Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027: The First To Enter

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Ji family in fairy world!

A super big family hidden in Xifengzhou does not participate in the power struggle of Xifengzhou. There are clan members on other continents, especially the Ji family in the central fairyland. The power of the Ji family is even greater, and the powerful are like clouds! In Xifengzhou, it is even more influential than the imperial palace!

"Brother Xing Dao! You Ji have been here for a long time..." Ji Mingzhen nodded slightly at the Xing Dao Da Ren, turned his head to look at other people, especially glanced at Morotian.

Moruotian only felt a cold body, and the domineering domineering moment just now was defeated by Ji Mingzhen's eyes!

He has dealt with this Ji Mingzhen several times, and he has never won. When he saw that Ji Mingzhen appeared, a shadow appeared in his heart.

"Brother Ji!" At this time, Shen Tuyinghao beside Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at Ji Ming.

"Brother Shen Tu! Haha! And Xueer sister..." Ji Mingzhen saw Shen Tu Yinghao, his eyes lit up suddenly, haha came towards them with a smile.

When Shen Tuxue saw Ji Ming coming, his face turned red for no reason, and he shyly lowered his head.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that there must be something between this girl and this Ji Mingzhen...

"Boy, hurry in! As you think, that black stone is best for you!" At this moment, Yun's voice suddenly rang in his ears.

"That little tree is so powerful, otherwise I will just accept it!" Zhao Yuande tentatively asked.

"Who dares to take that little tree, there will be a killing disaster immediately after going out! If you don't want to live, you can try it!" Even if there is a trace of trembling in Yun's voice, obviously he is also very serious Afraid.

"Are you sure I won't be killed by that little tree?" Zhao Yuande was going to confirm it, but it was a fate.

"Relax! Can I hurt you?" Yun's voice was solemn.

"Okay! I'm going out today!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth.

"Brother Dong Guo, let me try it first." Zhao Yuande sent a message to Dong Guofu.

"You... okay!" Dong Guofu originally wanted to persuade Zhao Yuande a few words, but then thought about it, this guy never did anything unsure, he simply blessed him in his heart.

"Everyone, let me go up and see first!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hands to the brothers and sisters of Shen Tu, and then jumped up under his feet.

The whole person blasted toward the open portal like an arrow from the string.

How powerful is his physical body, under this jump, the distance of thousands of feet is instantaneous, and it is a little faster than flying!

He fell firmly in front of the gate.

Everyone below saw Zhao Yuande at the gate before he could not help but stare at it.

"Brother Jingguang! Don't be impulsive!" Shen Tu Yinghao hadn't reacted yet. Zhao Yuande had already come to the top of the colorful cloud group, and now it was too late to stop, so he tried to persuade him.

"Brother Ji! He will have nothing to do! Do we want to save him!" Shen Tuxue also looked at Zhao Yuande with a worried expression, and couldn't help but ask Ji Mingzhen around his forehead.

"It's too late! We are now in the past, saving people may be where he will die!" Several of them stared at Zhao Yuande and said, "I think this person is calm and calm, unlike a reckless impulsive person, Seems to be dependent, maybe he can really succeed!"

"Hey! I hope he will be fine!" Shen Tu Yinghao sighed softly. He knew Ji Ming was really good, but he didn't want to see this friend with similar temperament die.

At this time, Moruotian frowned and looked at Zhao Yuande. He paid attention to Zhao Yuande for a long time. This person seemed to be very low-cultivated, but it always gave people a shock.

The black monk was significantly stronger than him but still died in his hands. Morotian always felt that this kid was covered with a hazy mist, making him look like flowers in the fog.

At this time, there was a faint expectation in his heart, and he looked forward to Zhao Yuande's success in resisting the attack of the five-color tree and entering the door.

"No! It turned out to be just a kid at the beginning, is he stupid?"

"Hey! The desire to smoke heart, the man kills the bird for food!"

"It's not necessarily. You can see that he is calm and calm, and he looks like he is holding a winning ticket. Maybe he is really sure!"

"Impossible! Even Ji Mingzhen, Morotian and other big powers are not sure, have been watching, can he do it?"

"I see him!"

"Shall we gamble..."

"Betting on bets, whoever is afraid!"


Just below the time when everyone was arguing, everyone was looking forward to it.

The little tree of five colors in the hidden space sensed the arrival of the new visitor, and when it was swiped, it turned into a colorful awn and swept down towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande only felt that at this moment, the pores of his body burst instantly, his heart beat like a drum beat like crazy, and the blood in his body surged like a big river!

An unprecedented sense of terror crisis suddenly came to his mind, even if he almost turned around and ran away.

He had a feeling at this time that, with his own physical body, he could not resist the brush of the colorful gods, maybe one day he opened five stars and might be able to collide with it!

To know that opening the five-star chaotic holy body is already equivalent to a fairy monarch strongman, a treasure that a fairy monarch strongman can contend with, will anyone on the scene be able to resist it?

But at this time he had no way out, and he could only choose to believe in Xuan.

At this moment, a bright white light rushed out of Zhao Yuande's body and greeted the colorful gods brushed down.

The dots of this bright white light seemed to contain an infinite formation, as if a sky river hung from nine days.

Silently and silently, the colorful gods and the bright galaxy collided together. The collision did not make a slight sound, but the force of Qiang Lei's vibration almost overturned Zhao Yuande.

"I rely on! Really!" Zhao Yuande excitedly howled, stabilized his footsteps, and then rushed into the portal.

The little tree with five colors did not catch up with Zhao Yuande, as if the child who was angry, brushed in the void, as if venting his anger, and finally re-entered the portal, continuing to wander over the secret space!

"Impossible! How could he succeed?"

"What the **** is that white light? Even if he can block the blow of the five-color tree, he must have an amazing fairy!"

"Not bad! Not bad! He is just a triple-boy in the world. When he comes out later, we might as well..."

"Yes! It's the so-called guilt, let's count it!"

"Don't dream! You haven't seen Morotian, and the murderers of Shikuina are staring at this time, you still die of that heart!"