Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043: Merciless

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"Really?" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly. "Since my debut, no matter who dares to threaten my clan, it hasn't ended well. I usually treat each other with my own way. Your Wu family because of your words, Finished!"

"Hey! Xiaoyou, can you look at the old man's face and spare him? Although this is abominable, but it has a long history. If the younger person really killed him, I'm afraid it will cause trouble for myself." A voice sighed quietly There was a cry.

An old woman with a slender figure appeared in the void. She looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes clearly with a trace of fear.

"Oh! Are you willing to come out at last?" Zhao Yuande was not surprised by the appearance of the old woman, because he had already sensed the existence of the old woman, don't look at the other party as a late emperor's strongman, but Zhao Yuande's fighting power has soared recently, the soul Naturally, the water is constantly rising, and at this time, it has far exceeded the late stage of the Shenhuang, and has basically reached the peak of the Shenhuang.

There is only a small gap between God Emperor's late stage and God Emperor's pinnacle, but the strength is very different. Although it is not so different, it is more than five times different.

"Little friend..." Seeing the sarcasm on Zhao Yuande's face, the old lady suddenly knew that she had been discovered long ago, and she was even more shocked.

She is a Taishang elder of the Wu family. Although she was angry with Zhao Yuande's rants, she was also deterred by Zhao Yuande's terrible power, and Wu Sheng was absolutely afraid to act rashly in the other's hands.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande was too lazy to chatter with this old family.

As soon as this Wu Sheng appeared, Zhao Yuande sensed that the old woman was behind him, and the other party was obviously the Wu family.

"You...very good!" The old woman was scolded by Zhao Yuande and was about to say a few harsh words. Suddenly, she saw Zhao Yuande's palm emptied and pressed down.

In the sky, even the old woman felt an unbearable ghost image of the ancient world, and suddenly fell hundreds of feet.


All the practitioners lying on the ground, crushed by Zhao Yuande, including Wu Sheng, turned into meat under this pressure, and even their knowledge of the sea burst under this terrible pressure. , The soul disappeared.

"He really dared to kill all of them! This is a huge disaster. These are going to be hilarious!"

"It's over! Let's leave here quickly! If the **** emperor strong fights, we might be killed by the aftermath in an instant."

"Run quickly, now you have to escape to the treasure building where the emperor and the powerful testify, and go to the shop..."


There was no one on the street, only the blood on the ground, and the old woman with a trembling whole body.

"You're done! You're done! Wu Sheng's master is beyond the existence of the Divine Emperor. You killed him, just wait to be slain by this strong man! Even your home..." The old woman said here Suddenly stopped, he felt that the other partys eyes suddenly became very cold when he said this, even if he is now a powerful late Emperor of the Divine Emperor, there is a feeling of being caught by the murderer and creepy. .

"The Wu family is over, and you are over!" Zhao Yuande naturally knew what the other person was thinking. He is now well-known and has a family and business. His wives' families are all in the Eastern Emperor's World. If the old woman finds them in their hearts Revenge, I really want to regret it too late.

So he can't let a little bit of such signs appear, and can't leave a little hidden danger.

"Suppress me!" Zhao Yuande's wild world phantom in his hand, has changed direction at this time, suppressing towards this old woman.

Although the old lady felt the pressure just now, she didn't care too much, but now she suddenly felt as if there was a desolate ancient person directly suppressing herself, and she felt a powerless resistance.

"There is something to say, something to say!" The old lady suddenly felt that she was definitely not the opponent of the other party.

The old lady was naturally not the kind of person who was waiting for death.

However, why the current cultivation of Zhao Yuande is so strong, he can already compete with the strong men in the early stage of the fairyland, and it can be said that it is completely crushed in the face of the old lady, the strong man in the late God Emperor.


Although the old woman was powerful, she was not Zhao Yuande's opponent at all. It was just a moment that the old woman's body was bent and her legs were pressed into the bluestone floor, and she was still sinking.

"Xiaoyou, spare her life! I promise she won't be jealous anymore!" Just then, a voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ear.

A middle-aged Daoist wearing a gossip robes and a rigid, mean face appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. The middle-aged Daoist barely smiled at Zhao Yuande than was crying.

Zhao Yuande showed a sneer in the corner of his mouth, but did not say much, but gently withdrew his palm and released the old woman.

"Senior! Is this Wu Sheng your disciple?" Zhao Yuande looked at this middle-aged Taoist, his mouth twitching slightly.

This person is one of the three giants in the city of the world.

Although the middle-aged Taoist knew how much Zhao Yuande was against the sky, he still didn't expect the other party's cultivation practice to advance to such a point that he can easily overwhelm a powerful late Emperor.

His future can be said to be unlimited, and he will inevitably rise in the fairyland in the future.

He really didn't want to offend the other party. Otherwise, with his temperament, his disciples would be beaten alive to death.

But just when middle-aged Taoists think about what words should be used to persuade each other, make today's affairs big and small, and don't leave a bad influence in the future.

The old lady who was let go by Zhao Yuande came pale beside him and whispered, "Senior, this person killed Wu Sheng of my Wu family, you..."

The middle-aged Taoist suddenly felt awkward in his heart.

"Senior, it's not that I don't give you a face. This person obviously has resentment against me in my heart. I can't let this kind of enemies survive!" Zhao Yuande pointed out with a polite gesture.

The old lady had just freed herself from Zhao Yuandes terror pressure, and her body was still a bit stiff at this time. Moreover, she didnt expect the other party to dare to face herself in the face of a middle-aged Taoist. For a series of reasons, an invisible force directly Her head was split in half, and the sea of knowledge in it burst into blasts, and the spirit of the **** was directly blasted to pieces, even a trace of residual soul did not stay.

"You..." The middle-aged Daoist felt like he was slapped in the face.

"What's wrong? Senior, if it were you, would you let anyone who resented himself continue to live in this world?" Zhao Yuande was not afraid of this middle-aged Taoist and asked him coldly.

Not to mention his identity in the fairy class, his current practice alone is not afraid of this middle-aged Taoist, and the other party is only the beginning of the fairyland.