Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024: Third Prince Jiao

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A group of them searched the island again and found that there was nothing else on the island except for this little space.

"We are still..." Tianxing Taoist looked at the Great Lake, and before he said the following words, he saw a cloud of colorful clouds appearing in the sky, and a huge portal loomed above the cloud of colorful clouds. , As illusory as a mirage.

"What's that?" A cry of exclamation burst out of the crowd.

"It seems to be a huge portal. I don't know if it is the legendary dragon palace in the portal?" Moruotian's voice was hoarse, his fists clenched tightly, and his face was even more ecstatic.

"It must be a real dragon palace! I can clearly feel one of the majestic dragon spirits!" Shi Kui's eyes were filled with greed, and the whole person's body burst into an extremely dangerous atmosphere. .

"No one knows whether the real dragon palace or the ruins after the portal, what kind of dangers there are, maybe we will be robbed as soon as we enter, I think it is still waiting to see for a while!" Tianxing real person is most calm, at this time There was a reflection in his eyes.

"No! The huge crisis is often accompanied by huge opportunities. If you don't go in and see who knows what is inside!"

"Don't worry, we still have to guard against the group of bulls, ghosts and snakes coming to attack us..."

"They dare... here our ancestors from the Three Realms can feel it, they dare to start is a dead word!"


More than a dozen people talked, but no one wanted to be the first to explore.


Suddenly, the portal on the colorful Yunxia made a thunderous thunder.

Zhong Renen hurriedly followed the prestige, only to see the surrounding of the portal, and suddenly a large piece of colorful clouds appeared, an infinite power between heaven and earth came down from the sky, as if forming a pair of unparalleled big hands pushing towards the portal go with.


After a soft sound, the portal was slowly pushed open a tiny gap, and a viscous spirit that seemed to be condensed into liquid spewed out of the portal and quickly integrated into the whole piece. In the heaven and earth, in just one moment, the concentration of Reiki in the whole heaven and earth has increased several times!

And at the moment when the gap was pushed open, a colorful brilliance burst out of the gap, and instantly everyone's eyes shook.

There is also a very strong source of gas flowing out of it, letting people feel a burst of comfort, Zhao Yuande instantly felt that this is the source of life!

The moment they opened the portal, they even felt a heavy air above the avenue!

At this moment, it seemed to open a door to the God Realm, where the endless gods hid them and waved to them. The eighteen people were all crazy at this moment.


A figure rose into the sky and rushed towards the portal.


At the next moment, the person who soared into the sky seemed to directly hit an invisible wall. The whole person was suddenly stunned, and even the body could not be controlled. It fell directly into the lake water.

"Brother Shen!"

Shi Kui shook his body and appeared directly on the lake. He grabbed Shen Zi, who would fall into the water, and grabbed it.


At the moment when Shenzi left the lake, a clear sound came, and a big fish jumped up to the surface with Shenzi's body, and his mouth was closed. The two rows of sharp teeth clashed. Teeth are sore.


Shen Zi's face was pale, and his body was as wet as a chicken.

"Okay! Don't be reckless! I'm afraid it's not yet time for this cave to open. Let's not worry!" Shi Kui comforted softly.

"Yes! Brother!" Although Shen Zishi lowered his head, his eyes still gleamed with greed.

More than a dozen people began to pay attention. The change in the sky that suppresses their inability to fly, waiting for an opportunity.

As time passed, there was no change in the sky for three days, and there was no change in the portal.

Zhao Yuande naturally has a lot in mind. This is the bait thrown by the white giant ape, which is used to attract everyone's attention.

He simply began to sit cross-legged, and slowly began to refine the five element beads!

In the passing of time, Zhao Yuande found that the refining of Wuxingzhu was simply too difficult. It wasnt at all possible in three to five days. His best is the fire attribute, and the assistance of the fire of Qinglian. The time of the day is only one tenth of the fire attribute!

In this way, it takes only 30 days for the fire attribute, and the next four attributes are not necessarily enough for 30 days, so it takes at least 150 days to calculate the time for refining this five-row bead. on.

But when I think about it, although there are more than 150 days, Zhao Yuande's trial space has the effect of increasing the speed of the time by ten times. The outside world only needs about 15 days to complete the refining.

Just three days later, a lot of Three Realm Cultivators began to appear on the island!

It turned out that they had also discovered the abnormalities in the sky by the holy lake, but the white giant apes and other powerful people had never appeared. These cultivators could no longer hold back and began to show their magical powers towards the gateway in the sky. Followed.

Although many of them were eaten as snacks by the terrible beasts in the lake, there were also thousands of people who came to this island.

When they came to the island, these people saw that the strongmen on each side gathered here.

"Huh? It disappeared!"

Morotian's eyes suddenly opened, looking towards the portal in the sky.

He just noticed that the world was shaking, and the film that blocked them from flying into the sky disappeared.

"Grab it!"

I dont know who made a big shout, and dozens of figures rushed to the colorful clouds in a blink of an eye.

At the forefront was a fairy disciple with a crooked head on his head. He might be a strong dragon dragon demon clan. When he approached the portal, he suddenly burst out with a terrifying power, and all the people around him Zhen Fei went out.

"This is! Prince Jiao, the genius character of the Dragon Demon Clan. When did he come here, why did he not participate in the hundred people?"

"This is a terrible character who is not weaker than the ruler of the stars, it seems that this time he really took the lead!"

"It seems that we people can only stand in the distance and look!"

"It is not necessarily! As the so-called wealth is moving, we will definitely have the battle of the strongest. We just need to wait for them to lose both sides. We will wait for the maneuver and maybe we will get something!"

"Hush! Be quiet, be careful to be heard by those guys, let's kill our mouth first!"

"Humph! They still have time to control us, and their eyes are all on them now!"