Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045: Tianhe Shenzhu

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In this dark sky, I can't feel the passage of time, so Zhao Yuande doesn't know how much time he has flown, and finally sees a turbulent space.

This space is like a huge sieve, which is constantly shaking. The speed of this shaking is so fast that even Zhao Yuande can't see clearly when he opens his eyes.

As soon as he entered, he immediately felt the power of this shaking power, and there were red marks on his body.

He even had a feeling that the longer he stayed in this world, the greater the damage he suffered.

He didn't dare to stay too much. He exhausted his potential for the first time and flew up wildly.

Just when he saw the starry light above, he suddenly felt a burst of tingling from his body.

He looked down, his skin was gradually cracking at this time, and small scars were densely covered on his body.

These scars are getting deeper and bigger!


Zhao Yuande shouted, the wounds on his body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and this moment gradually maintained a delicate balance with the injuries received.

"Ah! It hurts!"

Just when he escaped the sky, only one of his legs was cut with only white and shiny bones. In the end, the power of concussion has completely exceeded Zhao Yuande's tolerance.

As soon as an instant later, he will be cut with only one bone shelf.


With the immortal body running, he recovered completely, and he exhaled a long breath, which made him care about the day he was in.

This is like a huge meteor belt. When he didn't enter this heaven and earth, these meteorites are completely stationary, but since he stepped into this heaven and earth, the meteor belt began to rotate slowly, and the rotation brought up With a tearing force, Zhao Yuande pulled toward the center of the meteorite belt.

"That's not right!"

However, Zhao Yuande has only been in a moment, and the rotation speed of the meteorite belt has become faster and faster, and it seems that a huge vacuum zone has been formed in the center of the meteorite belt. As long as the meteorite brought in is crushed into a void !

"I rely on it! More and more dangerous, the vacuum in the center, I am afraid that even if I fall into it, it will be crushed into powder."

He couldn't care about anything anymore, even the power of feeding was brought out, and he was desperately flying upward.

Thanks to his early discovery, the response was fast enough, otherwise it would really become a dust in the center of the meteorite belt.

Breaking through the meteorite belt, he appeared in a silvery river.

The Tianhe River gurgled, like a stream in the forest, with a crisp and sweet water sound, and a refreshing feeling flooded his mind.

"It won't be so safe here!" Zhao Yuande looked at Tianhe's source strangely.


Just when he looked at the source of Tianhe, a loud roar suddenly sounded from the direction of the source.

Zhao Yuande looked at a creature larger than a big world. This creature was round and round, as if it were a huge planet, rolling down and rolling down the Tianhe River.

Where it passed, the void collapsed, the Tianhe cracked, and the violent void storm shattered everything!

"I..." Zhao Yuande didn't have time to speak at all, and saw that the creature had appeared in front of him, crushing all the momentum and making him tremble with fear.

How to do! How to do!

do my best!

At this most critical moment, his palms spread out, and a small well was rippling in his palm.

Suddenly a bright white light illuminated from the well, and a new moon rose into the sky.

The crescent moon is horizontal, tearing the void directly.


A painful roar that shook Jiu Zhongtian came, and the huge creature that had rolled in front of Zhao Yuande was suddenly erected by Jingzhongyue in half from the middle!

Two corpses crashed down on both sides of Tianhe!

The blood was like another wild spout like Tianhe, and almost covered Zhao Yuande in it.

"What a horror!" This was the first time Zhao Yuande urged Jingzhongyue after he reached Emperor Realm, but he didn't expect it to be so terrible.

The original full moon has become a new moon, and the attack power has not been improved many times.

"Huh! What's that?" Zhao Yuande saw a silver gleaming bead in half of the huge body.

"This... this bead is too big!" Zhao Yuande flew closer and found out that the bead gleaming with silver brilliance was as big as a small star, and the intense breath of water was brewing in it.

"Tianhe Shenzhu contains Tianhe essence, which contains the source of water..."

"What! The source of water!" Zhao Yuande was almost stunned, he actually got the source of water!

Last time I got the source of Jin by chance, but I didn't get the source of water before today. It seems that there is no difficulty in promoting God Emperor.

No matter how big this bead is, his inner world can be released.

He directly sent this Tianhe Shenzhu into the inner world.

As if there was no danger in Tianhe, he flew up and flew towards Tianhe.

"Wow! Finally here, this is the place where the Void Beast was chasing, here..."

Zhao Yuande stared blankly at the scene in front of him, and a heart almost jumped out.

In front of him, the endless lotus petals formed a huge net, holding a large indescribable black hole tightly. At this time, the black hole was still rotating, and a strong suction was passed through the petal net. .

"These are the petals formed by Heaven, who on earth can have such a generous pen?"

Zhao Yuande personally felt this suction, enough to let a Divine Emperor strong man fall into it.

Just when he considered how to use this black hole to enlighten the Void Avenue, he suddenly felt a turbulence in the inner world.

His face changed, and he suddenly entered the inner world.

The scene before him shocked him.

The huge star meteorite that contained mysterious creatures was trembling violently, and the Tianhe Shenzhu, which was absorbed into the inner world by itself, was repeatedly pulled by an invisible force and was falling above the star meteorite. Among them, the endless essence of water is absorbed by the meteorite.

The Tianhe Shenzhu, the size of a small star, seemed to be like a breathy balloon. It shrank quickly, and it shrank by nearly half in the blink of an eye!

"No! This is the source of water, and this guy can't eat it!" Zhao Yuande immediately understood that the existence gestated in the star meteorite is absorbing the power of the Tianhe Shenzhu and wants to break out of the shell.

"Brother Zhao! Don't stop him..." At this time, Bu Qing next to Xing meteorite saw Zhao Yuande returning and wanted to stop, and immediately rushed up to stop him.

"What is there in it? Are you sure that the source of my consumption of water will not lose money on it?" Zhao Yuande was stopped by Bu Qing and gradually calmed down to absorb the source of water. The creatures in it must be extraordinary.