Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030: Star Token

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"The Heavenly God Furnace?" Ji Ming looked so disgusted, as if he had heard the name of this God Furnace, and he nodded to Zhao Yuande very gratefully, "This brother is called Jingguang! I remember you , You are my true friend of Ji Ming from today!"

"Oh! Haha! In this case, Brother Ji is also my friend of Jingguang!" Zhao Yuande was surprised for a while, but he laughed randomly, "Let's go! I just need to take a treasure in the real dragon palace, we Together!"

Zhao Yuande made a please gesture to Ji Mingzhen.


The two smiled at each other and strode towards the Real Dragon Palace.

The celestial furnace exudes infinite divine light, illuminating the entire space. Before they approached, they felt an invisible force of resistance pushing them back and forth.

Both of them are so simple that they will give up, they move together and move towards the real dragon palace step by step.

Although the Heavenly God Furnace is extremely majestic, but there is no sharp killer like the five-color Miaoshu, the two finally came closer to the Heavenly God Furnace under the pressure of terror.

"The power of ancestors bless me! Refine me!" Ji Mingzhen suddenly exploded with an extremely brilliant brilliance, a golden light flickered behind his head, and a peaceful old man appeared in the golden light.

As soon as the old man appeared, Zhao Yuande felt a horrible pressure toward him and he suppressed it, almost kneeling him down on the ground.

Even so, Zhao Yuande insisted hard, not knowing when he might be crushed.

"Shut up!" Ji Mingzhen felt this situation, waved his arm gently in the direction of Zhao Yuande, and hurriedly said to him, "Go away, otherwise I won't be able to control the majesty of the ancestor!"

Zhao Yuande was ashamed, and he hurried into the real dragon palace.

Entering the Real Dragon Palace, Zhao Yuande felt the pressure disappear!

He was full of big men, it was just a phantom, and the main object of repression was the Heavenly God Furnace. He was only unintentionally spread, but still let him have no resistance at all!

What kind of a terrible character is this phantom body? Zhao Yuande couldn't imagine it!

However, the other party has such a means, and Zhao Yuande also feels reasonable. The other party can fight against the huge family of Xiandi Palace in Xianfengzhou. There are definitely many Xiandi strong in the family. The master of this virtual shadow may be one of the Xiandi strong!

And after this time, Zhao Yuande was instantly in awe of these great forces of the fairy world.

Although his combat power can now compete with these powerful genius disciples, but the one of these people does not have a hole card, maybe it is a powerful hole card like Ji Mingzhen, and he has no power to fight back under this hole card!

He slowly walked into the real dragon palace, and really saw the dazzling treasures in which there were a lot of pieces in it. He probably swept a total of 28 kinds!

He swept away immediately, and suddenly found the token said in the mouth.

This token has no strong fluctuations, no terrible fairy spirit, just a giant turtle painted, the word starry sky!

Zhao Yuande swept it into the body world.

He just wanted to leave, and suddenly saw a giant hammer hanging beside the token.

"Booming hammer, can break the sky, can break the stars, can be lighter than Hongmao, can be bigger or smaller, longer or shorter, and the fourth-grade fairy treasure..."

"This thing..." Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Dong Guofu. This guy was a little low-cultivated. He didn't get any benefit from it. He might as well take it to him.

As soon as he grasped the blasting hammer, he suddenly felt a heavy mountain-like feeling come up, and he tried hard to mention it, and then he lifted it up.


At this moment he suddenly heard a roar outside the Zhenlong Palace, as if someone was fighting.

He hurriedly put the Sky Hammer into the inner world. As for other treasures, he knew that even if he got it, he could not take it away, and he would not be greedy.

He walked to the entrance of the hall and saw that the ghost image of the old man above Ji Mingzhen had gradually converged into his body. His one arm rested on the Heavenly God Furnace and began to slowly refine it.

Instead of disturbing him, he rushed out of the hall directly and saw that dozens of people had already entered.

He thought carefully and returned to Ji Mingzhen. He is now refining to Tianshen Furnace. If they are disturbed by these people halfway, it will be bad!

He decides to do good deeds, and he will help him protect the law for a while.

Morotian and Haoyue Lingzhu of the Devil Realm, Shi Kui of the Pantheon, Jin Wanhua, Tianxing Reality on the side of the Immortal Realm, Yuan Zhen, Uncle Jianfeng, and some characters that Zhao Yuande did not know.

At this time, Morotian was confronting the real person of Tianxing. The two seemed to have just fought a battle, and their faces were flushed.

"Tian Xing, do you really want to compete with me for the five-color tree? Are you not afraid of me desperately?" Morotian's face showed a fierce look, but soon he knew that he couldn't scare him. Continue to fight faithfully, I am afraid that it will only produce variables, "As long as you don't compete with me for the five-color tree, our Devil can help you grab the black stone!"

"Is this true?" Tian Xingren glanced at the black stone tablet, and there was also a burning light in his eyes. He could feel it. The black stone tablet might not be lower than the five-color tree.

"When have I spoken in Morotian? It's not a matter of fact! Even though our immortal and demon two realms continue to fight, but when we really face the Pantheon, we all fight together. This time we might as well follow the usual practice..."

When Morotian spoke, he glanced at Shi Kui and Jin Wanhua, killing him in the eye.

"Mo Luotian, do you want to go to war? Then I will directly detonate the mark of the ancestors and blast this space into scum! Let us all die!" Shi Kui didn't fear each other, but sneered!

"You..." Morotian's eyelids jumped, and the other party said this was entirely possible!

"Okay, we're not as good as this. Ji Mingzhen of your fairy world is already cultivating that **** furnace, and the remaining two pieces belong to us..." Shi Kui proposed, but was coldly beaten before he finished talking. broken.

"Huh! Don't even think about it!" Stars' eyes were cold, "I also have the shade of the ancestors, do you want to try it!"

"Hey! Star, don't worry! You listened to me!" Shi Kui hurriedly waved his hand, "I mean, I will give up the competition for the treasures in the real dragon palace, and will give you some compensation... You and I both Knowing that these three treasures must be handed over even if we get them, we can't hide them ourselves, you might as well..."

"Good! My Demon Realm also means this!" Morotian heard the other party's words, and suddenly he was very happy and nodded quickly.