Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 102

Chapter 102: My Son Will Smash Your Shop

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"Oh! Alright! This son, please sit down!" Li Tian was almost choked to death by the other man's uncle, he peeked at the high mountain under the girl's clothes, but he couldn't help but pouted. The girl really can't afford the slightest disgust.

"Uncle, are you the owner of this shop?" The girl sat at the table with a thorn, and very cutely lifted Erlang's legs.

"I'm not the boss." Li Tian felt a little headache when facing this girl, and hurriedly sent a voice to Zhao Yuande to let him hurry out.

Zhao Yuande was setting up a recipe. Hearing Li Tians voice, he was very curious about who could make your high prince have a headache.

I didn't expect to come out and see it, it was a cute girl dressed as a man.

"Ji Yuling, granddaughter of Ji's family, the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, Yuling's body...intermediate ingredients, matching recipe "Tianxuan Diaoling"... list of ingredients... difficulty in capturing is impossible!"

Seeing this information, Zhao Yuande almost didn't breathe up and suffocated. This man appeared here, beside her...

Zhao Yuande set his sights on the old man with white hair. Was it really a series of tests? ? ? ? ?

The old man with white hair felt Zhao Yuande's investigation and projected his eyes, which contained a hint of threat.

Zhao Yuande immediately understood what the other party meant.

"Boy, be careful to serve our young lady, otherwise you know the result!" An old voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ear, and it was the white-haired old man who secretly voiced to him.

Zhao Yuande was not intimidated by the threat of the other party. He could clearly feel the power of space rippling from the other party. He was a strong man in the world!

"Hey, what's so delicious about you here, why is it called the world's best food?" The girl looked at Zhao Yuande curiously, and found that the teenager in front of her didn't seem to be much better than herself, and she had a beautiful eyebrow, especially fair skin. It seems that the hands are almost unbuilt, and even the arrogant onions and jade hands that have always been proud are dwarfed by others.

"This son, our consumption here is very expensive!" Zhao Yuande may have to clarify these things first, otherwise the other party will be bad if they do not recognize the account.

"Uncle Zhang!" The girl raised her eyebrows in disdain and shouted to the old man in white.

"The boy continues." The old man in white deliberately threw a storage ring to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande glanced in, and found that there were no more than a million pieces of middle-grade spirit jade stacked in it, and his face suddenly showed a happy look.

"Oh, we have some rules in this small shop and hope that the two can abide." Zhao Yuande still did not talk about the food problem, but talked about the rules.

"It's really troublesome!" The girl knocked on the table impatiently. "Hurry up, Ben Xiao... Ben is listening!"

"First of all, the food in this restaurant can only be eaten here and cannot be taken away. Second, the ingredients in this restaurant are limited to only three dishes per person per day. Third, the restaurant does not take credit, you need to pay directly after ordering!" Zhao Yuande will be early As for the good rules, I wrote on a banner while talking.

"Got it, don't hurry to bring the menu!" The girl waved her hand a little irritably. She thought this guy was too wordy. Is it just a meal?

However, the old man in white behind her was indeed a little dignified at this time, because he discovered that Zhao Yuandes real cultivation was not in the realm of blood and sea gods, but his body was **** like a dragon, and the blood on his head went straight to Jiuxiao. Only seen from the people of the Thunder Prison family.

what! This kid turned out to be the legendary chaotic holy body. No wonder his cultivation speed is not fast. No wonder his physical body is far more powerful than his peers.

Zhao Yuande then handed a menu to the girl.

"Hey, your dish here..." The girl was shocked when she saw the price on the menu!

Tianfeng, worth 150,000 top-grade spirit jade!

Wraith of the ghost, worth hundreds of thousands of top grade jade!

Zhen Yu Pao Mei Tang, worth 400,000 Chinese fine spirit jade!

Three-flavor stewed stew, worth 300,000 Zhongpin Lingyu!

Three holy wine, worth 300,000 middle grade spirit jade!

Dragonbone Tiankui blood soup, worth 300,000 Zhongpin Lingyu!

"You... are you robbing?" The girl's eyes widened.

"The son can't say that, we are willing to fight one by one!" Zhao Yuande spread his hands and made a helpless expression.

"Okay! I want these three!" The girl hurriedly put her fingers on Tianfeng, Zhenyu Baomei Soup and Sansheng Wine!

"You can't eat the first one, change it!" Zhao Yuande saw her point on the sky wind, and suddenly hesitated on his face.

"Humph! Do you think I have no money? I want this!" The girl turned around and looked at the old man in white, "Uncle Zhang, give him Lingyu!"

When the old man in white looked at the price, he immediately frowned. What are these dishes that are even more expensive than the Holy Spirit Pill? What the boy wants to do! Although he had enough spirit jade on his body, he did not intend to let the lady squander like this.

The old man pretended to be embarrassed, pointing to the price behind Tianfeng: "Small... Master! This is top-grade spirit jade! We, we did not bring so many spirit jade in a hurry!"

"Then! All right! I don't want Tianfeng, I want this three-flavor stew!"

"Yes, the Lingyu just now is just right!" Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction, "Please wait quietly, these dishes need to be cooked slowly!"

"Go, go!" The girl waved her hand, with an impatient expression on her face. "As long as you do well, your son will reward you. If you are not satisfied, your son will definitely smash your shop!"

The old man in white gave Zhao Yuande a fierce look, and secretly hated him, good boy, you wait, if the lady is not satisfied for a while, I will overturn your black shop.

The eyes of the old man in white made Li Tian, who was not far away, shudder, and the three made a look, and all hurriedly returned to the back hall.

"Hey, kid don't mess up this time! I think the old man is not easy!" The black bear stabbed Zhao Yuande with some fear and pointed outside.

"Yeah! I think this young man dressed as a man has a great future. Brother Zhao, you have to take it easy, but don't lose our lives!" Master Yi Jie was swept away by the eyes of the old man in white just now. Cold sweat.

"Okay! Shut up! You two have eaten so many things, do you still have nothing?" Zhao Yuande flirted back to them carelessly.

When the two guys heard this place, their eyes were lit up, their confidence suddenly increased, and they felt hopeful for the future!

Li Tian on the side looked at Heifeng and Yijie somewhat enviously. He felt that he was still far away from their small circle!