Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022: Recognize

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"These guys have wrong eyes, there is a chance!" Zhao Yuande quietly whispered to Shen Tuyinghao, "It is best to contact everyone and fight against these guys together, otherwise it will be dangerous!"

Shen Tu Yinghao naturally also felt that the atmosphere was not right, he began to contact the real star......

"Okay! Everyone is here, let's enter the Holy City!" The white giant apes looked at everyone's eyes at this time, as if they saw a group of dead people!

He took the lead and took everyone to the depths of the island.

Although the eighteen people belong to various forces, they can only temporarily unite together in this strange atmosphere. They quickly formed a defensive formation and quietly followed behind the white giant ape.

After traveling thousands of feet, they came to the middle of the island.

"This is the entrance to the holy city. Follow up!" The white giant ape rips through the sky, and a portal suddenly appears.

At this time the portal was wide open, and there was a burst of pearly treasure, a tantalizing aroma of elixir, and even terrible treasure fluctuations.

The white giant ape stepped into the portal one step at a time, and many powerful men behind it also entered, leaving only 18 people looking at each other.

Soon their eyes were filled with greed and longing. The treasures in the portal were extremely precious. Even the three powers could not help feeling hot.

"Go in! If you don't enter the tiger's cave, you will get a tiger!"

The Morotian of the Devil Realm first entered the portal.

"Yes! Danger is always accompanied by chance!"

The skeleton frame of the Pantheon took the second step.

The two of them took the lead, and the people no longer hesitated, and all followed directly into it.

This is an extremely empty space, not far from them, those treasures piled up together.

The dozen or so powerful white giant apes also watched them staring at them, and a powerful killer emanated from these powerful men.

Zhao Yuande looked at these powerful beings, and they were surprised to find that these people's cultivation behavior obviously fell into a big realm. The heaviest fell was the white giant ape. At this time, its cultivation behavior was only able to enter the fairyland!

"What do you want to do?" Morotian glanced at each other's dozen or so powerful men, and he naturally saw their realm fall, and his tense mood gradually let go

"Your greed makes you die in this place!" The white giant ape looked like water and smiled coldly, "We are the guardians of the real dragon palace, how can you guys get the treasure of the real dragon! Outside, there is a fairyland The group of old guys are monitoring, we cant kill you at all! But here is the treasure trove of the true dragon ancestors, it is another independent space, even if the group of old guys are no longer able to get in!"

"Don't resist, all resistance is invalid. Although we don't have the blessing of the true dragon ancestors, the realm fell, but it is not what you can fight! Obediently die!" The fox girl's emotions are obviously a little bit at this time. Excited, her face was full of hate.

"According to the previous plan, the three of us blocked this white giant ape, and the others beheaded their opponents with all their strength. Don't keep the card, otherwise we will die!" Moruo Tian shouted, the first towards the white giant ape. Rushed past.

The head of the star and the corpse-like strongman Shi Kui of the Pantheon rushed to the white giant ape at the same time.

This is something they have agreed upon for a long time.

The war was on the verge, everyone had their own goals, and soon the battle entered a state of stagnation.

"Xun, what do you say? These are the guardians of your true dragon family. Although they are loyal and loyal, I don't want to die here!" Zhao Yuande inquired about Yan'an.

"As long as you show the real dragon jade to him, I promise that he will obey it, but I am afraid that these people will not let you go!" , Does not seem to care about killing outside.

Zhao Yuande frowned as well, which certainly would not work!

"Hey! Let's try this way!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the identity of the white giant ape.

Zhao Yuande's opponent is a snake demon. The cultivation base is only the late Emperor of the Emperor.

He took out the killing stick and opened the four spirit sticks.

However, he obviously made a lot of changes to the four spirit stick method used in this trial, omitting the most obvious forms of the blue dragon and white tiger Suzaku Xuanwu, but the snake demon fighting him can feel the stick method. The power of these four spirits.

"You... what kind of stick are you!" The snake demon even whispered to him at this moment.

"Four Spirit Sticks! From the Great Ape King!" Zhao Yuande did not conceal.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, the snake demon suddenly shook his body and turned his head to look at the white giant ape.

"You are the descendant of the great ape king!" A cold and ruthless voice passed into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, which was the voice of the white giant ape.

Apparently the snake demon told Zhao Yuande about the use of the Four Spirit Sticks.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande did not hide, he continued, "But I still have a seal, as long as you read this seal, you will understand everything!"

"What a seal!" The white giant ape was puzzled, but he suddenly thought of the turtle in his heart, and he couldn't help but jump around.

"Disorganized time and space!"

The white giant ape slammed against the void, and the whole void suddenly shattered.

Everyone seemed to be caught in an endless space of different dimensions at this time, unable to find directions, unable to find out, and it was dark all around.

At this time, even the guardians of the True Dragon Palace who were fighting against them were all lost in confusion.

"Move to the left!" The voice of the white giant ape came to Zhao Yuande's mind.

He immediately followed his words, and soon reappeared in the original treasure trove.

The white giant ape looks pale at this time, and obviously it paid a heavy price to cause the chaotic scene just now.

"Show me your seal!" The expression of excitement clearly appeared on the face of the white giant ape.

Zhao Yuande was not too long-winded, he took out the true dragon jade directly and handed it to the white giant ape.

At this time, the lazy figure was lying on top of the real dragon jade, looking at the white giant ape with a smile.

"True Dragon Jade Seal! You are... You are the Prince of Rein..." The white giant ape fell to the ground with a thump, and bowed down directly towards the True Dragon Jade Seal, "Finally waiting for your return!"

The white giant ape burst into tears!

"Okay! Let's think about how to close this matter first!" Xiao Lai waved his hand lazily, "Since I'm back, you don't have to suffer anymore! I will take over the real dragon palace again, as for the three forces People..."

Xunqin turned his attention to Zhao Yuande and said, "Boy, do you have any good ideas?"