Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029: Remind

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The way of fortune is not weaker than the way of the void, and even above the way of the void. If you can use the way of nature to impact the emperor, your future achievements will be boundless!

"Huh? It's that simple?" Zhao Yuande was a little dazed at this time. He didn't expect the Emperor's Realm to be so simple.

"Keep blooming for me!" Huo Jinmu, which has been hidden in Zhao Yuande's body, exploded in four paths of life together!

An incomparably powerful force rushed out of his body. Zhao Yuande felt his unprecedented strength. He felt that even if he now faced Morotian, Shikui, Tianxing and other people, he would never lose.

Its just that its isolated from the outside world, and he cant experience the baptism of thunder, otherwise he will be stronger than he is now!

"Emperor Emperor! I broke through to Emperor Emperor later! Now I have five avenues. If I am refining the other two attributes of the five elements, and then fuse the void, it will be eight can be promoted directly at that time The realm of Divine Emperor! No... The realm of Divine Emperor is not in a hurry. The more avenues to be realized in the Emperor Realm, the more powerful you will be after being promoted to Divine Emperor..."

Zhao Yuande's thoughts changed at this time, and the joy on his face could not be concealed!

"What's wrong with this guy? He smiled so happy?" Shen Tuxue looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but frown.

"I think he broke through the realm!" Shen Tu Yinghao pointed to the top of Zhao Yuande's head, where the aura was formed, forming a virtual image of the big world, the big world became more vivid, and many avenues circulated in it!

"This guy... went in and didn't grab the baby, but started to practice! I don't know what he thought..." Shen Tuxue wondered.


Suddenly, a bright brilliance exploded on Ji Mingzhen next to them.

"Haha! I finally recovered completely!" Ji Mingzhen stood up, glaring in his eyes.

"Brother Ji! You have finally recovered!" Shen Tuxue suddenly saw joy in her face when she saw Ji Ming's true state.

"Okay! This time I'm really going in!" Ji Mingzhen nodded to Shen Tu brothers and sisters, and then rose into the sky again.

Just as he rose into the sky, there were several figures behind him, who seemed to want to catch his power and enter the gate.

"Go away! Otherwise die!" Ji Mingzhen turned his head to look at these people, and his eyes were murderous.

"Ji Mingzhen, what do you mean! Don't you only allow you to fight, won't you allow us to fight? Do you want to eat solitary food?" A gloomy big man looked at Ji Mingzhen, his face cloudy and uncertain.

"Yes! Do you want to be against all of us?" A gloomy big man looked at Ji Mingzhen alone, and instantly marked him as an enemy of all of us.

"Dead!" Ji Ming's real eyes were cold, and the brilliance between his fingers came across the two.

"Humph! When we are afraid of you, we will work together to stop him!" The gloomy Great Hanton felt a biting murderous attack, but greed made him forget Ji Ming's real reputation.

Several people joined forces to perform their own tricks, but Shenhua swept through, and all of them turned into two!

Blood spewed from their corpses and almost stained the entire sky.

"Humph!" Ji Mingzhen was murderous, standing in the void like a fierce god. "It seems that I have been too low-key in recent years. If anyone dares to come up, they will end!"

Everyone is awe-inspiring!

"So handsome!" Shen Tuxue was originally a snow and ice beauty, now her face is full of love and admiration.

"Hiccup...damn it! You can hold me up!" When Zhao Yuande successfully stepped into the late Emperor, Yun's figure appeared quietly in front of him. At this time, this guy was blushing and slapping. .

"Send me back soon, I'm going to start retreat and practice! As for the things here, you'd better take the golden token in the hall, that will have a great effect on your future entry into the fairy realm. Ordinary goods, otherwise it may lead to covetment! Finally, I would like to remind you that you should never pay attention to the five-color tree..." Yun's voice gradually fell.

Zhao Yuande nodded. Although he is now strong, but facing the genius of the Three Realms who stepped forward, he does not have that confidence and can escape safely and unharmed!

At this time, Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a flash of light, and a white man in snow entered the space, but it was Ji Mingzhen who successfully entered.

When Ji Mingzhen came in, he looked at Zhao Yuande, but there was no hostility among his pupils.

At this time, Zhao Yuande could not feel that the forged power of the stone tablet was overflowing, and he jumped from the stone tablet.

He felt that Ji Ming was really kind, and his heart was moving, and he nodded and smiled slightly.

Ji Mingzhen also nodded, but then set his sights on the three best treasures in the hidden space!

The five-color trees flying all over the sky, the divine furnace that exudes the divine light, and the black stone monument floating in the sky motionless.

Only at this time did Zhao Yuande really give time to observe these three treasures.

"Five-color wonderful tree, fold a branch of the self-produced treasure of the Seven Treasures of the Seven Treasures, you can brush out the five-color divine light, the seven-grade fairy...

"The ruins of fortune, the corner of the fortune monument, can slowly produce the power of fortune, can suppress the weather, and the seven grades of fairy treasure..."

"To the Heavenly Furnace, it can be refined into immortals, it can be refined into immortals, it can suppress luck, and six grades of immortals..."

Zhao Yuande is now a great advancement, and has reached the late Emperor. Naturally, many things that could not be identified before can be penetrated at this time. The information of these three treasures appeared in front of him.

Even though I had long known that the three treasures were extraordinary, and guessed their effects, it is still shocking to see them now.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande saw that Ji Mingzhen was actually flying towards the five-colored wonderful tree in the sky, and he was going to seize this god-defying tree.

Suddenly Zhao Yuande thought of the words that Yun warned himself, and he frowned slightly.

"Brother Ji, it's better not to hit the attention of that little tree!" Zhao Yuande hesitated a little and he still heard him.

"What?" Ji Mingzhen turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, his face puzzled.

"Since you are Brother Shen Tu's friend, I will remind you, just a reminder has no other meaning!" Zhao Yuande can't say the reason naturally, but since he has just started to remind him, he has done his own best. The choice doesn't matter to him.

But what Zhao Yuande didn't think of was that the other party really nodded as if enlightened, then gave up the five-color Miaoshu and asked Zhao Yuande seriously: "So what do you think I should choose?"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande froze for a moment, but soon realized that he pointed to the furnace to the heavenly god, "I think this furnace is more suitable for you!"