Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046: Bunny

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It is important to know that only the strongest of God Emperor Realm can refine the power of the origin, even now he cannot.

"Sure! Brother Zhao, you come here and pour the blood on it. After waiting for it to be born, you will have a subtle contact with you. I will tell you a law of imperial spirit, and you can sign a contract with it. "!" Bu Qing hurriedly explained to Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! I'll listen to you!" His fingertips shot a sperm of blood and landed on the star meteorite.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt that his sperm blood was absorbed by one of the mysterious creatures, and this mysterious creature sent a very clear message that the sperm blood was not enough!

He shot more than a dozen strands of sperm blood in a row, which weighed hundreds of pounds, and the mysterious creature was satisfied.

"Almost! Almost!" Bu Qing looked excitedly at the Tianhe Shenzhu above the star meteorite, which had shrunk to a size of dozens of feet.


Everyone could vaguely hear the sound of a beast roar from the star meteorite, and from this sound came a kind of excitement and joy that was about to be born.


Huge cracks appeared above the star meteorite.

"Brother, what happened?" At this time, even the old man with a white beard who had been shut down was alarmed.

"Senior brother, the content inside has absorbed the source of water and is about to be born!" Zhao Yuande explained the matter just now.

"Well! Not bad! Not bad!" The old man with a white beard heard Zhao Yuande's introduction and couldn't help but nod. "According to my estimation, this guy was born at least in the Divine Beast Realm, but he didn't know what breed it was?"

"If it is really a beast realm, it should be able to help me." Zhao Yuande heard the old man with a white beard saying that this was balanced in his heart.

During the time when the two were talking, the Tianhe Shenzhu had shrunk to the size of a fist, but it was even more shining, and the power of the source of water was rippling in the whole body of the world.

"Everyone should use this source of strength to practice! This is also a great opportunity!" Old White Beard whispered.

Zhao Yuande's eyes brightened and he quickly moved his avatar and everyone else here.

Everyone didn't need Zhao Yuanduo to say that all of them suddenly began to practice under the radiation of the power of the source of water.

Don't look at only one fist-sized bead, this is the essence of the entire Tianhe Shenzhu. This native bead floats in the sky, and the creature bred in the star meteorite cannot be absorbed for a while Entered a stalemate.

After three days and three nights, Zhao Yuande felt his own way of water and was about to sublimate again. He suddenly heard a slight click.

He Huo opened his eyes, and suddenly saw that the star meteorite had cracked a gap from the middle, and a small white jade paw protruded from the gap at once, and pinched the one that had been reduced to the size of a soybean. The source of water beads.

The little paws waved outside, and then they retracted it, as if they were proclaiming to the outside that the beads of water's origin belong to it!

"This..." Zhao Yuande saw this little paw, and was a little stunned. What is the body of such a small paw?


Just when Zhao Yuande was stunned, there was a burst of noise from the star meteorite.

"Brother Zhao, hurry up and use imperial sorcery!" Bu Qing hurriedly urged at this time.

Zhao Yuande immediately began to recite Bu Qing's imperial magic arts, which is a very advanced method and a method of creating a spiritual bond with foreign animals. As long as he succeeds, the other person's heart will have your shadow in it. You won't betray you anyway.


The star meteorite exploded, and a white shadow rose from it.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande's mouth suddenly highlighted a white essence, covering the white shadow at once.


Although the white shadow is not big, the erupting sound shakes the whole beginning.

Zhao Yuande felt that something was wrong, but he was the master of this world. He could feel the terrible damage of this sound. If it was passed to the ears of those who cultivated for the lower level, he would probably blow his head to death.


He had a big hand, an invisible force changed the direction of the sound transmission in his hand, rumbling towards the sky.

It was at this time that he suddenly felt something fluffy and rushed into his arms.

Zhao Yuande took a closer look, and turned out to be a slap-sized bunny, but this rabbit's ears were particularly large and long, and his eyes were not fiery red like ordinary rabbits, but exuded an endless blue light.

The rabbit's hair is white, and the roots are like jade carvings, especially a pair of forelimbs, like human arms. It looks very flexible. At this time, the small water paw is still holding the source of water.

A feeling of intimacy derived from the soul of the gods came from the other person's body, as if he were his own relative.

At this time, the rabbit was also looking at Zhao Yuande curiously. Zhao Yuande gave him a kind and gentle feeling, a sense of dependence from the depths of the god's soul flooded his heart.

"Squeak!" The little rabbit yelled softly, and he almost closed his eyes when he was comfortable in Zhao Yuande's arms.

"What a cute little guy!" Bu Qing saw that the little rabbit was so cute not far away, and couldn't help but overflow with love, so he had to come over and touch it.

Just as Bu Qing was close to Zhao Yuande's range, the rabbit's eyes opened instantly, and two azure gods shot out of its eyes.


The next moment the bunny stood up suddenly, his white hair exploded, his mouth wide open, and he shouted towards Buqing.

"Don't!" Zhao Yuande felt the terrible power that burst out of the bunny at this moment, and was frightened to hurry his hand in front of the bunny.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a terrible force and instantly destroyed his palm, even his bones strengthened by ancient runes were instantly shattered by the shock.

Thanks to Zhao Yuande's palm blocking it, he only had time to manipulate this space, turning the power that was still able to kill an early strong of the Divine Emperor into nothing.

"You must not be close to it. It's spiritual wisdom has just opened, and you don't know what is an enemy, what is a friend!" Zhao Yuande's palm grew quickly, and he was also afraid for a while.

If this roar is facing his head, even a fairy will be killed directly.

The little rabbit saw Zhao Yuande hurt, and a few drops of tears rolled down her big blue eyes. It seemed very sad.

Watching the little rabbit cry, Zhao Yuande even felt a bit sad.