Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037: Watanabe

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If Zhao Yuande is here at this moment, he can immediately recognize that this white-robed monk turned out to be a ring!

He would even follow the old monk's side. Seeing his appearance, his current behavior has already reached Divine Emperor Realm. I don't know what chance he encountered during this time!

"You...Jia Lan Sheng Monk!" Seeing this dry and thin old monk, the face of the dark Demon King changed greatly, and his subconscious body stepped back, and it seemed that he wanted to escape!

The four words of Jialan Shengmon came out, and the whole audience was shocked!

Buddhism is an ancient and mysterious powerful force. He has a long history and was created by an ancient god. When the ancient **** came to this newly opened heaven and earth, he did not participate in the battle of major forces. On the contrary, he began to spread his teachings among the various stars, and founded the Buddhism.

Finally, the ancient war broke out and affected many star domains. The ancient **** simply circled a star domain named Buddha Domain, hiding it in the cracks of time and space until now!

Although there are Zen Buddhism and Buddhism in the heavens and the world, these are all established by some disciples of the Buddhist realm when they go out and walk, and they are only regarded as the branches of the Buddhist realm.

But in the last millennium, the Buddha Territory has suddenly opened up, and many powerful Buddha Territories have gone out to find disciples.

In doing so, the Buddha Territory apparently was competing with the three forces of the Immortal Pantheon for disciples and future luck.

How did the three major forces let this happen? It started when these Buddhist saints collided!

However, they soon discovered that these saints in the Buddhist realm are extremely powerful, and the most famous one is this Jialan saint!

The Dark Demon King once listened to a powerful presence in the demon world talking about this Jialan monk, and the other party called it the first person in Immortal Realm!

Although the Dark Demon King is very confident in his own strength, but in the fairy emperor realm, he consciously can rank in the top 100 at most, not to mention the first person, even the tenth person, he pays himself not an opponent!

"Amitabha! Dark Demon King, surrender the sacred object of the Buddhism, and convert to my buddha!" Sage Monk looked at the dark Demon King, the extremely holy light of the Buddha burst out of him, and immediately enveloped the other party. .

"No!" How fast the Dark Demon King, his body disappeared from the spot instantly.

But at the next moment, the void split, and the body of the Dark Demon King was wrapped in countless magnificent divine lights, and fell down suddenly.

"Convert to my Buddha!" The sage monk of Jialan gleamed with golden light, shining at the dark demon king.

At this time, the Dark Demon King ignited a flaming golden fire. All the black light above his body faded like tide, and was burned out in the blink of an eye. His body gradually began to change from a person to a golden one. Big bird.

The Dark Demon King instantly changed from a dark demon with dark black ink to a magnificent golden-winged Dapeng bird!

The hand of the blue monk gently moved towards the golden-winged Dapeng.

One black and one multicolored, two rays of light flew out of Golden Wing Dapeng's body, black is the remnant of creation, and multicolored is a colorful tree!

"Amitabha! One ring! This chemical remnant will be left for your understanding!" Jialan Shengmon sent the chemical remnant to Yijie's hands.

"Thank you, Master!" Yi Jie looked overjoyed, and hurriedly sent the remnants of fortune into his own space.

"Amitabha! King Peng, you will be my mount from now on! Let's go!" The sacred monk Jialan put away the lotus underneath and took a ring to the body of King Jin Peng.

In the state of everyone stunned, the figure of King Jin Peng disappeared into the void.

"It's terrible! This monk's practice has been infinitely close to the King of Immortal Emperor!" Although Ji Zhantian was indirectly saved by the other party, his face still showed a very dignified expression.

The other party deliberately easily surrendered the Dark Demon King, and it is even simpler to surrender himself. It is terrible to think about this matter!

If there are more than three such strong men in the Buddha realm, they can shake the foundation of the fairy world, and if there are more than five of them, they can fall!

Zhao Yuande has been closed for a month at this time, and finally recovered the lost sperm and blood by the income in the real dragon palace.

Not only that, he also completely stabilized the realm of the late Emperor, and as long as he could realize a more avenue, he could directly prepare to impact the realm of the Divine Emperor.

Of course, he would not be so anxious to hit the realm. He saw the stars of the twelve kinds of roads. He felt that if it was not even as good as this star, he would talk about rushing out of the ordinary place in the mouth of the old white-bearded man and entering the real sea of stars. , Even in the void!

He decided that he must at least realize more than twelve kinds of avenues before being promoted to the realm of Divine Emperor.

This time, if it were not for killing Xia Yan, the Battle of Desolation, and other important disciples of the Pantheon, it would be impossible to obtain so many powerful panacea refined by the Pantheon, the recovery time would be at least double!

"Hey! This time I didn't get the Real Dragon Palace when I entered the Real Dragon Palace! And I also lost the Real Dragon Seal, and I also lost a weapon that I can use!" Zhao Yuande sighed secretly.

However, he is not a dissatisfied person. It is beyond his expectation to be promoted to Emperor Realm in the Real Dragon Palace this time!

"Brother, did you recover?" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Dong Guofu, who was always guarding him.

"Okay! I don't know what's going on in the Immortal Class? Has anything happened?" Zhao Yuande ran away from the chaotic thoughts and began to care about the situation in the Immortal Class.

However, in this exploration of the True Dragon Palace, he knew Ye Xiaoyu's powerful physique, which played a great role in restraining the cultivation of the dark and the powerful of the Dao Dao Gong.

He decided to recommend this woman to several powerful forces in Xianjie, such as Xianhong City, Ji Family, and Uncle Tai Family, and even let Lei Yifan bring it to Xianjie and give it to Zhao Yixin!

"There is nothing serious in the fairy class, but there are two fairy envoys. I heard that one is a disciple of Xianhong City, and another is a disciple of the uncle family! , But have not seen these two!" Dong Guofu said.

"Oh! It turned out that it really surprised me. It seems that I don't have to exert too much effort!" Zhao Yuande looked upset and turned to Dong Guofu and asked, "How is your skyrocketing refinement? ?"

"Hey! The refining has succeeded! As soon as my prison body appeared, the instruments in it suddenly surrendered naturally! This guy is extremely powerful, and now I feel like I can kill a late emperor with a hammer Strong!" Dong Guofu's face appeared proud.

"Well! Not bad!" Zhao Yuande was also happy for the other party.