Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 105

Chapter 105: I'm Going To Eat And Drink Here

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"This... this is the breath of the emperor strong, who the **** are you?" The old man in white looked stiff, his body receded repeatedly, he didn't dare to joke about his own life.

And the lady is still here at this time, and she will die if she dies. The Ji family will surely be upset if the lady dies!

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is your attitude, attitude!" Zhao Yuande's voice was very cold. "Don't think that Ji's family is so great, and it's annoying that I even slaughtered your lady! Isn't it Ji Mingyue's granddaughter? ? I see what expression he would be at that time!"

"You... what else do you know?" The old man in white was completely circled, and he came out with the lady only one day. The other party had already checked their background clearly. What a huge force they are. ?

"I... hey!" the old man in white regained his momentum and smiled bitterly, "I really don't know Taishan anymore, don't blame me for your friends, my young lady was insulted by someone since she was a child, although she has a rain spirit body, but she is born with regrets. Otherwise, its already a combination of Yin and Yang. I took her out this time just to touch the chance. Is there any way to solve her physical problems? I didnt expect to meet the little friend. Its our fate. In a hurry, it means nothing else!"

"Humph! You almost scared the real person and said nothing else!" Heifeng didn't know how to write the word shame.

"Oh, let's do this! I have a'cold pole bead' here, even if it's a gift to the friends!" The old man in white twitched his face and had to take out a light blue bead and hand it to the black wind.

Heifeng took the beads and fiddled around, looking at the one around him showing off!

"Oh! The poor monk almost urinate just now!" Master Yijie gritted his teeth and squeezed out of his mouth such a skinless and faceless expression.

"I am dizzy!" Zhao Yuande and Li Tian dizzy at the same time.

Even the black wind, which has always been shameless, was stunned by this sentence of Yi Jie!

The old man in white was almost spitting out an old blood. He shivered again and took out an object from the storage space again, and gave it a reluctance very reluctantly.

"This is a birch fruit, Master, keep it!"

As soon as he quit, he took Bilinguo and blinked his eyes at Li Tian. That means something very obvious. You can pee for a while!

Li Tian is a prince, who can tear off his face and stand there without moving at all.

The old man in white breathed out.

"Since the predecessors have already expressed their apologies, then this matter, you can rest assured that we will never say it!" Zhao Yuande put away the jade fu, and a warm smile appeared on his face.

"Uncle Zhang, what are you doing here?" The girl also felt the atmosphere was wrong and hurriedly entered the hall.

"Oh! It's okay!" The old man in white smiled a little painful, "Let's go, miss!"

"Go! Why do you want to go? I want to stay here!" The girl said very uncomprehending, "I want to eat what he does every day!"

"Oh! This son, our shop needs to be booked. Your consumption has been completed today, and our shop will be closed!"

If only Ji Yuling was okay, it is a pity that she was carrying a powerful time bomb around her. In case one of the strings was wrong, it would not be impossible to destroy them. He absolutely would not allow this to happen.

"Ten million! I'm selling ten million middle-grade Lingyu. I want to rub and eat here every day!" Ji Yuling made a very bold bid!

"Ten million..." The black bear swallowed hard, and a pair of eager eyes looked at Zhao Yuande.

Even one ring at this time was a little breathing tight, and the number of 10 million is an astronomical number for them.

"Oh! Well! Ten million is just selling you a long-term quota, you have to pay Lingyu alone for eating!" Zhao Yuande was very cruel, and came a lion's mouth.

"Good!" The old man in white came with a happy face, and immediately helped Ji Yuling agree. The rule of water alone is inestimable. If it can hit the yin and yang unity here, then 10 million is really cheap!

You have to know that in order to help Ji Yuling to upgrade the realm, the family Guangdan medicine spent tens of millions, and finally did not promote the Yin and Yang unity, otherwise how could the family owner let her out to take the chance!

"However, seniors, you can't stay here, otherwise I won't agree to a billion!" Zhao Yuande has blocked all the words of the old man in white in the next sentence.

"Uncle Zhang, I'm fine here is safe!" The girl winked at the old man in white.

"Oh! Right!" The old man in white seemed to think of something, and he laughed suddenly, "Little friends, you can rest assured, I will never be here again!"

"That senior, please pay Lingshi to leave!" Zhao Yuande directly issued a guest order.

"Count your boy! The rest of the rights should be paid in advance, and no longer call me!" The old man in white threw a storage ring to Zhao Yuande, and then turned away!

Zhao Yuande's soul entered the room and suddenly showed ecstasy!

There are 200,000 top-grade spirit jade in the storage ring. According to one to one hundred, this is 20 million top-grade spirit jade!

Zhao Yuande feels suddenly hit by a pie falling from the sky. His breath is a little short and his pupils are constantly expanding!

After half a ring, he smoothed his mood and accepted the fact that so many Lingyus are themselves.

In fact, it wasnt that Zhao Yuande hadnt talked about Lingyu. Not to mention the top-grade Lingyu, even if its the best Lingyu, the Xianyu had been owned by him in the last life.

But now it is different. With his own weak power, he can get all the property comparable to an ordinary small sect. How can he not be excited.

"Let's go, brothers! Let's go out to spend!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and his complacent face couldn't hide it.

"Hole!" Heifeng was the first to rush out, and Dasheng howled in his mouth excitedly, "Today we are going to buy it upside down, and buy it everywhere!"

"Hey! The poor monk is going to open the meat today!" Yi Jie wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth and smiled.

"Hey! What should I do if you all go out?" Ji Yuling looked at Zhao Yuande and walked out of the shop.

"You look at the house!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "Don't steal at home!"

"Humph!" Ji Yuling stomped hard, "I'm going too!"

"What are you waiting for! Close the door and you will be compensated for the price if you lose it!"

"Humph! Some of this lady is Lingyu!" Ji Yuling pinched her waist.

"Miss...haha! This is not what we said!"

"You bully me... I'm looking for Uncle Zhang to beat you!"

"Go ahead! There will be no refunds!"

"... villain!"

It feels good to have money. Zhao Yuande came to Wantong Baolou, the largest treasure building in Shenxu City, as long as he could see the elixir materials.

He almost smiled and tilted his mouth with a shopkeeper. He followed behind everyone, and was busy before running.