Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054: Another Lower Bound

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In the distant void, a phoenix pulled by a six-headed colorful phoenix came across the sky. On the phoenix stood two pretty little girls. The two little girls looked only 14 or 15 years old, but they were all It is the cultivation practice of the late Emperor Realm.

He reached this state at the age of fourteen or five, even Zhao Yuande was a little surprised to see these two little girls!

Even the girl is so powerful, how powerful is the one sitting in Feng Xuan?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be curious, glancing at the sky.

Suddenly it was found that there was a masked woman sitting in it. This woman's temperament was indifferent, and her hands seemed to be practicing.

Feeling Zhao Yuande's gaze, her slightly closed eyes opened at once, emitting two golden glows.

Zhao Yuande only felt a flash of gold flash in front of him, and he quickly withdrew his eyes from prying eyes.

But it was only at that moment that Zhao Yuande felt this woman's cultivation behavior, mid-Shenhuang!

"This is the phoenix of the imperial palace of imperial power, which must be the heavenly mysterious girl!"

"Tian Ling Xuan Nu! That is one of the ten strongest young people in the lower generation!"

"Sure enough, the nine-headed Caifeng pulls the cart. The breath of each of the nine-headed Caifeng is not weaker than the green dragon of the three wilderness brothers!"

"You don't know, this nine-headed colorful phoenix is just a phantom made out of this phoenix. This nine-phoenix **** phoenix is an ancient chaotic treasure, which is equivalent to the sixth-grade celestial treasure in the fairy world!"

"It's so extravagant..."


Zhao Yuande suddenly felt like he was an old hat entering the city. What are the ten strongest young people in the lower realm! What imperial palace immortal palace, deserted star field, Tianyuan Taoism! He has never heard of it!

Are they not in a lower realm?

Others are also at a loss, and they feel the same as Zhao Yuande.

"What the **** is going on? Where did all the forces like Tianyuan Taoist Sect come from?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask Lei Yifan, and now only he can puzzle himself.

"Oh! These forces are also in the lower realm, but they have their own range of activities. Most of their inheritance comes from the ancient gods, so when the heavens and the earth divide the fairy realm and the lower realm, although the descendants of these ancient gods are in the lower realm, they But they despised the cultivators of the lower realm very much, so they simply opened up a space together with more than a dozen major forces, so although they also belong to the lower realm, they are a void with you!" Lei Yifan's voice is obviously ridiculous, but Zhao Yuande Quan Dang did not hear.

"It turns out that this is the case!" Zhao Yuande nodded, it seems that this time it must collide with these people, but these people have nothing to do with the lower realm, and he has no scruples.

"You have to pay attention to these people, they are not simple, don't be careless!" Lei Yifan warned that his tone was less cynical and more dignified.

"I know! Thank you!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

The other party obviously did not know that his cultivation during this period of time was rapidly improved. If he was in the previous state, there is no chance of winning against these people, but now he is not afraid of these people.

Just as their team of thousands of people embarked on the Nether Teleportation Formation, someone suddenly pointed at them!

"These are the so-called disciples of the Xianban? Their training is too bad! It's all about delivering food!"

"Huh! They gave them so many places! What a waste!"

"There is not even a strong man in the Divine Emperor Realm among the thousands, and the strongest is only the peak of the God Emperor, their skin is really thick!"

"It's just like them, it's just for us to practice our hands. When they meet the Pantheon, the group of guys in the Devil Realm can get a fart, I'm afraid they will be scared away!"

"At this time, at most 30% of them can pass the first fairy city, or less!"


Listening to the contemptuous language of those people without concealment, all the Xianban disciples were angry.

"There is nothing wrong with what they said. There will be no more than three of you who can ascend to the Twelve Immortals City. I advise you to give up if you feel that it is really impossible! As long as you give up, you will still be sent out of the Immortal City!" Lei Yifan 'S voice sounded in the ears of the people, and they absolutely beat their self-confidence.

Everyone was in an uproar. Lei Yifan's remarks weren't optimistic about them at all, and they could even be regarded as flat.

Under Lei Yifan's remarks, everyone suddenly divided into two kinds of psychology, one is to refuse to lose, feel that they are looked down on, and want to really step into the Twelve Immortal City and let the immortal make his face hit.

There is also a sudden discouragement, especially when seeing so many strong opponents, their self-confidence is severely hit, and many of them have retreated.

"Want to continue to step forward in the teleportation array, and simply give up just to give up." Lei Yifan looked cold and ruthless, glancing at everyone.

Under his pressure, about a hundred people came out with their heads down.

"Let's go! The remaining people enter the teleportation array!" Lei Yifan glanced at the hundreds of people, and no longer paid attention, but nodded at the remaining people, urging them to enter the teleportation array.

Zhao Yuande quietly told the people around him about the news he got from Lei Yifan, and everyone's eyes also showed dignified color.

Soon they set foot on the teleportation array, and everyone disappeared in the teleportation in a flash of light.

And just after Zhao Yuande entered the teleportation array, the hundreds of people who gave up their qualifications found that Lei Yifan also disappeared at the same time.

They couldn't help but get lost, where is this? How should I leave?

With a flash of light, Zhao Yuande appeared on a desolate wilderness, where the grass on the wilderness was half a man tall and swayed in the wind.

Zhao Yuande summoned the Dragon Eater from the inner world for the first time and let it sleep in his arms.

Since Lei Yifan said that there are many crises here, and there are no rules, he even saw many young people in the Divine Realm. He had a sense of crisis, so he naturally had to do everything he could.

He let go of the soul, but found that his soul can only be explored to a range of thousands of feet, and at the moment, his head was also imprisoned, just like before in the real dragon palace. Be careful.

He looked around, and didn't find the city he imagined. He couldn't help but be at a loss. Isn't the so-called Twelve Census City not the twelve cities?

At this moment, he heard a sound of lingering in the grass not far away, and a black shadow brake approached him.

This is a dark-faced boy. He was naked in the upper body, half cheeked down as if he was a cheetah preying, a sharp sharp knife in his hand, pierced down toward Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.