment appeared in the sky above the oasis.

Thick water dragons sprayed from the holy lake in all directions, but the flame was extinguished in a few breathing times, and the entire oasis became a wet marsh!

At this time, Morotian stumbled and almost fell back on his back. He repeatedly withdrew a dozen steps behind him and then gradually stopped the step of retreating. The body slowly stopped the waist and became straight again, and the fighting spirit of the whole person rose again. , As a **** and a deity.

The situation of the Starry Daoist is not optimistic. The whole person flew out a dozen feet before falling. His mouth was **** and gulping, and his arm was abnormally bent. It seemed that his bones were broken, and at the same time The ground burst into pieces, revealing a dark hole again.

In the end, the Daoist Taoist is extremely rich in combat experience. A fat body turned over and fell behind the big hole.


The Daoist Taoist breathed out a long turbid breath and reached out to wipe off the blood at the corner of his mouth, and a pair of eyes rolled round.


He took a big step, his bones exploded every time he took a step, but after two or three steps, his injury was completely recovered, and his body surged a few points, which was a little less fat and bloated than before. A bit powerful and domineering.

"You stop me!"

The white giant apes on the high platform can no longer allow them to fight anymore, otherwise the arena will be completely destroyed, and the prohibitions in the arena can't stop the crazy power of these two guys!

The two men ignored it. Although the fighting was still high in their eyes, the pressure from the white giant apes was too strong!

If they really fight again, I am afraid that the other party will really suppress the two directly.

Don't look at the fact that both of them are super strong, and they both have the powerful combat power of God Emperor's Peak, but God Emperor's Peak is only God Emperor's peak, and it's only the highest peak of the Nether!

Although it is only one step away from Immortal Realm, the combat effectiveness is very different, just like the difference between a newborn baby and an adult!

Although the two are arrogant, they can only bow their heads to the strong!

"Okay! This time the screening of the 100-person cut is over. The rest are already in place, and you will come with me!" The white giant ape waved big sleeves and first stepped out of the broken arena.

Every time he took a step in the void, the five basic elements of golden wood, water, fire and earth rolled madly under him. The arena after each step fell back to a point, and after ten steps, the entire arena was completely restored to its original state.

The face of the people has changed greatly, and they simply cannot imagine what kind of means this is!

Even the Morotian and Tianxing Taoists were horrified. Obviously, the hand of the white giant ape greatly exceeded their expectations.

"Is this the power of creativity?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but slander.

"It is not the power of creation, but it has a close connection with this space, which can mobilize the power of this space! Even a fairy in this space can easily suppress it!" Zhao Yuande's mind A voice echoed in his mind.

"Xun, do you know this white giant ape?" Zhao Yuande heard that it was the end of Yun Tian's voice.

"I don't know! I don't know! But I know that it might be the vein of the Great Ape King. At that time, it was sheltered in my real dragon palace. If you have a chance, you can use the Four Spirit Stick Method to test him!" Xuan said.

"it is good!"

More than a dozen of them followed behind the white giant ape and stepped out towards the holy lake step by step, and soon three people joined their team.

Among these three people are Dong Guofu, Shen Tuxue, and a brightly-dressed teenager, but although this teenager tried his best to hide his identity, most people still saw him as a man in disguise.

Dong Guofu naturally saw Zhao Yuande at first glance, and ran happily.

And Shen Tuxue also came to Shen Tu Yinghao, she saw Zhao Yuande and his elder brother together, could not help but slightly stunned, but soon relieved.

She is not a stingy person, on the contrary, she is very generous and acquainted with Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu soon.

To Zhao Yuande's surprise, the boy dressed as a man also came to them. This woman turned out to be Ziyunzong's purple wind chime, but she didn't expect that this purple wind chime turned out to be Shen Tuyinghao's fiancee.

The brothers and sisters of Shen Tu were originally from Bai Hezhou. It was a coincidence that they were able to come here this time. They soon formed another small team of five with Zhao Yuande, Dong Guofu and Zifengling.

Since then, ten people have appeared here in the fairy world, four people in the demon world, three people in the Pantheon and Zhong Chaotian are also four people.

But the top fighting power, three in the fairy world, two in the demon world, and three in the Pantheon.

It seems that the Demon Realm is weak, but the power of Morotian has just been seen by everyone, and no one dares to despise him!

But the other Three Realm strongmen can only watch them gradually approaching the Holy Lake from a distance, these people have a deep helplessness in their hearts, and strong envy, to know the treasures exchanged in their oasis The elixir is far beyond the quality of the outside world. I dont know what kind of treasures can be obtained in the holy city?

"Xun, do you know what they want to do?" Zhao Yuande looked at the dozen powerful aborigines in front and couldn't help but play drums.

"These people have been guarding the endless years here. Since they were born, they have been instilled in the thought of guarding the place. They should not do anything that will harm the real dragon palace. Now, the Real Dragon Palace has basically been preserved." Yun's voice made Zhao Yuande cold, and the other party might really do it.