Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053: Nether Teleportation

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"Brother, come out, we are going to start!" Zhao Yuande summoned Dong Guofu first, and then concealed his true body into the body, which opened the door to the cave.

"Two, it's time for departure! Master Xian Shi asked you to meet at the Central Plaza of Wanjie City!" This is also a disciple of the Xian class, but the ranking is relatively low, and I can only do something like passing the news on weekdays. thing.

"Good! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande waved his big sleeves, tearing the void and leading Dong Guofu into the void. The next two people appeared in the central square.

At this time all the disciples of the Xianban had arrived, and they were only the two of them.

As they walked out of the void, everyone's eyes showed a strange color.

They are also genius figures. Seeing that Zhao Yuande was only the late Emperor at this time, they had already used the Void Avenue so well, and they all felt a sense of worship in their hearts.

"Since everyone is here, let's go!" Lei Yifan nodded slightly to Zhao Yuande, and then summoned a huge treasure ship, "All on board, everyone will inject spirit into the ship for a while. Force, this will make the treasure ship faster!"

Thousands of people flew up and landed on the treasure ship, and suddenly felt a strong fairy spirit emanating from the ship.

This turned out to be a third-grade fairy!

Zhao Yuande and Dong Guofu came to Jianyao, Feng Wujiang beside them, and sat down cross-legged, injecting the spiritual power into the treasure ship as Lei Yifan said.


The treasure ship exudes a gleam of white light, and disappears into the vision of all the people in the world of the next moment. The speed is simply unimaginable.

Zhao Yuande felt the speed of the treasure ship and couldn't help but sigh.

However, he quickly thought that his eternal tower seemed to have this function, but he was now cultivated too low, and what he cultivated on his body was aura instead of fairy spirit, which was a quality difference.

After one day he achieves the fairyland, the speed of controlling the eternal tower may not be slower than the speed of this treasure ship!

The speed of the treasure ship is very fast, and they don't know if it is flying in that direction.

After three days and three nights, they felt the treasure ship under them gradually stopped.

"It's time to go somewhere!" Lei Yifan's usual lazy voice reached everyone's ears.

The crowd stood up and looked out of the boat.

The place where they are now is a vast starry sky. In the center of the starry sky there is a large teleportation of the sky with silver and white light.

At this time, many large ships had appeared around the treasure ship, and a genius character who had been repaired powerfully flew out of these ships and flew toward the void to send a large array.

"Let's go! All get off the boat, as long as you set foot on the first teleportation of the twelve ascendant city, my mission is completed!" Lei Yifan first flew off the treasure ship, and everyone followed.

After Lei Yifan put away the treasure ship, he took them all the way to the sky to send a large array.

"Sen Emperor Immortals! What are these people? Isn't the twelve ascendant city created by our immortal world with huge amounts of materials and energy? Why are they also eligible to enter the twelve ascendant city?" The disciples of Xianban asked.

"Those are the pantheon, the demon world, and even the disciples of some hidden old monsters in the lower realm. As for why they are also qualified, I can't tell you this. I just know a reason that Xianjie does not have enough strong power to occupy the twelve ascendant city! "Speaking of this, even Lei Yifan's face showed a touch of helplessness.

"It turns out so!" The man nodded and asked no more.

The rest of the people just nodded silently, no matter where they went, they were the same weak meat and strong food!

"Brother Uncle, after a while into the teleportation circle, you will be randomly transferred into the first ascendant city. There are no rules but killing. You should be able to easily pass through your means, and the next eleven ascending city is not so killing. Simple, I only know that some of them have sealed a lot of fierce beasts, immortal prisoners, and even burial mounds in the fairy city. Although the encounters are everywhere, but the encounters are also accompanied by terrible crises. You must be ten. Be careful of the two points, you must not fold it inside, otherwise the matter of me and your sister will be yellow!" Lei Yifan's voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ear.

"Relax!" Zhao Yuande cast a reassuring look at him, and also relayed all the information from Lei Yifan to the people around him.

"Huh!" A group of people like Zhao Yuande flew into the Nether Teleportation.

I didn't find it until I flew close, and this large formation was full of thousands of feet in size. From time to time, some powerful people under the fairy land entered.

"There are even powerful people in the Divine Realm!"

Everyone saw a young Taoist with a crown of feathers and cranes walking towards the battlefield, and behind him were hundreds of energetic young Taoists following.

The cultivation of the young Taoist leader has reached the early stage of the Divine Emperor!

This is the first such powerful young emperor that Zhao Yuande has seen. This person's genius perception and even his chances must be very against the sky!

Zhao Yuande felt that the opponent had a very strong breath, not even weaker than himself!

"Tian Dao Zi, Tian Yuan Dao Sect Dao Zi, early Emperor Shen, Tian Yuan Dao..."

What is the ancestor of Tianyuan Taoism? I dont know if its the upper realm or the lower realm, but if they can qualify for this teleportation group, it seems that the realm is extraordinary.

"Look at that man..." Suddenly someone among the disciples of Xianban exclaimed.

Zhao Yuande followed the man's gaze, and suddenly saw three powerful young men flying three giant blue dragons flying toward the void.

The cultivation of these three people is the early stage of the Divine Emperor, and their bodies are wild, like powerful gods from ancient times.

The cyan dragons that the three of them are riding, each has a realm of beasts, and the breath is stronger than the three young men!

Someone next to him seemed to know the three, whispering.

"These are the three brothers of the Silent Star Realm, the wilderness, the desert, the barbaric! The Silent Star Realm they live in is a hidden space, hidden in the cracks of time and space, avoiding the ancient war of God, and it is still retained. With many powerful ancient races!"

"The three of them are here. It seems that some of the liveliness of the twelve ascendant fairy cities can be seen!"

"I don't know if those guys have come together, otherwise these three guys will dominate the party."

"Can they not come? Look..."

"It turned out to be..."

Suddenly someone could not help but exclaim.