Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031: Sorry

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"This..." Tianxing Taoist looked at Yuan Zhen and Uncle Jianfeng behind him. When they saw the two nodded lightly, their faces suddenly smiled and said, "That's the deal, you Shikui, Moro God abandons the right to fight for the treasures in the real dragon palace, and take out your compensation!"

Morotian and Shikui glanced at each other, both nodded gently, waved at will, and the two immortal jade rivers rushed toward the three stars.

"Thirty million high-grade immortal jade, three of you!" Moruotian's body was already in the air, and he rushed towards the five-colored wonderful tree.

And Shi Kui directly rushed to the chemical relics!

The three people of Tianxing charged 10 million top grade immortal jade respectively, and their faces overflowed with joy.

Ten million high-grade immortal jade is not a small number. In their identity, I am afraid that I will not receive so many benefits in a thousand years from receiving benefits in the sect.

This tens of millions can buy a Sipin Xianbao!

Watching the two people heading towards their goal, everyone in Immortal Realm never stopped and rushed towards the True Dragon Palace.

At the gate of the Real Dragon Palace, Zhao Yuande stood alertly next to Ji Mingzhen and looked at the group of disciples in the fairy world.

Tian Xing glanced at Zhao Yuande and ignored him directly, but fixed a pair of eyes on Ji Mingzhen!

"Tian Xing! Don't make any crooked ideas, say early if you want to die!" Ji Ming opened his eyes fiercely, and a pair of eyes stared at Tian Xing real person, the golden light wheel above his head appeared again, and the powerful old man Zi opened his eyes!

A shiver on Tianxing's body hurriedly lowered his head away from Ji Mingzhen.

Several other people are also dignified with faces, from which old man they can feel a crisis of death, feel more powerful than the ancestor behind them!

"Thank you brother!" Ji Mingzhen saw Zhao Yuande around him.

"Well, since Brother Ji is guarded, I won't stay too much!" Zhao Yuande turned and left.

"Wait!" Tianxing looked at Zhao Yuande, "You can't go, the treasure inside..."

"Huh! You go in and see what you're talking about!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other coldly. Since the other party wanted to tear his face, he wouldn't be afraid. With his current repairs, he could resist the real stars.

Tianxing Zhenren nodded to Yuan Zhen, who looked at Zhao Yuande, and rushed into the hall with apology.

At the next moment, Yuan Zhen's voice came out from the hall: "There are 28 treasures, only two are missing!"

Real Star turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, his eyes coldly said: "You are not qualified to take two, leave one!"

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, and the horror of his body exploded, and he flicked his hands toward Tianxing live.

"Since you say that I am not qualified, then take my palm first and talk again!"

The nine-color light in his palm flickered and turned into a vast deserted world, where various ancient fierce beasts roared.

A huge divine dragon found a grisly and terrible head in it, an ancient divine phoenix breathed flames to cover the sky, a mountain-like white tiger brought countless terrifying hurricanes, and a huge basalt was in the center of the world. Tianhe circling and falling from its body...

"This is... the phantom of the deserted world! How could he summon the phantom of the deserted world!" Tian Xing's real face suddenly changed, and his body pulled back violently.

At the same time of retreating, a huge Daozun phantom appeared slowly behind him. This Daozun phantom radiated a terrible atmosphere of heaven and earth, and the twelve-color roulette circled continuously above Daozun's head.

"Twelve Heavens Taoist Fist!"

The real body of Tianxing was shocked, and the ghost image of Dao Zun slowly raised his fist towards the ghost image of the deserted world that was slowly falling in the sky.

After punching out, an ancient fairyland appeared, and the rumbling and the ancient world collided together.


There was a loud crackling.

The entire space shook violently in this collision, and layers of red runes appeared in the sky, as if it had touched the protection of the space.

The impact of power did not shatter the void, but it made the shock wave more violent, and the entire real dragon palace was almost overturned by terrible power.

Among them, more than 20 pieces of Xianbao were shaken, and some of them seemed to have broken off the reins of the bridle horse. They swooped out of the real dragon palace and flew all over the space.

Zhao Yuande's body shook slightly and took a step back. His face was flushed with red tide, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

On the other hand, the real person of Tianxing was taken the lead by Zhao Yuande, and the punch was relatively hasty. His unstable figure continued to withdraw and it took seven or eight steps to stand still.

"You..." Tianxing real person looked at Zhao Yuande with a shocked expression on his face!

He has watched the opponent's battle, although it is beyond the strength of his own cultivation, but it is still slightly immature compared to the few of them. He feels that he can suppress it with one hand.

But in just a few days, the other party's cultivation base has become so powerful!

Suddenly he remembered that Zhao Yuande practiced on that stone tablet as soon as he entered the space. That stone tablet pit must have a big problem!

He turned his head involuntarily to the direction of the stone tablet, and saw a shrine appearing above Shi Kui's head. There were countless powerful prayers in the temple, and the power of prayer was transformed into a rolling torrent into the stone tablet!

This kid must have got a secret, otherwise...

"Finally came in..."

Just at this time, lights and shadows flashed at the gate, and countless practitioners swarmed in.

Now Morotian pinned the colorful tree, and there were no more obstacles outside the gate. Thousands of people poured in together, and the whole space was crowded.

"Quick! Go get the treasures inside..." Tianxing Real Man has no time to compete with Zhao Yuande, his body flew into the Real Dragon Palace for the first time.

Others naturally know the seriousness of the truth and rush in.

If everyone rushed towards the real dragon palace together, they might have no choice.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was also anxious for Ji Ming. If these people flocked together, I am afraid that things would be really awkward.

"All the demon disciples gave me Dharma!" At this moment, Morotian's voice came, and the voice shook the whole space.

The demon disciples looked at the Morotian who had steadily suppressed the five-color wonderful tree with a devil emperor's shadow, and suddenly rushed over to protect him!

"All disciple disciples, protect me!" Shi Kui's voice was cold, echoed in the ears of all disciple disciples.

The disciples of the Pantheon didn't hesitate, they went directly to the stone monument to protect Shi Kui.