Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 104

Chapter 104: You Say It Again

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"Uncle Zhang, this wine is for you!" The young girl and this uncle Zhang are very intimate. Since childhood, this uncle Zhang grew up with himself and taught himself to practice writing, which can be regarded as half of her enlightenment teacher.

"Which... this is so embarrassing, this wine is good for your cultivation, you still drink it!" Although the old man in white wanted to drink, he could not take food from the mouth of the young lady.

"This was originally given to Uncle Zhang. I wouldn't drink!" The girl wisely handed the glass to the other party, indicating that she was not interested.

"Thank you, Miss!" The old man in white turned out to be a wine glass.

He did not drink it directly, but waited for the girl to finish eating.

"Uncle Zhang, let's eat together!" The girl did not forget this time.

"No, I'm protecting the lady!" The old man in white shook his head.

The girl was also polite, and began to get up quickly.

Soon the girl's body began to change. Her first feeling was that the world in front of her became brighter! The second feeling is that the spirit in the sea is more stable.

The girl was more and more excited, she felt that she really came right this time, not only tasted delicious, but also greatly helped her promotion of Yin and Yang.

This time, the main purpose is to find an opportunity to break through the yin and yang unity. I didn't expect to encounter this kind of shop on the first day. It seems that this is the opportunity mentioned by Uncle Zhang!

Just when the girl finally stuttered, she suddenly felt a mysterious breath burst from somewhere in the body...

At this time, all around the girl's body suddenly rose up in colorful mist. A small water dragon suddenly rushed out of the girl's head, circled in the air for a week, and drilled into the girl's spine.

"This is... the prototype of the rules of water! How is this possible, this is the rule that can only be realized when you reach the realm, young lady..." The old man in white exclaimed, he went to see the girl, but found that the girl was looking at the gold coins, As if caught in some kind of wonderful feeling!

"Epiphany! The girl was in epiphany!" The old man in white was ecstatic, and he could no longer care about the others. His big sleeves waved a powerful force that could be used to cover the entire store. The cultivators walking outside the store at the moment All felt a breath that made them tremble, and everyone ran away from a distance.

But in an instant, the entire street became a forbidden ground, and no one could approach it half a step.

"What the **** happened? That strong man came to my **** ruin city!" The situation here alarmed the main mansion of the city, and several elders from the yin and yang united came together, and the first person was the real person of the Spiritual Dao!

"Huh! Leave the old man far away, otherwise I will smooth out your **** ruin city!" The old man in white is not long-winded with these people, directly in the depths of a big empty hand, a mountain hundreds of miles away is this big hand Smash directly.

The elders shuddered for a while, turned away in fright, and didn't even dare to let a fart go!

Zhao Yuande and the four of them were also imprisoned by the old man in white in the back hall, but they dare not be angry!

They didn't even think about breaking their heads. The last impossible effect of Zhenyubaomei soup appeared on a young girl.

"I understand, this is called chance!" Zhao Yuande had to envy the girl's chance, I don't know how many ten thousandth chance was hit by the other party!

"Boy, how about catching some more chastity fish?" Black Bear's envious saliva ran over the ground. That's the rule of water. If I can comprehend the combat power at least double it!

"Go! You are a blind man. It's just a waste of your brain capacity to eat it. It's a waste of eating too much!" An uncomfortable blow, and bragging, "I may not be okay!"

"Hello, you two can't move anymore, still fighting here!" Zhao Yuande's depressed and silent movements resist the powerful force of the old man in white. Although he has a way to break the other party's prohibition, it will cause unnecessary misunderstandings and not be worth the loss. .

Ji Yulings epiphany lasted for three hours, and the people stood here for three hours, and the elders and the city owner were waiting quietly outside. At this time, the arrival of a strong man for the God Market, As long as a lack of entertainment is a disaster.


A silver bell-like laughter came and Ji Yuling woke up from her epiphany, and her face was full of excitement.

She is the body of Rain Spirit, and now she feels the rules of water again, which lays a solid foundation for her future improvement.

He even said that as long as he entered the yin and yang unity, he didn't need to polish for a long time, and he could start to try the condensation of the field directly by mastering the rules of water, which saved a few years of hard work!

"How? Miss, do you feel the rules of water?" the old man in white asked anxiously.

"Well! Thank you Uncle Zhang for guarding!" The girl bowed to the old man in white.

"Haha! Great! Great!" The old man laughed and was really happy than raising himself. "I can see those guys saying the same thing when I return to the family!"

"Hee hee!" the girl chuckled lightly, not knowing any ghost ideas in her heart at this moment, her face was all proud.

"This matter must not be passed on, it must be kept secret! Absolutely confidential!" The old man suddenly thought of something, and his eyes showed fierceness.

"Who dares to pass on today's things, I will definitely wipe out the ten tribes!" The old man's voice rang in the ears of many elders and cities in the city of Shenxu, and these people all stirred up a cold war.

"Quick! Go ahead and block the news. There is a communicator to kill!" The city master immediately issued a death order.

This is a big thing to lose his head, he had to be so cruel.

"Boy, take care of your mouth, otherwise I don't mind letting you shut up forever!" The old man in white let go of the ban and appeared in front of the four Zhao Yuande.

"Hey, old man, don't you thank us, just threaten us, do you think we are soft persimmons?" Heifeng is not happy, these three hours of imprisonment, the stomach is full of fire, this old guy even returned To threaten.

"You say it again..." The old man in white looked cold, and a black bear spirit dared to speak to him like this, making him a little angry.

A terrible momentum rushed out of him instantly, covering everyone.

"Senior, I respectfully call you Senior, I didn't expect you to do so, do you really think I can't kill you?" Zhao Yuande's last dislike is threatened by others. Since the other party dares to come to this set, he dares to kill The old man pierced the sky.

Zhao Yuande slowly took out a jade rune and pinched it in his palm. As long as he exerted a little force, the jade rune would break and Mingzhen would come across the border.

A powerful emperor, it is generally easy to kill the world without chopping melons and vegetables!