Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044: Nineth Heaven

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"You're right, this person is indeed damn! I don't know if Xiaoyou is satisfied now?" The middle-aged Taoist took a deep breath, his anger condensed, and his posture became lower.

"Unsatisfied! The Wu family must hate me at this time. Although they can't take me away, they can endanger my friends. I can't let this happen, so..." Zhao Yuande looked cold. , A murderous look on his face.

"You..." The middle-aged person already feels as if he is going to be blown away, and the other party is just too much!

If it is true as the other party said, let him destroy the Wu family, what is his face, and he still has the face to control the Wanjie City?

This has already touched his limit, he could not promise Zhao Yuande to do so.

"Brother Dao, since you don't want to do this, leave it to me!" Just as the middle-aged Taoist was considering how to reject Zhao Yuande, a boy in red fell quietly in front of him.

"Red clothes, what do you want to do?" The middle-aged Daoist sees the boy in red clothes, his face changes suddenly.

"Naturally, after solving the problems for Zhao Xiaoyou, I, as the administrator of Wanjie City, naturally have this responsibility and obligation to do so!" The boy in the red clothes showed a sarcastic smile in the corner of his mouth, secretly voiced to the middle-aged humane, "You Its really short-sighted. Zhao 14 will rise up against the sky. You will offend him for a little face. Its just that youre confused. Ill do this for you today!"

"Come here! Kill the Master of the Discipline Hall together with the Wu family!" The boy in red clothes simply does not allow the middle-aged Taoist to speak, and he immediately orders.

Suddenly dozens of figures roared away. Among them, Zhao Yuande felt three late emperors, a strong man at the peak of the emperor, these forces were more than enough to destroy the Wu family.

"Thank you senior!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly arched his hand at the boy in red.

"Hey! For the stability and unity of Wanjie City, it is time to get rid of these poisonous tumors. I'm gone!" The boy in red clothes glanced coldly at the middle-aged Taoist, and left in a flash.

The middle-aged human face was extremely ugly, his face twitched for a long time, and finally left.

"Little friendly majesty!" Zhang Banxian, who was standing behind Zhao Yuande at this time, was already wet with cold sweat.

The breath of the two people opposite was too scary. If Zhang Banxian was not well-informed and speculated on the astronomy for many years, maybe he would be really scared to sit on the ground.

"Elderly, you and your son can go to Tianyi Chamber of Commerce for a while. You can find Liu Dong and say what I mean, he will definitely arrange it for you! Again, as long as the seniors really help me, I will come back After that, I will definitely give you a big gift!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Zhang Banxian slightly, his body rose into the sky, and flew towards the nine days.

He has no way to change the direction of the teleportation of the Wanjie City Star Field from the teleportation large array, and to send himself above the nine days by the power of teleportation, so he can only fly.

His physical strength is now unparalleled, and his real combat power has reached the early stage of the fairyland. The speed is naturally far beyond the power of the late God Emperor, but he flew to the first layer of the nine days in the blink of an eye.

The first layer of Heavenly Wind is rolling, and there is no day. The Wind is like a bone scraper constantly cutting on Zhao Yuande's body. Zhao Yuande feels that this first layer of Heavenly Wind can at least kill the practitioners below the Emperor Realm.

After the wind is rolling, the thick clouds are rolling, and countless clouds are squeezed together, producing a thick thunder.

Zhao Yuande shuttled through the clouds and was bombarded by thick thunder again and again, but his physical strength has now reached an incredible level. This kind of thunder will not cause him any harm.

Next, there is a piece of silvery Leihai, a terrifying thunder and lightning beast lurking in Leihai.

Zhao Yuande suddenly saw many powerful beasts that he couldn't see at all. The lowest level of these beasts were all rank nine. Each head was fierce and even attacked Zhao Yuan on his own initiative.

He was also polite, and began to slash thunder and lightning beasts in these nine days of Leihai.

But soon, his unscrupulous beheading was discovered by the most terrifying existence in Leihai, an ancient thunder dragon.

Although Zhao Yuande is fast, he still hasn't ran through this powerful ancient thunder dragon that has endless years in Lei Hai.

The two soon started a war. The fighting power of the ancient Thunder Dragon was infinitely close to the fairyland. It was inseparable from Zhao Yuande's fight.

The two battled for three days and three nights, and in the end, no one could help each other and had to give up fighting.

However, Zhao Yuande had a deeper understanding of the law of Lei in this war.

After practicing in Leihai for a while, he found the ancient Thunder Dragon again.

The ancient Thunder Dragon was the overlord of Leihai. That temper must be very proud. Zhao Yuande was slightly provocative, and suddenly a war broke out!

Zhao Yuande gained a deeper understanding of the law of Thunder, and his combat effectiveness also improved little by little. Finally, after comprehending the road of Thunder, he finally improved his combat effectiveness by a few points compared with the ancient Thunder Dragon.

Soon Zhao Yuande gradually expanded this advantage and finally defeated the ancient Thunder Dragon.

However, the other party finally let himself understand the Thunder Avenue, and he also felt a little grateful in his heart. He simply gave up the killing of the ancient Thunder Dragon and continued to rush straight up.

After comprehending the law of thunder, his combat effectiveness has been improved again, and his heart is happy. Even if he cannot understand the law of the void this time, it is a worthwhile trip!

Next is an endless sea of fire. The huge firebirds in the sea of fire are in the sky. Even Zhao Yuande saw a huge three-legged Jinwu swimming in the depths of the sea of fire.

He felt a little, and his face was scared suddenly, and the breath of the three-legged Jinwu body was comparable to the old man of Heaven and Heaven in Xianhong City!

He knew immediately that this was not a long-term place, struggling to continue flying upward.

Next, he entered a darkness, where he couldnt reach his fingers, even if he opened his eyes, he couldnt see anything, but fortunately, his radiant spirit could feel the horror in the distant sky. breath.

It should be a dark sky here. If you can practice here, you might be able to comprehend the rare road, the dark road! But he didn't understand the rules of the two darks. It's too difficult to understand the road!

Zhao Yuande accelerated his flight towards the endless sky while feeling a sense of inexplicable panic and fear brought to him by the dark sky.

Although there is no danger here, but it is a great test for the hearts of people. Those who are unwilling to enter this dark sky, I am afraid that they will go crazy in one day!

However, Zhao Yuande's tenacity was so strong that he soon came out of inexplicable panic.