Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021: Star Giant Tortoise

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"Brother Zhao, is this a giant tortoise in the sky? According to legend, the giant tortoise in the sky can grow to the size of a small planet, which is somewhat similar to your pet." Shen Tuyinghao looked carefully at Yunao and asked in a low voice.

"Laozi is not a giant tortoise in starry sky, Laozi is..." Xun'ao's head seemed to be very dissatisfied with the identity given to him by the other party, and he was about to report his true identity, but his mouth was covered by Zhao Yuande.

"You don't want to live anymore, dare to announce your identity here, in case someone listens to it, your life will not be guaranteed!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed into Yun's mind.

"Yes! Lao Tzu is a giant tortoise in the sky!" Xun is not a fool, he can only admit it.

"Now take us to the Holy Island!" Zhao Yuande said.

"No! I have to eat and I need to digest. Now let's not go to the Holy Island, I'm too lazy to move!" Yun Lai shook his head.

"Then how long do you need to digest the food?" Shen Tu Yinghao came up and asked kindly.

"Look at the mood! Long time, three to five hundred years, short time one and a half years!" Yune blinked at Shen Tu Yinghao several people, "In fact, it can be faster, it is lack of some auxiliary digestion Materials, such as Xianyu, Xiancao or something!"

"I said, these are my friends! Can you..." Zhao Yuande frowned, knowing that this guy wanted to blackmail.

"Can't..." Yun Lai didn't give him a face, "I'm a noble star giant tortoise, how can my back let others trample on at will!"

Zhao Yuande understood at a glance, but he also understood each other a bit, but the other party was a real dragon!

What a noble and arrogant race is the real dragon, how can it become a mount for others, the first thing you can't pass in your heart!

Zhao Yuande sighed softly, let him go!

But at this time, Shen Tuyinghao's voice also came from his soul: "Brother Zhao, you are the star giant tortoise! They are very rare and arrogant, even the master who conquers them Take out certain treasures, they will let them ride, this is their rule!"

Zhao Yuande was stunned. He didn't expect such a thing. He couldn't help but feel a little funny.

"Oh! This is no problem at all!" Shen Tu Yinghao waved his hand, and suddenly the ground was full of fairy jade, spirit grass of fairy world, and even rare fairy ore.

"Well! Your kid is very interesting, not bad! Not bad!" Xun looked at Shen Tu Yinghao and nodded in satisfaction, but soon his eyes turned to several others.


A few people are all from Xianmen Buddhism, and they are all true disciples and even core disciples. There are many treasures in their bodies.

Soon the fairy jade, fairy grass and fairy wood in front of Xun Lai piled up a hill.

"Haha! These are all mine!" Yun Lai jumped directly from Zhao Yuande's palm and laid on the hill where the treasure turned into a happy face.

After a roll on Treasure Mountain, Yun's head grew rapidly. Opening his mouth to the hill on the ground was a suction. The whole hill was directly sucked into the mouth. The head was shaken comfortably, and the eyebrows were all satisfied.

"Hey! Let's go! You all come up!" Xun'an was satisfied, and naturally turned into a tens of feet in size, let everyone jump on his back.

Although it did not become the size of a mountain this time, the speed in the water was abnormal, making everyone's eyes light up. If they have continued at this speed, they will definitely reach the Holy Island before other waves.

"A very fast speed, ten times faster than our flight!"

Everyone could not help but sigh in praise.

Hearing compliments, Yunla was naturally proud, and her tail almost reached the sky, and her four legs were more strenuous in the water!

It was a great success along the way, and countless fierce beasts in the lake saw Yuna, and suddenly they all seemed to see mice and cats, so they dared not get close.

Soon they saw Qin Le'er, who was fighting with a group of strange fish in the lake, and the four of them.

The tragic level of fighting is shocking. Countless black monsters with long heads and long legs shoot like small arrows at the boat.

Although the Daoist Taoist is powerful and has terrible power to suppress the Quartet, he can kill hundreds of black monster fish by random shots, but these monster fish become more crazy after seeing the blood, and the strange fish that appear in the lake are also more More and more came, and almost half of the monster fish rushed up in the end, fighting the fearless death.

Just when they were exhausted and had to sacrifice their cards, Yun's body swam past them.

The group of black monster fish seemed to feel a terrible crisis. They no longer dared to siege the boat, and they all disappeared into the lake all at once!

If it weren't for the fish corpses on the lake and the **** pungent smell, everyone thought it was just a dream.

"Hi, a few brothers and sisters, do you want to come up!" Shen Tu Yinghao waved at them.

Although a few people moved, they didn't have a face at all, and all shook their heads helplessly.

Moving forward, he met the people in the Pantheon again. The huge Qinglian was also under a terrible attack at this time. A huge water jelly, tens of thousands of feet long, spewed water mist and attacked Qinglian again and again.

The water jelly felt the breath of Xun, and also hurriedly dived into the water.

They drove on the big lake for three days and three nights, and finally saw the end of the sky, and stood on an island in the lake.

They came along the way, and did not encounter the building ship of the Devil Realm, nor did they encounter the powerful existence of the white giant ape.

They couldn't help but wonder, did these people fall into the lake?

However, it was impossible afterwards, not to mention that the group of white giant apes surpassed the powerful existence of the Divine Emperor. Even a few people in the Devil Realm are extremely powerful, and their luck should not fall into the Great Lakes.

When they approached the island, they discovered that a dozen or so strong men, such as the white giant ape, were already waiting on the shore.

The white giant ape looked at the quack underneath them in amazement, trying to ask something, but in the end he still didn't ask.

It just watched as Yuna became smaller, and finally fell into Zhao Yuande's palm and disappeared. It looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes obviously changed.

But soon a hint of determination appeared in the eyes!

"Your first arrival, take a break!" The voice of the white great ape was full of indifference.

Zhao Yuande they seemed to feel a little bit of something wrong, they heard a hint of murder in the words of the white great ape.

"We have a good rest and adapt to it!" Shen Tuyinghao passed it to everyone.

One day later, they saw the black building ship. Two days later, they saw the giant Qinglian. After the giant Qinglian, the small boat also drove by.

Unexpectedly, everyone was safe and sound, and no one fell into the Great Lakes.