Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038: Xianhong City

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Although the opponent got a certain chance in the real dragon palace, and the cultivation on the island also reached the bottleneck of promotion, but the combat power did not increase much, but after getting this handle of the fourth-grade fairy treasure, the combat power was improved out of thin air. Two or three grades, originally he could only compete with the God Emperor in the mid-term, and now he can kill the God Emperor's late strong, which has greatly exceeded Zhao Yuande's expectations.

And Zhao Yuande's current combat effectiveness should be able to compete with the powerful who first entered the fairyland!

Zhao Yuande's ontology was promoted to the late Emperor, and the ontology and the avatar returned to one place. They were originally one person. The avatar naturally got all the insights and successfully promoted to the late Emperor.

Doppelganger and Dong Guofu walked out of Dongfu and came to the fairy class.

Zhao Yuande quickly found Ye Buyu and Ye Xiaoyu brothers and sisters, and asked them a few words, and then went to find a few angels.

The palace of the immortal emperor is at the end of the immortal hall. Zhao Yuande's identity has exceeded the disciples in the immortal hall, so the guards will not stop him where the original disciples should not appear.

"I'm going to see several sir envoys!" Zhao Yuande was not too arrogant, and he went to the emperor's palace and told the guards outside.

The guards knew Zhao Yuande naturally, and did not dare to rush into the report.

Soon Zhao Yuande got a positive answer.

As soon as he entered the palace, Zhao Yuande was shocked, but then he was relieved.

The two immortals this time turned out to be the uncle Jianfeng and the flying fairy who met in the real dragon palace, but they did not see Lei Yifan's figure.

"Have seen two immortals!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hand, a smile appeared on his face.

"Have seen two immortals!" Dong Guofu naturally recognized the two.

"Oh! You are Zhao XIV?" Uncle Jianfeng looked at Zhao Yuande, always feeling a sense of familiarity, but he couldn't think of meeting him there in any way.

"You... have you ever been to the Real Dragon Palace?" Or the woman's keen sense, looking at Zhao Yuande's face with surprise.

"I've been there, but it's an exploration stage! Did the fairy angel ever see me?" Zhao Yuande naturally would not admit that he entered the secret space with them to compete for treasure.

"What's the matter with you?" Fairy Fairy didn't continue to ask, but looked at Zhao Yuande with interest, wanting to know the other's purpose.

"Fairy, can I say a few words with you alone?" Zhao Yuande looked at Fairy Fairy with a kind smile on the corner of his mouth.

Since there are only Xianhong City and Taishu's family, he naturally chose Xianhong City who had a covenant with him.

"Alright! I have something to ask you! Come with me!" Fairy Fairy's temperament is indifferent and gentle, with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, like Xiaojiabiyu, without the lofty and imposing spirit of the disciples of the fairy world.

Zhao Yuande nodded and led Dong Guofu into the palace with the flying fairy.

Uncle Jianfeng, who was sitting at the back of the body, frowned slightly, but said nothing. He was indifferent and indifferent. He was only interested in Kendo in his life, and he was very disgusted with the intrigue between the Zongmen forces.

"What's the matter, you say it!" Fairy Fairy took them into a partial hall, waved the prohibition of isolating the soul, and watched the expression of interest on Zhao Yuande's face.

"I found a person in the fairy class..." Zhao Yuande did not conceal, he said Ye Xiaoyu's special physique, he believed that the other party would be very interested!

Ye Xiaoyu's physique is very special. Most people can't see it at all. Even if he is a strong man in the fairy or even fairyland, he can't necessarily discover the mystery of her physique without careful observation.

However, for the practitioners who practiced the magical Dao practice, Ye Xiaoyu was like a beacon in the dark night, and when you got closer, you could feel the natural restraint emanating from her.

This is also the three cultivators of Demon Realm, why Lao Yuan felt Ye Xiaoyu's physique, regardless of any reason why she wanted to cause her and her enemy.

"What! Are you talking about the truth?" Fairy Fairy's indifferent temperament could not help but widen her eyes in surprise. If Zhao Yuande said it was true, that girl had a huge effect on Xianhong City.

If you really train that girl, you can definitely fight for the greater benefits of Xianhong City in the future against the enemy. This is definitely a profitable investment.

"Oh! Since I promised you Xianhongcheng to become an alliance, how could I be kidding! You can find someone to come back and look at it again!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled.

He was very satisfied with the performance of the other party, and even if he agreed with his own ideas, Ye Xiaoyu definitely played a huge role in Xianhong City.

"Okay! Don't tell me anything about this, I will contact the ancestors!" Fairy Fairy looked extremely strong.

Zhao Yuande and two of them quietly retreated and came to the cave of Ye Family's brother and sister.

"Xiaoyu, would you like to go to Xianjie to practice?" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at Ye Xiaoyu.

"Brother Zhao, you... do you..." Ye Buyu heard Zhao Yuande's words, but he was stunned for a while, but then came a face of ecstasy.

"I...I can really go to Xianjie to practice?" Ye Xiaoyu opened his eyes in disbelief.

"Oh! Yes, I have recommended you to Xianhong City. I don't think it will take much time. Xianhong City will come down and take you away!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Ah! Xianhong City! Great!" Ye Buyu heard the three words of Xianhong City, and his face suddenly showed a look of extreme surprise.

You have to know that the Ye family also has a family in the fairy world, but the Ye family in the fairy world has a very low status and belongs to a relatively weak force.

Xianhong City is the second largest force in Xifengzhou on the Ming Dynasty. It has the fairy emperor strong town. If his sister can be recognized by Xianhong City, he can imagine how happy the family will be. Xianjie Yejia also Able to get the asylum of Xianhong City rightfully and rightly on the right track!

"Brother Ye wants to enter Xianhong City together?" Zhao Yuande suddenly smiled mysteriously.

"Me too? But my talent..." Ye Buyu showed a nervous look on his face.

"This is simple. It only requires Xiao Yu to give me a word when he sees the strong man in Xianhong City. I believe that my strong man will happily agree! Your talent is also good, and your temperament is stable, and your future achievements will not be too bad. The people in Xianhongcheng are naturally not fools, they can't tell if they can tell!" Zhao Yuande said confidently.

He knows the importance of Ye Xiaoyu to Xianhong City, not to mention taking his elder brother alone, even if he takes a large family to Xianjie, the other party will not refuse!

"Great! Brother, let's go to the fairy world together and let the family members see that our disciples are better than their main veins!" Ye Xiaoyu seemed to think of something, and his face was more excited.

"Well! Let our parents be proud of us!" Ye Buyu also focused on it.