Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049: Yin Yang Rotation

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Zhao Yuande himself would naturally not be interested in the things in this auction. He tore open the void and stepped into it. The next moment he had returned to his cave.

Upon returning to the Dong Mansion, Zhao Yuande heard a voice coming into his ears.

"Brother, you may be back! You don't know how lively Wanjie City is now, twelve ascendant fairy city, the world's grandest auction!" Dong Guofu pushed open the door of Zhao Yuande's cave, and rushed in excitedly.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt that the little guy in his arms had his hair blown up, even if he was all hurt by the sharp hair like a steel needle.

"Okay, this is my good friend, remember this smell. If there is an enemy in the future, I will remind you!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped the little guy's outbreak.

The little guy yawned and regained calm. Zhao Yuande took a breath this time.

Don't look at Dong Guofu's powerful body, but he can't stand the roar of the little guy!

"What happened just now, how did I feel like I was staring at a terrible beast!" Dong Guofu's body collapsed straight and he almost ran away. If it wasn't for the little guy who was stopped by Zhao Yuande in time, he might Will really turn around and run away.

"Okay, it's okay!" Zhao Yuande smiled and didn't explain much. Now that there are many people in the Xian class, they may be heard by people with heart.

"Let's go! Let's go to the auction together! I finally got a VIP seat." Dong Guofu was excited.

"Why don't you go with your Gu Jianqiu? Could you make her angry again!" Zhao Yuande looked at this guy with a grin.

"Hey! That girl is too filial, go with her old son!" Dong Guofu's face showed helplessness.

"All right! I'll accompany you!" Zhao Yuande nodded, but said again, "However, we will just watch a lively event, and we will set foot on the twelve ascendant city in a few days. Your mother, this twelve ascendant fairy city may last several years, we may not have time to accompany our parents."

"Okay! I listen to you."

The auction was a total of ten days, and three days have passed.

As soon as they stepped into the meeting place, they immediately felt a lively breath coming.

The two were refreshed and quickly entered the VIP area.

The auctions on the market were extremely hot, and the price of each item far exceeded the selling price in the store.

Of course, the things that can participate in the auction are definitely not ordinary goods, and they are usually not seen in the store.

Zhao Yuande didn't care, but only looked at the auction with a spectator's eye.

But when the last treasure appeared, even he could not help showing a burning light in his eyes.

"Yin-Yang rotation symbol! According to the sender, this object is the hand of an ancient god. It has the magical effect of rotating yin and yang, that is, it can resurrect the dead! Of course, this is a time limit, death time No more than one hour!" It was an old man who was in charge of the auction. He was holding a black and white two-color symbol in his hand and was trying to explain.

"Wow!" Hearing the introduction of the Yin-Yang rotation symbol, everyone was suddenly in an uproar and could bring the dead back to life. This kind of effect is too unnatural, if it can be obtained, would it be equal to one more life!

"Don't worry, everyone! This thing has another important role, that is, you can understand five very mysterious avenues, time, space, yin, yang, and life through this Fulu!" Introduction.

"Life! Can understand these five avenues! How is this possible, can you Tianyi Chamber of Commerce be able to determine the truth of this matter?" Someone asked a question.

You must know that these five avenues are not the strongest, but they are the most difficult to comprehend. If you can comprehend these five avenues, not only can you greatly enhance your combat effectiveness, but you can also use the two avenues of time and space to fuse the Void Avenue. !

"This nature, we invited several powerful existences beyond the Divine Emperor Realm in Wanjie City to be identified, which indeed contains these five avenues, as long as the qualifications and savvy are sufficient, we can definitely understand it!" The auctioneer nodded. , Very determined.


Suddenly there was another uproar in the audience.

"This is a good thing, if you can get it..." Dong Guofu's eyes brightened.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's soul has contacted Liu Dong.

At this time, Liu Dong was accompanying a young man in Qi Yuxuanang, who was somewhat enthusiastic and somewhat respectful.

"Liu Dong, where did this yin and yang rotation come from?" Zhao Yuande asked directly.

"Oh, Brother Zhou, I suddenly remembered that there was something else, so I couldn't accompany me first!" Liu Dong heard Zhao Yuande's voice, and did not show any emotion in front of the other party. A kind of demeanor that doesn't change color when it collapses.

"Okay! Master Liu Hui please!" The young man surnamed Zhou didn't care, and waved his hand gently, with grace and grace.

"It's lost!" Liu Dong walked out of the room, and then he spoke to Zhao Yuande respectfully, "Son, this thing is a young man named Zhou!"

"Oh! Does he want Lingyu or Lingbao, or Xianbao?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"He seems to need an attack on Xianbao, but he didn't like the Xianbao you brought back." Liu Dong answered.

The fairy treasures brought back by Zhao Yuande are basically first and second grades, and one of the third grade is still a long whip, and there is no very good one. Zhao Yuande himself feels that he cannot exchange this symbol.

But Zhao Yuande still has private possessions!

While exploring in the Real Dragon Palace, he killed a lot of people, and he seized a lot of immortal treasures only among the hundreds of people.

He only handed over some ordinary fairy treasures to Liu Dong, but he did not take out the swords, swords and the like widely used.

These can be used by your friends, and if you take them out for auction, they may fall into the hands of the enemy.

"Well! Got it!" Zhao Yuande nodded and stopped the conversation with Liu Dong.

At this time, the auctioneer has already explained some people's problems.

"This auction of yin and yang rotation symbol, according to the opinion of the sender, don't need spirit jade, no elixir, spirit elixir, as long as attacking fairy treasure or chaotic spirit treasure treasure!"

As the abbot auctioner said, ninety-nine of the people on the stage were stunned. How could ordinary people possess Xianbao and Chao Lingbao, even a large sect might not have this kind of thing.

Even if it does exist, it may not be exchanged!