Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050: Rob

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There was a sudden misfire in the field, but soon someone started to speak.

"One Piece Xianbao Qinglong Sword!"

As soon as this person's words came out, a green dragon flew out of a room, and circled around the auction house for a week before returning to the room.

It was only at this moment that everyone felt a terrifying sharp air struck, and felt extremely stinging on the body, as if stabbed by a steel needle.

"I made a chaotic spirit treasure, amethyst gourd!"

A purple gourd flew out of the other booth. After the gourd flew out of the booth, it suddenly expanded sharply. In a blink of an eye, it expanded to a size of hundreds of miles. The gourd plug was automatically removed, and the purple light in the mouth of the gourd spewed out.

Everyone suddenly felt that the surrounding space seemed to be frozen in an instant, like a small bug among amber.

But this feeling dissipated as the gourd shrank again.

"Zijin Bagua Mirror! Second Grade Fairy Treasure!"

A small mirror flew out of the other room, and the mirror surface radiated a gleam of purple.

The mirror suddenly fluctuated slightly as if it were a stream of water, and a projection of a big world appeared on it. Everything that happened in this big world appeared on the mirror.

"This is the world of wind and fire! Hundreds of billions of miles away from here, through my purple gold gossip mirror, you can peek at anything happening on it!" The voice explained again.

"so amazing!"

Seeing the appearance of this mirror, someone suddenly exclaimed.

However, although the old man at the auction was shocked, he still did not speak.

The person who looks like this is definitely not satisfied!

"Tianhe Luosha Knife! Sanpin Xianbao!" At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't sit still anymore, and this Fulu also played a very important role for him.

To know that he has realized eight kinds of avenues now, if he can realize the above avenues again, that is, twelve kinds of avenues, which should be regarded as profound, and he can be promoted to God Emperor Realm.

Although he realized the Void Avenue, the two laws of time and space did not advance to the level of the Avenue, he just merged them together.

Zhao Yuande popped a long knife and flew out of the room. The knife light illuminated above the auction house, and everyone with a bright light could not open his eyes.

This is also a way of attacking this knife!

After everyone's eyesight was restored, the auctioneer suddenly wanted to receive some instructions and opened his mouth in the direction of Zhao Yuande: "The sender said that if he is the owner of Tianhe Luosha knife, he will add 10,000 top-grade fairy jade. Willing to exchange."

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande didn't care at all. He now has millions of top-grade fairy jade, and 10,000 won't hurt him.

Although there are still people who are eager to try, they still need ten thousand top-grade fairy jade when they take out the third-grade fairy treasure, and they all shut up.

Because it is very difficult to get the fairy jade in the lower realm, let alone the top grade fairy jade.

Many Dzongmen have people in Immortal Realm, but the immortal jade they get is also very limited. It is also hurting them to come up with 10,000 high-grade immortal jade.

So Zhao Yuande got this treasure easily.

When the treasure was delivered to Zhao Yuande, he and Dong Guofu could not wait to leave.

At the moment he left, a few shadows behind him followed him.

Zhao Yuande was so powerful that he naturally felt these tracking sounds.

But he was not afraid, but slowed his pace slowly.

"I feel someone is tracking behind us." Dong Guofu soon felt it too.

"You go first, let me check how the recent cultivation for entry!"

Dong Guofu would naturally not feel that he was stronger than Zhao Yuande, and flew towards the fairy palace in a flash.

But Zhao Yuande slowly stopped and turned to look at the rear.

"Little guy, ready to meet the enemy!" Zhao Yuande secretly whispered to the little guy.

The little guy suddenly became excited when he heard the enemy.

"You are bold!" Just when Zhao Yuande turned around and stood, two figures appeared not far away from him.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see a slight smile in the corners of his mouth. One of them even knew that he was one of the three giants of Wanjie City, a disciple of middle-aged Taoist.

This guy is dressed up in a polite way, but it is the cultivation practice of the late Emperor. He actually did not cover his appearance at all. This is to kill Zhao Yuande directly.

The other person is an old man in Tsing Yi, who is also a late Emperor of the Emperor. His face is cold, and his breath is like a dead body.

"Oh! Ha ha! The disciples of the three giants of the Tangjie World of Realms actually did the job of fighting home and looting. I don't know if your master knows whether you will be mad at you!" Zhao Yuande was not afraid of the two. ridicule.

Zhao Yuande had changed his appearance long ago, and they could not recognize it.

"Hey! My master knows it, I will only be happy, I will do a good job with the affordable praise, but you still want to play tricks when you are dead." The Taoist sneered coldly, stepping towards Zhao Yuande step by step, his body was more and more imposing More and more scary.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly and turned to look at the old man in Tsing Yi. "I don't know who you are? Say it so that I can be a ghost!"

"Hum..." The old man in Tsing Yi snorted coldly, and didn't want to answer Zhao Yuande's words at all, but just walked towards Zhao Yuande step by step.

"Boy, let me tell you! He's the Luo family..." The Daoist's words were interrupted by a voice before he finished speaking.

"Brother Qinglin, don't..."

But the old man in Tsing Yi was still a little late. The word Luo had already fallen into Zhao Yuande's ears.

"Okay! It seems that there is a big giant missing from Wanjie City! And your Luo family will soon disappear from the beginning!" Zhao Yuande took the little guy out of his arms and hugged him in his arms, his face A slight smile appeared.

"What crazy words are you talking about, let me die!" The Qinglin Daoist looked cold, and a big empty hand snapped towards Zhao Yuande.

The old man in Tsing Yi was attacking Zhao Yuande with a vicious dark energy from the side.

The corner of Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly tilted, his figure kept receding, and a flicker came within two feet of the front of the Qinglin Daoist. This time, he not only flashed off the attacks of the two, but also pulled in between them. distance.


At the moment when Zhao Yuande approached the Qinglin Taoist, the little guy opened his mouth violently and shouted at the Qinglin Taoist.

Qinglin Taoist saw Zhao Yuande's slap in the arms of a small rabbit suddenly opened his mouth wide, he was in alarm.

A strong death crisis came and made his face suddenly change.