Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023: Distribution

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"Since the three major forces have found it here, even if you kill the three major forces, it is useless. It is better to give them some sweetness and let the real dragon palace appear in front of them..." Zhao Yuande said, his face showing Smile.

"Good! Good attention! Although we will lose some things, but only in this way can we really guarantee that the real dragon palace can continue to survive!" Xun nodded.

"But, would we sacrifice too much in this way!" The white giant ape looked a little uncomfortable.

"It's okay! The most important thing now is the people who are loyal to my true dragon palace, as well as the several trial sites of the true dragon's veins, just keep it! Other treasures only have a small part!" Yun Nian shook his head and said, "This is the only way I can survive the real dragon palace."

"Everything listens to the prince!" The white great ape looked pious.


The chaotic time and space are broken, and everyone is killed again from the chaotic time and space, and the war is launched again!

Zhao Yuande sent a message to Dong Guofu, telling him that things were really going on, and told him not to fight desperately with his opponent.

During the war, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his opponent shot Guanghua towards him. He didn't feel the danger in Guanghua, and he couldn't help reaching out to take Guanghua in his hands.

Suddenly discovered that it was a golden bead!

"This is the Five Elements Pearl, which contains five paths of gold, wood, water and fire, but it is a chaotic spirit treasure! It is the most precious of all the treasures here, you have collected it!" The voice of the snake demon passed into the ear of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was very happy in his heart and hurriedly put away the five elements.

The Five Elements Pearl is a legendary one-time treasure, in which the powers of the five avenues are sealed. Generally, the powerful forces such as Immortal Realm, Demon Realm, Pantheon, and even Bajing Palace are capable of making this kind of treasure.

As long as the world realm can directly promote to the emperor realm! And the emperor strong will refine it, it will increase the power of five kinds of avenues, and can be directly promoted to Divine Emperor Realm!

This kind of treasure can directly create the Divine Emperor Realm Powerhouse. For some great geniuses, it saves a lot of time and energy at once, but it is the most useful treasure!

And this kind of treasure is not to mention in the lower realm, even in the two realms of immortal and demon, the pantheon is a tight commodity, which cannot be described by immortal jade!

Zhao Yuande's getting the Five Elements Pearl simply shortened his cultivation time for several decades, allowing him to grow into a divine emperor realm in a short time, even if he was given a chaotic treasure, he would not change it!

"The opponent is too strong to kill! Let's withdraw!"

The sound of the white great ape resounded throughout the space, and a dozen guardians and the white great ape quickly broke out of the battlefield and burst out of the space.

Everyone was forced to fight against these opponents, but they did not expect that the opponents would directly withdraw, and they did not want to pursue them.

Everyone froze for a while, but everyone's faces all smiled at the moment.

"This group of guys withdrew, the words of these treasures..." Morotian looked at the pile of treasures, and his face suddenly showed greed.

"Distribution according to strength!" The dry corpse Shi Kui's eyes are fiery, and each of these treasures is not an ordinary product, even the Tianjiao of the Pantheon cannot help but be greedy.

"It's easy to say! Then according to the strength distribution! But there are ten people in my fairyland, how do you say we should be divided?" Tianxing Daoren's face is full of smiles, he can now be regarded as full of confidence, and the two forces on the opposite side add up to only eight people. That's it!

"What's wrong with ten people? The fighting power of you people is too low, and ten people just want to be four of us! Since the three forces are divided into three parts!" Moruotian glanced at Shi Kui with a glance in his eyes A hint of inquiry.

"Yes! Divided into three parts!" Shi Kui immediately realized the other party's ideas, and brought the two forces to fight against the fairy world and maximize the benefits.

"Hum! You are dreaming!" Uncle Jianfeng's sword awned in his hand.

"Ten of us are only equivalent to four of you?" Yuan Zhen suddenly burst into a violent anger in his whole body, and a phantom of a huge golden **** ape appeared behind him, and the terrible power will retreat from the opposite eight people!

"You, you hide your strength..." Moruotian looked at Yuan Zhen's terrible power and frowned slightly. This kind of power made him have a headache!

On the side of Immortal Realm, three super powers suddenly appeared, while the other two forces were only two, plus the advantage in numbers, even if Demon Realm and the Pantheon joined forces, they couldn't suppress the ten Powers of Immortal Realm.

"Okay, the treasure here is just a treasure of the True Dragon Palace. Are we fighting for such a treasure?" Tian Xingren's fat face showed a smile, facing the Demon Realm and the Pantheon, " We might as well divide the treasure into four parts, our immortal world two parts, your demon world one part, and the pantheon one."

"Okay!" Moro Sky looked thoughtful, but nodded quickly.

Seeing Morotian agree to this distribution method, Shi Kui's body also showed a vague smile on his face.

"Okay! Okay! Just do it!"

The treasure was divided into four parts, but what I did not expect was that the real person of Tianxing directly handed one of them to Yuan Zhen.

Yuan Zhen was dumbfounded, but his eyes quickly fell on Zhao Yuande.

He understood that the other party clearly thought of the huge starry sky turtle on Zhao Yuande's body. That starry sky turtle was terrible. I am afraid he was not his opponent!

The crowd soon finished distributing the treasures. Among them, there were dozens of innate spirit treasures, and there were as many as seven or eight pieces of innate treasures. There were a lot of elixir spirit materials, and even a lot of fairy medicine fairy materials. Big fortune.

At this time, Zhao Yuande didn't care about this. The five-element bead made him feel the opportunity to advance to the emperor. As long as he fully refined the five-element way among the five-element beads, and then realized the way of the void, he could start. He has been promoted to the Emperor Realm, and he has six avenues as soon as he enters the Emperor Realm. If he wishes, he can be promoted to the Divine Emperor Realm at will!

When you arrive at the Divine Emperor Realm, it is the fusion of Heaven and Dao. As long as you can successfully integrate with the Heaven and Dao, then you are truly at the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm! To the peak of the fairy emperor realm, as long as you successfully merge a trace of the original power, you will be promoted to the realm of the **** emperor!

The ascension of the Divine Emperor's state is also the process of your integration and comprehension of the power of the origin. As long as you completely have a source of power in the sky, you have reached the peak of the Divine Emperor!

The next step is a transformation of the body. As long as you completely transform the flesh into a fairy body, you will be the first step of the fairy...

After the items were distributed, a group of 18 people walked out of the space and reappeared on the island.