Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035: Powerful Gathering

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But he knew that there must be an immortal emperor watching next to him, not only the Four Spirit Sticks, but also Jingzhongyue. Even if the power of fortune was revealed, he must be a dead end.


Zhao Yuande was concentrated on the shoulders by a big man, one of his arms was directly broken, and half of his body was torn.


Zhao Yuande roared in his heart, and his undead body was running, and his broken flesh instantly recovered as before!

"Oh! I have an undead body! I want to see how much blood you have in your body!" The big man sneered again and again.

The three great men practiced a powerful joint attack. The power of the three combined was several times stronger than that of the single combat. They almost torn the whole land and the whole sky was cracked. Zhao Yuande gradually began to overwhelm their attacks on them. , Constantly being beaten by them.

After being blown off again and again, Zhao Yuande recovered again and again, and rushed back to fight the three great men.

Zhao Yuande actually felt a faint improvement in this kind of battle. He repeatedly used the techniques of forged fist and repeatedly tempered several avenues that he only realized.

There are also the application of two laws of time and space, which are more and more proficient.

"This kid is going through our cultivation, we can't let him go on like this! We will do our best!" One of the big men saw Zhao Yuande's plan, and his voice was cold.

"Three kills!"

The three zigzags of dark light radiated across Zhao Yuande.

Although Zhao Yuande tried his best to avoid it, he was still swept away. His two legs flew up suddenly and exploded in mid-air.

He hurriedly urged the undead body to recover. At this time, the three Hanmang cut again. The goal this time was his head, his legs were lost, and there was much inconvenience between physical and mental transformation. This time he wanted to avoid It's just a fool's dream.

"Fight! Block me!" A towering tower appeared in front of him, completely blocking his body.


Zhao Yuande, together with the Eternal Tower, fell directly on the sand.


Three Hanmang turned into a large net and headed towards him.

"Stop it for me!"

Zhao Yuande once again regarded the Eternal Tower in front of him.


The Eternal Tower suffered such a heavy blow and was suddenly smashed into the gravel.

"God and demon blow!"

The three big men's bodies seemed to merge into a heavenly giant. The giant punched Zhao Yuande again.


As if the whole earth had been penetrated by this punch, a burst of blood sprayed out of the gravel and instantly dyed the fist red, and countless golden yellow gravel gradually covered the fist.

"Are you dead?" The three big men parted and looked at the big pit that they smashed out!

"No! He didn't die, but escaped into the ground!" One of the big men's face changed, "That's... a teleportation array! Let's chase!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande was dragged by Dong Guofu and rushed directly into the teleportation array. The two figures disappeared into light rain on the teleportation array.

The next moment they appeared in Zhao XIV's inner world!

"Destroy the Altar of Teleport immediately!"

Zhao Yuande tried his best to make a roar.

"Crush me!"

Dong Guofu's hands slammed the sky hammer and crashed on the teleport altar.

The teleport altar was instantly transformed into countless fragments!

"It's over! He escaped, and the teleportation array was destroyed!" A big man's face showed despair.

"Useless stuff! Die to me!" An angry growl came from their ears.

The three great men exploded into blood mist, and the Lord of the Abandoned Palace appeared in front of the underground transportation altar.

"Damn! This kid is really decisive, but this is the ancient teleportation altar. The heavens and the world can reach it in a blink of an eye, and he is so ruined!" The Lord of the Abyss Palace looked very ugly, "but according to the void fluctuations, the direction of this kid's transmission seems to be At the beginning...Forget it, even the lord of the court is very jealous of him, its not something I can provoke."

The Master of the Abandoned Palace lifted the Altar of Teleportation from the earth in one hand and sent it into his world.

Returning to the cave house in the immortal palace, Zhao Yuande had almost collapsed.

The fight just now was really suffocating, and my real strength did not dare to be exposed, otherwise how could it be suppressed by the three so miserable, and finally almost killed alive!

Thanks to Dong Guofu who arrived in time to take himself away with Qingtian horns!

"Brother, help me protect the law!" Zhao Yuande didn't say much. Dong Guofu nodded and sat cross-legged beside him.

He took out a lot of elixir and spirit grass from the inner world and began to recover slowly.

Speaking of going to the Real Dragon Palace this time, although he didn't get any treasures, he was very satisfied with the harvest. He only realized the way of fortune through the remains of fortune, and the successful promotion to the late Emperor was the greatest opportunity.

I also met Ji Mingzhen, brother and sister Shen Tu and several other good friends. In the future, the relationship between Ascension and Immortal Realm will be very useful to him.

Just as Zhao Yuande slowly recovered from his injury, the whole Zhenlong Palace suddenly experienced a tremendous explosion.

In this explosion, dozens of powerful immortal emperor realm teamed up to carry out the method of space movement, and completely took that hidden space out of the explosion.

Everyone is about to die in this horrible explosion, but feel a burst of space, they suddenly appeared in the dragon mouth of the Zulong star field.

Numerous powerful practitioners gathered here in Longkou at this time, and saw a small space about to break up, and suddenly a powerful soul glanced over.

At this time, the remaining three years of great force practitioners were less than 300. Most of these people were scarred. They were swept by these powerful spirits, and they felt like they were being scraped by a bone scraper, and the whole body trembled.

"Come here to me!" There was a grand voice between heaven and earth, and a golden armor man sitting cross-legged in the void, a **** halberd floating in front of him.

"Five Uncle Patriarchs!" Ji Liuyun looked happy, even though he was the most evil and powerful among all the young people, but he was still weak like an ant in front of this group of strong men!

But the master of this voice is an ancestor of their Ji family. According to his seniority, he is his fathers five grandfathers, a strong man who came out of the killing, and once swept a generation of mythical characters, now Ji One of the most powerful fighting forces in the home!

Ji Mingzhen nodded to the brothers and sisters Shen Tu around him, swept his sleeves, and brought their brothers and sisters to the five uncles.

"Star, don't come here soon!" A huge immortal palace was suspended in mid-air not far away, and a powerful voice came from the immortal palace.

Nine huge five-clawed golden dragons coil around the fairy palace, and nine-headed colorful phoenixes dance in the air. Eighteen fairy beasts display the noble status of the master of the fairy palace.

Eighteen powerful immortal beasts, each head of blood rushed to Jiuxiao, and the voids around them appeared layers of ripples, as if they could not bear their power!

Tianxing was also overjoyed to see this fairy palace. He turned to look at the others and flew towards the palace.