Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052: What Crime

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With the help of Huayang Patriarch, Luo Heng finally took a breath.

"The two seniors, I don't know how our Wanjie City openly chased and robbed the disciples of Xiandian on the street, what should we do?" Zhao Yuande glanced at Huayang Patriarch and Luo Heng, looking at Ziwu and Red Clothes boy.

"Oh! We have regulations in Wanjie City, we must not do anything in the city, otherwise it is a crime of death, and the robbery of disciples of Xianban is even more sinful, and it will definitely die!" The boy in red looked provocatively. Ancestor of Huayang.

Ziwu woman is the Ziqiong fairy of Ziyun Sect of Fairy World. Although she did not involve too deeply with Zhao Yuande, Zhao Yuande was the first person in the Xian class. So offended him.

"Good! When you kill!" Ziqiong nodded gently.

Seeing the attitudes of the two, Hua Yang's ancestor suddenly felt that something was awkward.

"Since these two predecessors started, or am I going to do it myself?" Zhao Yuande got an affirmative answer and asked again.

The two looked at each other, the Luo family was powerful, and the Luo family ancestors were even more powerful. They didnt want to take action in person, so they could really tear their skins.

"Please let your friends do it yourself!" The Boy in Red said with a little embarrassment.

"But if someone stopped..." Zhao Yuande glanced at Huayang Patriarch, the meaning was very obvious.

"Huayang, no matter who this person is, he violated the rules of my Wanjie City. If you don't kill his children, you won't let go. I don't think you're going to be much trouble!" Red Boy looked at Huayang The corners of the patriarch's mouth curled up, and all his pride was exposed.

"!" Hua Yang's ancestor was a strong man above the **** emperor. When he was threatened by this, his face turned blue, but he couldn't attack.

"Luo Heng! You are dead!" Zhao Yuande walked step by step to Luo Heng who was healing.

The Luo family was originally the target of his destruction. Now, although he is not the opponent of the Luo family ancestor, it is also a good choice to start with the Luo family.

"You... Senior Huayang! Your disciple was also killed by him!" Luo Heng's voice trembled, and now his only hope is that Huayang Patriarch, who he will pull down to protect himself.

"What!" Although the ancestor of Huayang had already guessed this time, he was naturally in a different mood once confirmed.

"What! Another person who chased me was your disciple. Is that how the ancestor of Huayang manages Wanjie City? Sending disciples to kill the disciples of Xiandian, what should you do!" Zhao Yuande waited for Luo Heng. In short, he immediately shouted loudly and yelled at Huayang Patriarch.

"Huayang! You actually did such a thing. You know the importance of Xianban. Xianban was proposed by Xianjie Xiandi. Do you want to rebel?

Since Master Zheng Yi was killed by Zhao Yixin in the palm of his hand, the boy in red had originally clashed with Huayang's ancestor because of certain benefits distribution. Now is the best time for him to fight back.

When Huayang Patriarch heard the words of the boy in red, he felt a chill in his heart. This big hat was buttoned up, but he would definitely die.

You should know that the immortal has a perverted personality and has no reason to do things. If this matter is really stabbed to him, he will die!

"Luo Heng, what nonsense you are! How could my disciples do this kind of thing!" The ancestor of Huayang can only leave the car now, and shouted loudly at Luo Heng.

"Huayang Patriarch! You..." Luo Heng's face was angry, and he wanted to say something, but he only saw the figure flash, and his big hand crashed on his head.

It turned out that Huayang's ancestor was afraid that he would say anything that was not conducive to himself, and shot him directly.

"Oh! That's the case, forget it, a few seniors will see you again!" Zhao Yuande was slightly surprised when he saw the determination of Huayang's ancestor. The old guy was cunning enough and fierce enough!

However, although his current cultivation practice can be confronted with it, it is simply unrealistic to want to defeat or even kill the other party, so it is meaningless here, so he simply leaves.

He tore the void and stepped in, stepping into it, and instantly disappeared into place.

Everyone looked at the gradual healing crack in the void, and there was an incredible light in their eyes.

This hand has shown that Zhao Yuande has realized the Void Avenue!

If someone wants to deal with him, at least the void must be blocked in order to keep him.

After Wanjie City went through this event, some rich people who wanted to hit the auction house thought that some of their backs were cold.

At this time, Zhao Yuande swept away the soul and suddenly found Zhang Banxian's whereabouts, stepped out of the void and appeared in front of Zhang Banxian.

At this time, beside Zhang Banxian, there was a young man from Yingwuangzang, with a rhombus on his face as if he was cutting axe and chisel, and his body was awe-inspiring.

Looking at this young man, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded secretly. Although this person's realm was not threefold in the field, but he had a solid foundation, and the fighting power was absolutely extraordinary.

This is obviously the son Zhang Fengxian said.

The two looked at Zhao Yuande walking out of the sky in disbelief, especially the young man's face was a bit dull. He obviously knew what Zhao Yuande's hand meant.

"Old man, thank you for your advice, this is my little thank you!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Zhang Banxian slightly, and then took out a storage ring and handed it over.

Zhang Banxian nodded. He was very confident in his divination, so he didn't feel too surprised by Zhao Yuande's move.

But when he took the storage ring and found out what was in the storage ring, he was stunned!

"Old man, we are destined to see you again!" He tore through the void again and stepped in, blinking and disappearing beside Zhang Banxian and his son.

"Feng'er...Feng'er...We are developed this time, and we no longer have to worry about cultivating resources!" Zhang Banxian handed the storage ring in his hand to his son.

Zhang Feng took it curiously and dived into it. At that time, he stayed in place, and he hadn't been back for a long time.

"This kindness and virtue, one day I will return to Zhang Fenghui!" Zhang Feng held the ring in his hand and said solemnly.

"Okay! Feng'er will rest assured if you say this!"

Zhao Yuande returned to his cave house, and took out the Yin and Yang rotation symbols to study the various avenues contained above.

In the trial space, he first began to enlighten the time avenue contained in it, starting fifty times, but until someone knocked on the door outside the cave, he did not realize the time avenue in it.

He knew that this matter was imminent. Now he has realized eight kinds of roads, and his combat effectiveness has been comparable to the early strong of the fairy. He feels that he should easily step onto the twelve ascendant city to the end.