Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051: Three Giants

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He wanted to dodge, but it was too late at this time.

Can only use his full strength to block his arms in front of him, and hard-wired this terrible attack.

Under this roar, the space shattered instantaneously, and a powerful sound wave rushed out, directly impacting the arms of Qinglin Daoist crossing in front of him.

The Qinglin Taoist only felt a great pain when his arms touched the sound wave.

He saw his arms instantly turn into nothingness, and the sound wave seemed to be unblocked, hitting his chest directly.

At the next moment, the entire upper body of the Qinglin Taoist, plus everything under his nose, turned into nothingness.


The next moment Sonic passed, Zhao Yuande's palm slammed on the half of the head of Qinglin Taoist.


The consciousness of the Qinglin Taoists exploded, the spirits were annihilated, the inner world collapsed instantly, and a lot of treasures fell out of the inner world, almost piled up into a hill.

Killing the Qinglin Taoist is slow, but in fact it is just a blink of an eye. At this time, the old man in Tsing Yi saw a palm fall, and then came a sharp silver light!

However, when he saw the end of Qinglin Daoist, he was so scared that his face was pale, he no longer hesitated, turned and fled.

Zhao Yuande summoned Zhao 14 from his body to clean up his spoils, but he stepped in with a slight smile, tearing the void in front of him.

The old man in Tsing Yi flew out hundreds of miles in a flash, and was now in a secluded courtyard in the city of all bounds.

He felt it for a while, and he didn't find Zhao Yuande chasing him.

But at this moment, when the void was volatile, Zhao Yuande stepped out of the void in one step.

"You... who the **** are you?" The old man in Tsing Yi saw Zhao Yuande walk out of the void, his face suddenly changed, and the other party obviously realized that the Void Avenue was able to shuttle through the void at will. Tracking.

"I am the destroyer of your Luo family!" Zhao Yuande took a step forward. At this time, he had put the little guy back in his arms. Once the other party was prepared, the little guy was not very easy to use.


The old man in Tsing Yi knew that he couldn't escape Zhao Yuande's pursuit, so he wouldn't escape.

This is Wanjie City. Once the war is launched, the three giants will definitely be disturbed. The other party just killed the disciples of the three giants. This is a **** enmity. As long as the three giants arrive, they will be saved.

"You're still lucky!" Zhao Yuande saw the other person's flashing eyes and immediately knew the other party's plan, but he didn't mind waiting for the three giants to appear. He wanted to ask why the Qinglin Taoists would come to kill them Yourself!

Since such a thought, Zhao Yuande simply used only three points.

The opponent is a late Emperor of the Divine Emperor, and his combat effectiveness is also quite good. Although he fought against Zhao Yuande's three-pointed force, although he was losing ground, he could barely support it.

Sure enough, after several fights, the aftermath of the battle shattered a large area of the house, and countless people suddenly appeared in the surrounding void to watch the battle.

"Isn't this Luo Heng of the Luo family? Who is he fighting against? It looks like he is at a disadvantage!"

"Huh! I have some influence on this young man, it seems that I just came out of the auction house..."

"Yes, this is the person! Just now he photographed the Yin-Yang rotation symbol. It seems that Luo Heng wanted to rob, but he did not expect that he was not his opponent!"

"It seems that there are Qinglin Taoists with him, and Qinglin Taoists will not be..."

"This... Qinglin Taoist is one of the three giants, the disciple of Huayang Patriarch, and now the disciple of Huayang Patriarch is killed... a good show is coming!"

"Absolutely hilarious. I think the power behind this young man is absolutely extraordinary. I don't know how gorgeous the spark can be when the two collide?"

"Wait and wait!"


Just as everyone was talking, the three figures had appeared on the top of everyone's head, and a terrible pressure came down, making everyone couldn't help looking.

Luo Heng was also affected by the pressure at this time, and his body movement was a little difficult, but he did not expect Zhao Yuande to respond at all. An invisible finger directly tore his body, causing his lower body to be cut off directly.

"Bold! Actually dare to attack in front of the three of us!" The ancestor of the Huayang ancestor with a dead fish face showed an angry look. After a scream, he would take Zhao Yuande.

"Huh! Old man, when I'm afraid of you?" Zhao Yuande's nine-colored light flashed in his hands, and a huge phantom of the deserted world suddenly appeared, directly suppressing toward the top of Huayang Patriarch's head.

Feeling the terror power above his head, even Huayang Patriarch changed his face.

He can feel that if he does not resist this blow, he must be able to hurt or even kill himself!

He hurriedly gave up suppressing Zhao Yuande, and his backhand collided fiercely with the ghost image of the deserted world in the sky.


Huayang's ancestors retreated back and forth in the sky, and the ancient world was also shocked into nothingness.

At this time, the female body of Ziwu and the boy in red clothes fell rapidly, and they did not fight the fierce offensive of Zhao Yuande with Huayang Patriarch.

Both looked at Zhao Yuande with doubts on their faces. Soon they nodded to each other, and they had recognized Zhao Yuande's breath.

Zhao Yuande forced the retreat of Huayang ancestors with one blow, and immediately attracted countless people in shock.

However, these people did not dare to breathe in front of the three giants, and they did not dare to talk about the fighting strength of Huayang Patriarch. They just looked at the few people in the field with strange eyes.

Zhao Yuande knew that he had been recognized by the Ziwu woman and the red boy, and he simply restored his true face.

"Two seniors, don't come unharmed!" Zhao Yuande smiled at them.

"Hehe! It turned out to be Zhao Xiaoyou, no wonder, no wonder!" The boy in red chuckled, but Yu Guang was looking at Huayang Patriarch.

At this time, the ancestor of Huayang saw Zhao Yuande's appearance, and he suddenly felt a sigh in his heart. He naturally knew that his disciples were going to rob someone, but he didn't expect to rob him of him. Did he die in the hands of this person? ?

"Senior me!" Luo Heng's face was full of pain at this time, his lower body was cut off by Zhao Yuande, his body was spurting blood, and if he had a constitution like an undead body, if no one helped, I am afraid The vitality will soon be greatly damaged, although it cannot be life-threatening, but it will be very unfavorable for future cultivation.

"Humph!" Hua Yang Pao snorted coldly, but still had to shoot Luo Heng's two bodies together.

You know, although Luo Heng is nothing in front of him, but the Luo family ancestor behind him is something he cant provoke, but that one who has lived for millions of years, Xiu has reached the extreme of the lower realm, the fairy peak, Few people in the entire lower realm dared to offend her.