Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: Meet Zhang Banxian Again

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And what surprised him most was Zhu Luan. At this time, Zhu Luan has entered the middle age of Divine Emperor. Having the ancient Vulcan heritage is as easy to practice as drinking water to eat. No wonder Zhu Luan was able to step into the first step in his previous life. Fairyland.

And the cultivation practices of the other women are also very fast to enter the realm, most of them are wandering in the Emperor Realm. This is the countless ten-fold trial space of Zhao Yuandes resources. In addition, the qualifications of these women are already very natural, so this appeared Kind of situation.

With the help of these few days, he made several foods again, which greatly improved the cultivation of his parents and their life, so that they could have more time to wait for themselves to grow up.

But now the time is too tight for him, he still returned to the trial space to cultivate and refine the two remaining avenues in the Five Elements Pearl!

When he was practicing in the trial space, he also made delicious food many times to help Zhong Jiuer dissolve the evil spirit in his body, and it was a great achievement under the acceleration of fifty times!

Zhong Jiuer has recovered most of his time now, and he should be able to recover completely when he closes the three-month period. It can be regarded as fulfilling one of his commitments, and it is worthy of everyone in the Refining Sect.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's avatar had already been on the road. His avatar inherited all the abilities of the body except the physique, so there was no flaw in the change body except the Chaos Holy Body.

The first stop of the avatar was naturally the Refining Sect, but I did not expect to get a great news among the Refining Sect.

His own disciple Qin Xingyu has successfully stepped into the Divine Emperor Realm, and has swept through all the invincible hands of the young generation in the beginning realm. He even beheaded a powerful early Emperor of the Divine Emperor and played a huge role in the war against the Xu family by the Refining Sect The role.

However, the Dragon Emperor did not know the place of Qin Xingyu. Qin Xingyu had been away from his sight for more than a month, and there was no news.

However, Zhao Yuande was not worried about Qin Xingyu's comfort. With the scroll in hand, Sister Wan Yao was by his side. Even the strong in the fairyland, he couldn't help it.

From the Dragon Emperor, Zhao Yuande also got other news, such as the successful promotion of the Divine Beast Realm, and the Black Wind breaking into the late Emperor.

There was a news that made Zhao Yuande lost in contemplation. One ring did not know how to stimulate the power of the reincarnation spirit Buddha in a battle. A dry and thin monk appeared and took it away.

According to the description of the people present at that time, the old monk was extremely powerful. They had never seen such a powerful existence. Even the strong man in the fairyland, such as the barbaric dragon emperor, could not speculate how powerful this old monk was!

Since he couldn't find Qin Xingyu, he returned to the Eastern Emperor Great World, and quietly met his childhood playmate A Dong. His disciple Shui Youdao in Tianhuo City, they are still at the residence of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce in Shengdanzong.

Zhao Yuande did not disturb their lives, but secretly went to see the patriarch of the Saint Danzong, sent out the Danshu which he had no time to study, and let them secretly protect Guanshui Youdao and Adong! After a turn in the beginning, Zhao Yuande gave up looking for the black wind, Qin Xingyu, and after three months of news anyway, they will definitely go to the city of the world.

He simply turned back to Wanjie City, letting Hope Zong's huge intelligence network pay attention to their whereabouts.

At the headquarters of the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce in Wanjie City, he explained some of Liu Dongs affairs and passed on the news he had received.

Liu Dong heard the news three months later, and suddenly opened his mind, and began a grand auction in the city of Wanjie.

With this opportunity, you can definitely make a lot of money.

Zhao Yuande handed over some spiritual treasures that were useless in the True Dragon Palace, and Xianbao gave him to him to let him play freely.

The doppelganger came first, and soon returned to the trial space, and began to understand the way of the void.

I don't know how much time has passed. Zhao Yuande felt that the five elements in the body were circulating endlessly, and his breath was like a sea of sea. At this moment, the five elements were completely refined by him.

At this time, he already has seven avenues in his body, and the five elements plus life and chemistry, his combat power has once again improved a level, but still can only compete with the early strong man of the fairy, and it is impossible to defeat!

Above the fairyland, the gap between each small step is very different. If he wants to overcome the strong man in the midst of the conquering realm, he must at least enter the realm of the **** emperor. , God Emperor Peak should be able to fight against the fairy peak.

However, this is not an absolute thing. If he realizes more than one kind of avenues against the sky, the combat power will naturally rise and rise. This is an uncertain thing!

Although the Five Elements Pearls are fully comprehended, the Way of Void is still in a hazy period, as if entering a dead end, which cannot be comprehended anyway.

He went out and found that less than a month had passed in total.

Void Avenue, do not know how to comprehend?

He walked out of the immortal palace sullenly, wandering bored in the city of all realms.

There was a sudden commotion in front of him, and he heard a familiar voice from a song.

"This is?" Zhao Yuande shook his body and came to the place where the disturbance was found. An old man with yellow hair and a tarpaulin coat was surrounded by several practitioners. He seemed to be asking fiercely.

This old man turned out to be a fortune-teller Zhang Banxian who had fortune-took him in the dusty city.

At that time, he let this Zhang Banxian calculate a hexagram, pointed out the direction for him, let him get a series of opportunities, and finally successfully survived the field disaster overseas and entered the field!

He remembered giving the old man a ring with a lot of cultivation resources in it, which he gave to the old man's son who had no cultivation resources because of his gratitude.

This old man was obviously a mortal last time, but after such a long period of time, he actually cultivated to the spirit stage of Lingtai. However, this kind of realm is the bottommost figure in Wanjie City. In Wanjie City, even the little servant of the shop is Yin Yang. The strong in one.

"Old man, be honest, tell Zhang Feng's whereabouts, otherwise Grandpa, I will kill you today!" The headed cultivator is full of flesh, and his body is as tall as a wild bear, but a fierce strong man in the field, he is fierce. Incomparably pinched Zhang Banxian's neck.

"Hey! Wait! Wait! This hero, I think your Yintang is dark, and there will be a blood disaster soon. It's better to put me down, I'll give you a gossip!" Zhang Banxian suddenly looked at each other and exclaimed I said, "Don't hold on, you will be saved in a while!"

"Dare you curse Grandpa, Grandpa smokes you!" The cultivator with a slap in his face slaps towards Zhang Banxian.