Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Can't Take Away

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Suddenly Li Tian's complexion changed, and he hurriedly took out a piece of messenger jade and put it on his ear.

"I'm sorry Brother Zhao! I have something in my family, I have to leave first!" Li Tian's face became very ugly after listening, and hurriedly resigned from Zhao Yuande.

"What the **** happened? Brother Shi's speech, if there are any difficulties, just say it!" Zhao Yuande looked at Li Tian's face very badly, and this guy was a little out of sight.

"I... I'll just say it! The father and emperor were assassinated by the strong and seriously injured. I have to rush back to fight for the throne!" Li Tian solemnly said, "Not enough this time, the hope is very slim, if something happens, I will inevitably speak To Brother Zhao!"

"Assassinated?" Zhao Yuande recalled the past, and there was such a paragraph in his memory, but the one who was assassinated in the end was only the substitute of Wang Li. There will be no major problem this time. "No problem, as long as Brother Li needs it Brothers can teleport to Dali King City! Cheer for your brothers!"

"Hey! Brother Li, when you win the throne, don't forget us a few, then you can seal our brothers and protect the general!" Heifeng patted Li Tian's shoulder and grinned at him!

"Brother Li takes care all the way!" Master Yijie folded his hands together.

"Goodbye a few people! I hope there will be time to say that Dali Wangcheng will find me, and Li Tian will meet in bed!" Li Tian hurriedly left after holding his fist!

"There is no danger this time. The future throne is none other than him!" Zhao Yuande looked at Li Tian's back and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

After half an hour!

The girl was already impatient, and knocked on the table irritably.

"Uncle Zhang, does it take so long to cook a dish?"

"Miss, if it is a more complicated dish, you really need it!" The old man in white felt that since the other party dared to collect so many spirit jade, it was naturally a few complicated dishes, and it was normal to spend half an hour.

The girl was born in a super-big family. She always wears clothes to stretch her hands to open her mouth. She never knows how difficult it is to cook.

"It turns out that cooking is so difficult, then I eat so many dishes at home on weekdays, how long will Aunt Liu have to do! But I was so wasteful..." The girl whispered, feeling a little embarrassed.

After another half an hour, the girl was impatient again!

After two hours, the girl felt that she had run out of patience!

At three hours, the girl smashed the table in front with a slap and strode toward the back hall!

"I'm going to see, what the **** are you doing!" The old man in white looked at Sen Han, followed closely behind the girl, and was angry with his calm temper!

"Hey! What are you doing!" Zhao Yuande was holding the first dish prepared at this time, and the three-flavor stew was brought up. "You broke my table to compensate!"

The girl, who was originally angry, smelled the smell of food, and was suddenly surprised!

"Good fragrance!"

The girl took a few big breaths in a row, and she felt a wonderful power flow in her nasal cavity. This kind of power silently nourished her consciousness of the sea, and calmed her originally irritable mood instantly!

The old man also asked about this fragrance, and immediately felt the mystery!

His eyes lighted up and looked at Zhao Yuande scorchingly. He finally understood why the other party dared to mark such a high price!

After just smelling it, I ate a common waking god!

"You broke the table, what should you do now? Where to eat?" Zhao Yuande pointed to the table that was broken into eight petals, and his face was angry.

"Ah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" The girl knew she was wrong, and quickly apologized. She turned to look at the old man in white and called out, "Uncle Zhang..."

The old man in white swiped his big sleeves, and took away all the debris from the ground. He took a set of golden wooden tables and chairs from the storage space and put them back.

"Boy, this is to compensate you!" The old man in white saw some pain in the set of golden tables and chairs, but it was made of ten thousand years of golden wood and was his favorite object.

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande put the large plate filled with three braised stews on the table. "Eat! But I tell you, don't eat too fast, you have to wait a long time for the next dish!"

Disregarding the image, the girl directly picked up a piece of meat from the plate with her hand and put it in her mouth.

"It's delicious! It's really delicious! And..." The girl's eyes lit up in a flash, and she didn't want to talk anymore. She put her hands down, and within a quarter of an hour, a whole plate of meat came into her belly.

The old man in white looked at the young girl, and smelled the enticing aroma, licking his lips unconsciously, he felt he was also greedy!

But with the young lady, his identity is just a servant. If the young lady doesn't speak, he can't do it!

"Ah! Uncle Zhang..." The girl licked her finger contentedly. Only then did she discover the existence of the old man in white, which reminded her of the food she had just cared about and forgot this one.

"Miss! How do you feel?" The old man in white asked nervously.

"Well, I think my spirit is stronger, probably one point! My physique also seems to have improved..." The girl felt the changes in her body carefully, the more excited she was, the more shock she said on her face!

"What!" The old man in white was really calmed down, and his body was a little trembling with excitement. "This dish is equivalent to two Xuan-level elixir. No wonder it is so expensive...I don't know if other dishes have it Such a powerful effect?"

The old man in white looked at the back hall with glaring eyes, if this teenager could be brought back to the clan...

However, this idea was abandoned in only a moment of change in his mind. The family was too complicated to fight fiercely. If you take it back, maybe the girl will not be able to eat it at all!

With the first food base, the girl was no longer in a hurry. Instead, she sat quietly there and began to carefully realize what she had just obtained.

The time in practice always passed quickly, and three hours passed before the second dish, Zhen Yu Pao Mei Tang, was served.

This dish is really too big. Zhao Yuande only put some essences on the plate, and others are cheaper than the three of them! Although the effect is slightly worse, it is not harmful.

"Two, our Sansheng wine hasn't been brewed yet, and there is no way we have to change it for you!" Zhao Yuande brought a small glass of golden wine from behind.

"This is... monkey wine!" The eyes of the old man in white were straightened! He almost always has the urge to rush up and take the kid street in front of him!

"It is the monkey wine!" Zhao Yuande nodded, he could feel the burning in the other person's eyes, but he was not afraid, because he had the last chance to summon Mingzhen!

"This little friend, can you..." The old man in white looked at the other person's calm expression, and naturally had a heart in mind. Since the other party dared to come up with this kind of thing, he naturally had his own strength, let's say he was a member of the Ji family Elders with surnames cannot do this kind of robbery of juniors.

"No! Seniors can come back next time if they want to drink!" Zhao Yuande simply rejected the idea that the other party wanted to buy wine. "This is the rule of our shop, you can only order three copies at a time, and you can't take it away!"