Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042: Lawlessness

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"It's really lawless!" Zhao Yuande heard Zhang Banxian's words and couldn't help feeling annoyed. What happened to the Wanjie City? How did those old things use people? It was all rubbish. What happened to Lin Jin'er happened to this half-father and son again today.

If it were not for his own appearance, I am afraid that the father and son would suffer unexpectedly.

This old man had a favor for himself, and without his instructions, he wanted to get through the territories. I am afraid to postpone it.

"Hehe! Brother, don't be angry! I actually counted the presence of nobles, so I dared to stay here, we can meet again, this is a matter of heaven and heaven have already arranged!" Zhang Banxian looked happily Zhao Yuande.

"Old man, I'm right in the middle of being lost, and I also ask the old man to help me in pointing out the maze." Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of each other's abilities, and he was not the same as last time, was he clueless?

"Haha! I'm waiting for you, my little brother, and I'll count on the little brother!"

Zhang Banxian once again took out the white jade tortoiseshell, and began to close his eyes slightly, shaking gently, and there was a burst of pearl jade impact sounds from the tortoiseshell.


A silver-grey jade fly out of the tortoiseshell and landed on the table.

"Let's take a look." Zhang Banxian took this little finger-length jade swab in his hands and watched it carefully, his brow spread out at once.

"Old man, how is it?" Zhao Yuande was slightly anxious.

"The direction indicated in the Gua is... heaven!" Zhang Banxian pointed to the sky above his head.

"Heaven? Is it fairyland? Isn't it... Is it..." Zhao Yuande thought for a long time and didn't find the answer he wanted.

"Old man, are there any other hints on the Gua?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Above the pole sky! And nine is the pole, so the sky referred to by the hexagram image is above the sky!" The old man spread his palms, and the word jade really appeared on the jade sign.

The old man treasured the jade lottery back to Guijia.

"Above nine days... Is that the black hole sealed by the mighty?" Zhao Yuande jumped in his heart. The black hole was naturally in the void, and he realized the eight strengths of the chemical fist united into one, the final form. It is the black hole with the power of swallowing.

The more he thought, the more excited, the more anxious, the more he anxiously, he gave Zhang Banxian an arm and left.

But at this time, a large group of cultivators surrounded the restaurant. Among these cultivators, there were even a few powerful gods.

The first person is a fair-skinned young man. He is very handsome, especially with a pair of swords and eyebrows, his eyes are as bright as stars, but his lips are very thin. At first glance, he is a thin-hearted and ruthless generation.

At this time his face was covered with frost, looking at Zhao Yuande and Zhang Banxian in the restaurant coldly.

"Dare to provoke people in my commandment hall, everyone will give me, and I will be responsible for all the loss of the Wanjie City!" The young boy snorted coldly and waved his hand to everyone.

"Hey! It seems that I haven't appeared in Wanjie City for a long time, and everyone has forgotten me!" Zhao Yuande got up and looked down at the young man under the restaurant.


A large group of practitioners all showed their fierce glances, and each showed their fangs to Zhao Yuande.

But how could Zhao Yuande be afraid of these people, and it wasn't enough to stuff his teeth!

At this time, countless people are paying attention to this direction, and their eyes are filled with excitement.

"Princess Wu came in person, it seems that this person is more formidable!"

"This person is so calm, I think something is wrong..."

"There can be something wrong, even the three deputy hosts of the Discipline Hall have arrived, this kid can't do anything!"

"You are talking about the powerful ones of Divine Emperor Realm? They turned out to be the three deputy hosts..."

"Hey! These foreign guys are used to walking in my Wanjie City. It seems that this young man..."

"Old man, what nonsense are you talking about? Wu Gongzi's mother-in-law's uncle is one of the four giants in our Wanjie City. How could the Wu family be an outsider!"

"Cunning words..."


"Boy, let me die!" At this time, a void emperor of a divine emperor has appeared on the top of Zhao Yuande's head, and he will be shot with a slap.

"Lao Zhou, don't take my credit! Another sword emperor's sword appeared between Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, and Zhao Yuande's head will be torn apart in the next moment.

"There is also me..." Another long stick swept across without any concern about the restaurant under Zhao Yuande and many practitioners in the restaurant.

"You guys all deserve to die!" Zhao Yuande was angered by these people's carelessness.

Nine bright rays of light turned in his palm, and a desolate world covering the sky and sun appeared in the void.

The terrifying and overbearing power swept through the entire world of city in an instant. Almost everyone felt the body trembling at this moment. Countless cultivators all around squatted on the ground almost at the same time. They were suppressed by the horror pressure of this moment. Cannot stand.

This is because the wild world of Zhao Yuande is not aimed at these people at all, and at that time, the young Master Wu Sheng with his head high and his chest instantly seemed to be a toad stepped on by his feet, his eyes wide open and his eyes glared. Yes, looking at Zhao Yuande standing like a **** in horror.

The hundreds of powerful cultivators brought by Wu Sheng, including the three Divine Emperor Realm Powerful, were all pressed on the ground by this terrifying power. The posture of the five-body cast on the ground made people feel funny when they saw it.

But who can laugh at this time, everyone looked at this young man with incredible, incredible eyes.

"Who is this person!" This is the question that has surfaced in everyone's mind at this time.

Even Zhang Banxian, who feels like he has nothing to do with the first-line feeling, has been dumbfounded at this time. Although he can calculate the past and present life, he can infer the future changes, but when have I seen such a terrible character!

"Aren't you going to kill me? Come on now!" Zhao Yuande sneered at all the people lying on the ground, especially the young Master Wu Sheng, "Are you not a young master? I will give you a chance, you Call someone!"

Zhao Yuande's fingers flicked lightly, and Wu Sheng's body exploded, leaving only a head.

However, this Wu Sheng's cultivation practice has entered the Emperor Realm, and the soul is powerful enough, as long as he does not destroy his soul, he will not die.

"You... you dare to ruin my body, my master won't spare you... you are waiting to be annihilated!" Wu Sheng is already going crazy at this time, he is completely abolished, the only thing he can do It is the rebirth of the recapture, but after the recapture, my physique is gone, and will never be valued by the master again. My life is over!