Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032: Unbalanced Mind

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Among the more than 1,000 people, because of the previous consumption, the Demon Realm and the Pantheon together accounted for 50%, and the remaining 50% were disciples of the Immortal Realm.

These disciples of the fairy world are divided into multiple forces. Usually they simply do not give in to each other. As soon as they enter the hidden space, they are divided into a dozen camps. They rushed towards the real dragon palace.

Hundreds of people even rushed towards Ji Mingzhen. Among them was a demon-cultivator with a tiger-headed body. He looked at Ji Mingzhen with a wide grin and smiled greedily.

"Big Brother Ji!" Shen Tuxue naturally entered at this time, seeing that Ji Ming was really refining to the Heavenly God Furnace, and in deep danger, he immediately rushed up with his brother and blocked him in front of him.

As Shen Tuyinghao's fiancee, Zifengling naturally stood beside him at this time, and Dong Guofu was also with them, plus a total of five people from Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! You four little cubs, quickly give up to Uncle Tiger! Otherwise, I don't mind eating you first!" The tiger demon rushed to the front and punched Ji Mingzhen with a punch.

"Get out of here!"

The tiger demon is tall, with muscles all over his body, and one arm is thicker than the normal one. This punch is like a magnificent giant mountain falling down. Before it falls, everyone feels a huge. pressure.

"This person is so powerful! I'm afraid it's not weaker than my brother...we!" Zifengling felt the other party's horrific attack and couldn't help looking pale.

Facing this huge pressure, Zhao Yuande not only feared but showed a fierce fighting spirit. He was thinking about how to repulse this group of people. Now it seems that this guy has given him the best chance.

"Haha! Well done!"

Zhao Yuande took a deep breath, his bones crackled, and the whole person pulled up several inches at once.

A star in his palm was dazzling, instantly illuminating the entire starry sky, and then his chest burst into a dazzling glory again, opening two stars in a row, and Zhao Yuande's physical strength had reached an extreme at this time.

He punched with a punch, and his huge body burst into a dazzling electric awn, and countless tiny electric lights were jumping up and down on his skin! You can even see that the skin is as bright as jade, the pores are completely closed, and a thrilling force that is thinning out is locked by death, waiting for the fierce eruption of the next moment!

At this time, the momentum of his body was rising, but in the blink of an eye, he overshadowed the tiger demon opposite!

"His flesh..." Dong Guofu saw the power erupted at this moment in Zhao Yuande's body, and he felt some blood boiling in his body!

"What a terrible body, what a powerful force of qi and blood! What is his origin?" Shen Tu Yinghao is a person who knows the goods, and instantly feels that the blood and blood in Zhao Yuande's body is turbulent like the sea, and he is countless more powerful than him. Times!

"Hey! The kid dared to compare his strength with Lord Tiger. Seeing Lord Tiger wouldn't beat you into a sludge!" The tiger demon saw Zhao Yuande even punching with fists.

He boasted that his flesh was strong. Even in the sect, only a few people could contend with his flesh. The boy opposite is purely looking for death!

But at the next moment, his face turned pale immediately!


The impact of pure power, the two's fists hit together firmly!

The tiger demon only felt a violent tingle in the fist of the impact, and the rocky skin had a large cracked line... Then the blood and flesh of the entire arm exploded, leaving only the bones of Bai Sensen!


A sound of bone cracking sounded, his bones shattered, and his entire arm turned into a pile of bones in this impact.

The body of the tiger demon flew upside down like a cannonball, and he didn't know how many disciples of the fairy world they had knocked over and crashed to the ground!

"This..." Everyone's gaze at Zhao Yuande at the moment was all with a deep fear.

Why the tiger demon can become the leader of these people, because his strength is stronger than these people, and the young man in front of him even flew the tiger demon with one punch, this kind of people they can't compete against!

"You people are confused by this tiger demon. There are dozens of fairy treasures in the real dragon palace. You don't want to grab them, but you are coveting this treasure belonging to the Ji family! Even if you get this **** furnace, you can Escape the Ji family's chase?" Zhao Yuande snapped.

"Good! We went to the Real Dragon Palace, maybe there is still a chance..." These disciples of the fairy world were shocked by Zhao Yuande, and they heard dozens of Xianbao in the Real Dragon Palace. They suddenly rushed into the Real Dragon Palace. Joined the Xianbao competition.

At this time, there is a killing **** in the real dragon palace, and the screams are screaming one after another.


Zhao Yuande let out a breath. If these people really rushed up, he couldn't resist, he could only escape quickly!


Just when everyone was relieved, Ji Mingzhen's palm suddenly turned, and Shenlu instantly shrunk to the size of a slap, and he held it in his palm.

There was a broad smile on his face.

"Thank you! Thank you a few! I Ji Mingzhen, remember you!" Ji Mingzhen put away the Heavenly God Furnace and faced everyone again and again!

Especially when I saw Zhao Yuande, the gratitude on my face made no secret.

"Two great graces, Ji Mingzhen keeps in mind, no matter what happens in the future, I will go to the fire and go for it!" Ji Mingzhen really appreciates Zhao Yuande, if he can't get the Heavenly Furnace without him, he won't get this treasure until he gets it. Know how powerful it is!

"Brother Ji is not as good as..." Zhao Yuande looked at the two groups of people in the sky. Moruotian and Shikui came in later, the refining time was shorter, and they are now at the most critical moment, if they pass...

"Haha! Not bad! Not bad! Let's take a look!" Ji Mingzhen will soon notice Zhao Yuande's meaning, and with a big sleeve, he swept the crowd towards the nearest Shi Kui.

Although Shi Kui was still in the relics of refining and manufacturing at this time, the spirit was still monitoring everything that happened in the space. When he saw that Ji Ming really flew towards himself in this way, he shouted in his heart. Not good.

Many disciples of the Pantheon who protected Shi Kui were also very nervous at this time, but they knew deeply how powerful Ji Ming really was! And the powerful force Zhao Yuande showed just now made them feel shocked!

There are two strong men who want to completely protect Shi Kui from being disturbed, that is simply impossible!

"Ji Mingzhen! You have already obtained that furnace, what else do you want to do!" Although Shi Kui was very angry, he did not dare to irritate the other party too much. He could only endure his anger and keep his voice as calm as possible.

"After I refined the furnace, I discovered that it was only a fifth-grade fairy treasure, and you two have obviously exceeded the seventh-grade. My heart is unbalanced... What do you say?" Ji Mingzhen smiled on his face. At this time, he has got the treasure, he is not afraid of the other party making trouble, and even if these people are together by his means, he is not afraid at all!

Without worries, you will naturally be unscrupulous!