Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: Twelve Ascension City

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"Brother, when can we go to Fairy World! I also want to go to Fairy World to see." Dong Guofu looked at this excited pair of siblings and couldn't help but also feel a little emotional.

"You are willing to give up your woman? If you are willing, I can guarantee that Xianhongcheng is willing to accept you!" Zhao Yuande looked at him with a smile.

"This... forget it! My mother is still in your world. I can't leave my mother alone!" Dong Guofu's words came naturally from his heart, but Zhao Yuande also knew that Gu Jianqiu must be another important thing. the elements of.


Soon, the four of them ushered in the mysterious strongman from Xianhong City, which turned out to be the strong fairy man that Zhao Yuande had seen before.

The immortal monarch came together and did not care about others. First, he nodded and smiled at Zhao Yuande, which already showed the other party's attitude!

"Thank you, little friend!" The strong fairy did not show the attitude of the high fairy in the face of Zhao Yuande, but instead called him a little friend, which shows his importance to Zhao Yuande.

"Senior, since we are already an alliance, if there is any good thing, we will definitely think of Xianhong City!" Zhao Yuande's attitude is naturally very respectful.

The dialogue between the two people made the infinite difference in the hearts of the flying fairy fairy. He did not expect that Zhao Shisi even had such a relationship with Xianhong City, but she was also a very discerning person and would not show it. .

"Xiaoyu, this one who has come to see Xianhongcheng..." Zhao Yuande said here and smiled embarrassingly at the opposite old man, "Senior, I don't know what to call you!"

"Haha! You're welcome! My name is God's will!" The old man smiled and looked at Ye Xiaoyu, the more he liked it, the more he was shocked, and it was really like the two special constitutions that Zhao Yuande said.

If you can really grow up, you can definitely go beyond the realm to kill the devil, it seems that this girl should focus on training!

"Have seen Senior Tianyi!" Ye Xiaoyu looked at this affable old man and couldn't help but feel a sense of intimacy.

"Well! You are called Ye Xiaoyu, are you! Would you like to worship me as a teacher?" Tianyi old man looked at Ye Xiaoyu. Even in his state, he felt a moment of tension at this time and was able to get this kind of disciple, absolutely for Its a good thing for myself.

The old Tianyi said this, even the Fairy Fairy felt extremely shocked. This old Tianyi could be regarded as the No. 3 character of Xianhong City, and his cultivation base was about to break into the realm of immortal emperor. Many people wanted to worship him as a teacher But he was politely rejected, but I didn't expect to propose to accept the student today!

Even if she was a little jealous at this time, her master was an elder in Xianhong City, and he was a middle-aged man who was a middle-aged man.

"Oh..." Ye Xiaoyu didn't expect the other party to be so direct. For a moment, he was dumbfounded and turned his eyes to Zhao Yuande involuntarily.

Zhao Yuande saw her eyes, how could she not know what she was thinking, nodded gently.

This old man of Providence is an immortal monarch and seems to be quite energetic in Xianhong City. Ye Xiaoyu will never be ill-treated if he can worship him as a teacher.

"Tu'er has seen the master!" Ye Xiaoyu saw Zhao Yuande nod, and suddenly seemed to have taken a pill in his heart, and bowed his head.

"Good!" Tianyi old man gave Zhao Yuande a grateful look. He was able to get such a good apprentice, which was entirely due to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande exchanged a smile.

"Xiaoyu from now on, you are the disciple of my old Tianyi. This is the meeting gift I prepared for you!" The old Tianyi took out a silver Xiayi with joy and handed it to Ye Xiaoyu.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" Ye Xiaoyu took over the silver Xiayi happily, gently touching it with his hands, only to feel warm and soft.

"Predecessors are so magnificent! This is a Sipin Xianbao, enough to withstand a blow from the powerful fairyland!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but praise.

"Thank you, Master!" Ye Xiaoyu naturally heard what Zhao Yuande said, and hurriedly bowed down again.

"Good! Hurry up and show it to the teacher!"



Several people had a great conversation with each other, and finally the old man of Tianyi also agreed that Ye Buyu would go to the fairy world together.

Just when the old man of Tianyi was about to leave, he quietly whispered to Zhao Yuande. After three months, Xianjie will open the final trial channel, twelve to the fairy city!

Let Zhao Yuande prepare early!

The so-called twelve ascendant city is the twelve giant cities that were built in the passage between immortal world and lower realm in order to screen the practitioners of the lower realm one million years ago!

These twelve giant cities have all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, and there are endless opportunities. If the disciples who participated in the trial can successfully reach the twelfth fairy city, even a pig can be successfully promoted to fairyland!

However, now that these twelve ascendant immortal cities have been unable to control themselves because of the wars between many major forces throughout the year, every time they open, there will be disciples of various powerful forces to participate together, such as the Pantheon, the Demon Realm, the Eight View Palace, and even the legendary Many forces such as the Star Chamber of Commerce, some disciples of the ancient gods that have survived to this day.

And listening to the old man of Tianyi, this time the twelve ascendant fairy city will be the final one, because when the huge black hole above nine days breaks away from the seal, it is when the twelve ascendant fairy city is destroyed.

So this time the twelve ascendant fairy city will open all the secret realms and open all the hidden spaces for you. The chance is unprecedented!

In the end, the old man of Tianyi also revealed that at the request of the Xeon who sealed the black hole in the lower realm, this twelve ascendant fairy city will be fully opened.

Zhao Yuande has a faint feeling, this time he should be able to finally meet Zhang Fan in the twelve ascendant city, the battle between them will finally bring you a battle of life and death!

Successfully promoted to Immortal Realm when born, and died when it died!

However, Zhao Yuande thinks that it must be his own life, and the other party will die!

This is the confidence to win, and it is also an important pillar for Zhao Yuande to be able to kill God and destroy the devil!

After receiving this news, Zhao Yuande couldn't sit still anymore. He was going to see his disciples and the black wind where they are now. This group of guys need to be spurred and need encouragement.

Zhao Yuande intends to practice the body in the trial space, and go out to find them.

When he returned to the trial space, he discovered that the current trial space has improved because of his realm, in which the time flow rate has reached fifty times, and practicing in it is almost a thousand miles a day.

He did not immediately enter the state of cultivation, but went to visit his parents, his wife, and his more than one-year-old daughter Zhao Yiyi.

The little guy is now the cutest time, Zhao Yuande will never let go when he hugs him, for the next few days he will tease his daughter, honor his parents, and spend time with several wives.

He handed over the authority in the trial space to several women so that they could practice at any time.