Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026: Ji Mingzhen

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The linking address could still have a reaction in the future, and even the few people who rushed up behind him were all swept by the colorful light.

Watching the tragic end of these people, everyone present instantly extinguished the flame of greed in their hearts, they knew that it was not time yet!

Everyone can only restore the state just now, the cultivation of the cultivation, the nervous waiting of the nervous waiting.

After the second opening of the portal, the richness of the fairy on this island has been raised several grades again, and everyone is hungry for absorbing these pure spiritual forces.

If the rules of heaven and earth are not complete here, there are already a lot of people who can be promoted to the next level. As long as they go out, the cultivation base will inevitably reach a new height.

Three days later, the force of heaven and earth pushed the door a little bit again, and the scene inside was clearer and clearer.

And the richness of the spirit of fairy spirits has risen again. Even Zhao Yuande, who is refining Wuxingzhu, can't help but stop the refining of Wuxingzhu in his hands and start to absorb the spirit of fairy spirits to refine his own body.

At this time, the richness of the fairy spirit here is not much different from that of the fairy pool in Xianban. Refining the five elements can be done at any time, but this rich fairy spirit is not always encountered. ! If you don't hurry up and absorb, that one is really a fool.

A month has passed, and after nine times of great efforts from heaven and earth, the portal has finally opened, and the scene has finally fallen into everyone's eyes.

This is a hidden space with a radius of thousands of miles, in which is located a real dragon palace, where the spirit of the fairy is very rich. There are two mysterious treasures in the sky, five-colored small trees and black steles.

Among them, the five-color little tree inferred that it was caused by a branch of the ancient god. Although the ancient **** has fallen, but one of his branches is not something that ordinary people can control, everyone guesses that they need to have special exercises, even special Talented people can surrender it.

The black stele is even more mysterious and ancient. Zhao Yuande felt a sense of fortune on it, and his appraisal technique could not identify its quality at all. If he chose, he would definitely choose this black stele.

Another treasure that can be seen is a **** furnace located in the real dragon palace, which is taller than the mountains. The **** furnace has three legs and two ears, the red furnace cover coiled by the real dragon, and various statues of birds and animals on the **** furnace come to life. A refreshing medicinal fragrance wafted out of the furnace.

Even if they are so far apart, everyone is like Shutai who is bathed in warm sunlight and can't speak the whole body.

Although everyone could not see the origin of this **** furnace, they knew that there must be a very anti-celestial panacea. Just with a little fragrance that escaped, there was such a flute. Everyone knew with their toes. The lowest kind of immortality is not lower than the sixth order immortal

Able to refine the sixth order immortal, the quality of this **** furnace is at least six grade immortals.

If you can **** this **** furnace, it is equivalent to get two treasures!

Almost most of the strong men's eyes are now on this **** furnace, such as Moruotian, Shikui, Tianxing, Yuan Zhen, Uncle Jianfeng... their eyes radiate an extremely brilliant light.

They knew that even if the treasure in this space was captured by themselves, it would have to be handed over to the elders when it finally came out of the real dragon palace, but it would be swallowed by the elixir, and the elders had nothing to say!

So these people are all thinking of this kind of abacus.

Zhao Yuande is very clear about his own strength. He is definitely not an opponent of these people now, so he retreats second and put his eyes on the stone tablet.

Of course, there are definitely more than these three treasures in this space. There are also endless treasures shimmering in the real dragon palace. Everyone can feel the breath of various treasures in it, and from time to time can see various lights and shadows.

Some are sharp and unparalleled, it seems to be a peerless sword!

Some breath is thick like a solid earth, like a shield!

There was also a red light shining, and there was a burst of cloth cracking, as if a red silk was flying in the hall.


At this time, everyone no longer has any intention to practice, and all can only stare at the three anti-celestial gods in the portal. Unfortunately, no one dared to step forward and enter the portal. They were all scared by the five-color tree.

"I rely! These treasures are in front of you, but you can't take them. This is completely testing our patience!"

"Being able to see so many treasures is an eye-opener even if you can't get it, and the cultivation these days has made us all reach a critical point. I am fortunate enough to lose my life. Look at it!"

"Yes! Such a difficult practice opportunity, I still continue to practice this kind of practice, even if I practice here, it is a great opportunity!"


"I think it should be possible to enter now! Otherwise, why would the door be pushed open? Now the little tree with five colors may not stop us anymore!"

"You can try it yourself..."


Just when there was a lot of discussion and several people were about to move, Morotian finally stood up.

"All of you listen! I only want the little tree of five colors, if anyone dare not to grab my eyes and grab me... You have probably heard of my means!" This guy couldn't help it anymore.

But he is not stupid, knowing that the strong here is like a cloud, if you want to get all of it, it is simply impossible, and that the **** furnace is stared by seven or eight people, if you want to get it, you will definitely experience a **** battle. In the end, it may be a result of losing both sides.

This little tree with five colors is different. Now everyone is afraid of it. Not many people will attack his idea. I will pick out in advance that maybe no one will compete with him!

"Morotian! You are too overbearing!" Although Shi Kui was fond of the Divine Furnace, he didn't like Morotian's way of doing so. He stood up and sneered at him suddenly.

"Good! Morotian, you are not invincible in the world, why should you be yours! I want to compete with you!" Among the crowd, a young man in white clothes, like snow, sent away come out.

The man looked stern, and he seemed to be a lively young boy, but his eyes were sharp, and the persecuted people dared not look at him.

This person is so powerful! I'm afraid it's even better than Morotian!

Zhao Yuande could not help secretly panicking at the first sight of this person.

"Brother Mingzhen! Why are you here?" Seeing this person, the Star Daoist stood up first and arched his hand at this person.

"This person... this person is Ji Mingzhen!" The crows suddenly cried out from the crowd.

"Is it really him? The 51st in the list of the three worlds in the Celestial Realm, is known as one of the ten most powerful geniuses in Xifengzhou, the young master of the Ji family of the hidden family, Ji Mingzhen!" The speaker was a woman, and her face flushed at this time, as if she saw a dream in her heart, her whole body shivered with excitement.