Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020: Eat Up

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Zhao Yuande saw this guy for the first time and couldn't help but look a few more times. It was basically the same as the ordinary turtle, except that the tortoise shell was wider and the teeth were sharper.

Without delay, he directly brought the turtle out of the inner world.

An inner world suddenly jumped up. He looked at the huge unimaginable dragon whales in the lake, and his eyes greeted with greedy and hot flames.

"Wow! Good stuff! I finally met these little babies again! Haha! Don't go!" Yuna stared at the dragon whale with big eyes, and the haraz in the corner of her mouth poured out like a tide.

It jumped from Zhao Yuande's hand, and drove his short legs towards the lake by the lake. The posture was funny and ridiculous.

"Brother! Where do you get your pet? So cute!" Dong Guofu looked at Xun'an and couldn't help but smiled, "I didn't expect it to talk! How about giving it to me, your sister-in-law must like it!"

"What a lovely little thing!" Shen Tuxue and Zifengling both showed a longing look on their faces. This little thing is so cute, it must be...

The two had just thought of this, but they only saw that little turtle suddenly jumped into the water. When the little turtle fell into the water, the cute little turtle with a slap size suddenly swelled to the size of a mountain. , But it's not over yet...

The speed of expansion is almost unimaginable, but in the blink of an eye, it expanded tens of millions of times, and the whole body instantly filled the big lake in front of me. The lake of the holy lake was originally three meters away from the bank, but this big guy fell into the water. , The lake overflowed directly!

It was like throwing thousands of mountains into the Great Lakes in an instant.

At this time, Yun's body was tens of thousands of feet, and four giant pillar-like legs crossed the surface of the water. In his mouth, he yelled and rushed towards the distant dragon whales.

The speed value is faster than electro-optical stone tablets, and the sound is full of penetration. The void around is broken like a mirror, and the splash splashes across the lake and starts to beat like a pot of boiling water.

"This... what the **** is this monster!" Dong Guofu only felt that his throat was dry, and he almost choked himself to death without swallowing!

He just wanted to discuss with Zhao Yuande just now, to play with Gu Jianqiu... this guy won't hear it just now!

Will he remember his revenge? Can I be swallowed by an angry gulp?

Several other people are even more silly, they are unheard of such a huge turtle, unseen!

They felt a powerful dragon power from this big guy, as if a real dragon came into the world, the coercion swept the world!

In fact, the most shocking thing is Zhao Yuande, the change of this guy is really amazing!

Especially its speed, I dont know how many times faster than they fly, the body is so huge, the flesh is sitting on its back... but I dont know if this guy will refuse!

At this time, the dragon whale with limited breath of fresh air in the lake looked at the behemoth that was approaching himself with a horror, a fear from the depths of the soul, which instantly made them tremble and the waves of the whole lake stirred up. .


The dragon whales wailed in horror, and they turned sharply towards the depths of the Great Lake.

At this time, the four real stars who were evading in the distance quickly saw that this scene almost didn't faint to death. At this time, they grabbed the boat silly and silly, like four statues of clay and wooden tires.

When the waves of the lake hit the sky, the endless water vapor was absorbed by the dark clouds in the sky. The powerful thunder formed thick electric dragons in the clouds, and the dense electric light poured down like a rainstorm.

"My little babies! Don't run, come to my mouth obediently!" A big mouth, a thick void vortex appeared in his mouth. The void vortex attracted everything in the void, but the blink of an eye The dark clouds in the sky, even with a thick electric dragon, were all sucked into the mouth.

At this time, the sky is as blue as the sky, and a red sun is empty!

There was a thunderous rumbling sound in his belly, and he spit out a huge electric dragon in a mouthful.

The electric dragon seemed to be a flexible chain that instantly penetrated the bodies of these dragon whales. The body of these dragon whales spasticized all at once, and the huge body appeared to the surface without listening.

Their eyes are full of panic and despair, and they can only watch the figure that is many times larger than them, and slowly approaching themselves.

"Delicious! Delicious!" Yun's intoxicated shaking the huge mountain-like head, wide mouth swallowing the world, sucking towards a few dragon whales!

A few dragon whales returned to their nests as if they were swallowing them directly into their mouths.


Hun hiccups contentedly, turns around and swims back.

But when I came back from the swim, my body was shrinking and shrinking!

By the time it returned to the shore of the lake, it had become the size of a slap again.


They swallowed hard, and the body couldn't help but retreat.

"Hey! Boy, come and help quickly!" Yun's voice rang in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge at this time.

Zhao Yuande stayed for a while and hurried over, but saw that Yun's slap-sized body fluttered along the shore of the lake.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande puzzled?

"Can't you see it? I can't get up!" Yun's voice was low, "Hurry up and get me up!"

"Where did you have that majesty just now?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder.

"Grandma! Eat it!" Xun'an stared at Zhao Yuande fiercely, "Hurry up and get me up, otherwise my grand family and sons will die!"


Zhao Yuande almost smiled at him, the shock just now disappeared.

However, other people did not know that when Zhao Yuande dragged the slap-sized in his hand and returned to the people, everyone looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes again, and it had become different.

It is full of doubts, awe, envy... and other emotions!

"Brother! This is your pet? When did you get it? Why don't I know!" Dong Guofu was the first to come up and look up and down.

"Oh! Seems like it!"

Zhao Yuande touched his nose, even if he was as calm as him, he was deeply shocked just now, even now his heart is still thumping continually.

"Haha! With it, we still have nothing to worry about, as long as it carries us through the wind and waves, we will definitely reach the Holy City before everyone!" Dong Guofu laughed, staring at Zhao Yuande's palms.

At this time, several people next to them looked at Zhao Yuande's palms without blinking. They were searching their memories to see what kind of turtle can grow to such a large size!